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Readers Respond: Why are you vegetarian?

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Why are you vegetarian? I want to know your reasons for being vegetarian, whatever they may be! There are so many reasons to go vegetarian and advantages of being vegetarian, and your own reasons may be very personal and unique. So please share you own "why vegetarian" and reason you decided to become vegetarian! Many people go vegetarian for health reasons, animal rights, religious and even human rights. What about you? Why did you become veg?

vegan and proud

I became a vegan after watching the videos of how those poor farm animals are treated. It got me thinking that this animal was beaten, traumatized, and tortured and then killed for me to eat it and it made me feel terrible. I already don't eat fish because of allergies so I figured why not take the next step and cut off all foods and other products made from animals. It's also a very healthy way to live, eating fruits and veggies along with mock meats and dairy free products has made me feel better knowing a poor animal did not have to die for what I ate. I also feel more energized and as if I'm making a change. It was hard at first since I grew up eating meat but now I find it so easy to skip dinner and enjoy some fruits and veggies!
—Guest elle

Living Creatures

I started cutting back on meat for health reasons, then I started reading about the food industry. One morning, 6 months ago, I got out of bed and decided that I would no longer eat animals. The idea of killing a ling creature and then consuming it disgusts me. I am not religious but I do have a spiritual side that causes me to respect life.

Why I'm becoming a vegetarian

I don't like all the chemicals and pesticides that are in meat. So becoming a vegetarian because it is more healthy, conscious and safe.

Why I am a vegan

I am a vegan because I realise the health benefits. As a nurse I saw the side effects of various drugs that patients take for different things that cause other problems, and being a partial vegetarian, I realise I can go further. But after I did a missionary course, it came natural. I have cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure in my family. I saw people heal from stage four cancer, I saw diabetes disappear and medication stop from even AIDS, so this is my prevention method. Since I started I look ten years younger and have much more energy!!
—Guest Marcia

I was raised a vegetarian

...Biblical reasons. Yeast is a single cell fungi. So are mushrooms. The way I see it, if you eat one, ya might as well eat the family member. Like Leeks and onions, ok?

I became a Vegan when....

I missed the first Friday in Lent and decided to stop eating meat altogether. I did it and realized I did not miss eating meat. I then gave up dairy products and shortly thereafter eggs as well. My blood pressure has dropped significantly and in just over three months, I've lost 35 pounds. I eat a ton of fruit and vegetables. They used to go bad in my refrigerator, but now I always eat them before they do and end up needing more! I've always thought it would be good to go vegan, however, did not think I could be creative enough in my meal planning. Not only am I creative, I love the challenge of figuring new meals and trying new recipes. I feel great and I will never go back to eating meat, dairy or eggs again!
—Guest Wendy


I want to become a vegetarian because I feel terrible eating animals. But my family loves meat. I have always felt bad about it and I don't know what to do. Recently, I have been trying not to eat meat without them noticing, but I can't do that forever. Help?
—Guest Lorlorsita

I am a vegetarian because...

I was raised from a baby as a vegetarian. I did have eggs and milk but these days I am closer to being a full time vegan because of disease and the animals producing milk or eggs are on big time antibiotics. It is my opinion the reason for wide-spread incidents of MERSA is the drugs being given to chickens and cows. BTW, milk was designed for baby cows. Oh, allergies is another reason that I no longer use dairy but that really is secondary.

Why I became a vegetarian

I have three very good vegetarian friends and hearing them say that meat is murder, or saying that eating meat is just eating a corpse made me and my non-vegetarian friends feel uncomfortable so they were putting us off our food. One day, however, I realised that, if I can't handle the truth of what I'm eating, then surely I shouldn't be eating it in the first place! So from then on, I began cutting meat out of my diet and I officially became a vegetarian for lent 2014 and haven't eaten any meat since. Not only do I now feel comfortable eating what I eat, but I have also noticed huge improvements in my health! I'm now eating far more fruit and veg in a day than I would have done before, and also cutting out the gelatine means I no longer eat sugary sweets. As well as this, all of the fat that came from eating meat is now gone from my diet, causing me to have dropped from just under 11 stone, to just a little over 9 stone!!
—Guest Heidi

Why I decided to become a vegetarian.

Most girls throughout their lives experience the thought of becoming a vegetarian. I of course did, but I got told witht ime it would fade, I grew up eating meat and living across from a farm and out in the countryside I just became used to it. However when I sat down to the table and was greeted with a piece of lamb infront of me, I instantly thought of petting a baby lamb, and pronounced to my parents that I could stand eating meat no longer. Although I had always refused to eat any meat served on the bone. It's has been about 8 months now and I absolutely love it. At first I didn't really take it seriously and missed bacon but soon enough the cravings subsided and now I can't bare to think of eating any animal at all, and am further slowly turning vegan! Heaps of health benefits of being a vegetarian too, as long as you make sure you aren't overloading on the carbohydrates!
—Guest Ellen


I'm vegetarian because I care. I care about animals, health, well being, and the environment. I've only been vegetarian for 4-5 wks and I'm doing fine. In fact I'm feeling better. But I'm running out of vegetarian recipes. My Mum has bought me vegetarian sausages, burger patties, etc. etc. etc. Can anyone help me??? Thanks Sarah
—Guest Sarah (12yrs)


I make no distinction between my dog, whom i love so much, and a cow or chicken. Its the same thing.
—Guest Sebastian

Because animals are not ours to eat.

I became a Vegan because I understand that animals are sentient beings and we have no right to torture and kill them for our gain especially now that we know that we have a choice. It is much better for the animals, for our bodies and the planet. It just simply doesn't make sense to waste such precious lives for nothing, it is nothing but senseless murder.
—Guest RBliss

For ethical reasons, & healthier for it!

I love being vegan because I have so much energy and I feel better knowing that no innocent animals suffered for my meal. I feel an overall balance of mind, body, and soul because my actions reflect my beliefs. There are so many options in grocery stores now that it's so easy! Lots of great mock meats, dairy free milks, ice creams, and cheeses. For every nutrient you can receive from an animal source, there is a healthier plant based equivalent! Eat Kind. Be Strong. www.MeatFreeAthlete.com
—Guest Anne-Marie Campbell

Simple Ethics

We evolved as omnivores yet today, with factory farms, we are eating far too much meat; besides which it is no longer natural but packed with artificial chemicals and steroids to enhance growth, make it tastier. The single biggest reason I am vegetarian is seeing the plight of the animals on these farms, crammed into cages, fed grain often with ground up animal waste from the slaughter houses. The inhumane methods used to transport and slaughter these poor animals. And then what I mentioned earlier about the chemicals and steroids. Since becoming a vegetarian I am not only healthier with more energy, I also find that my endurance in sport has increased. I ask all my friends when they come to dinner to give vegetarianism a chance, and most enjoy it.
—Guest Douglas Anderson

Why did you become veg?

Why are you vegetarian?

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