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Readers Respond: Why are you vegetarian?

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Why are you vegetarian? I want to know your reasons for being vegetarian, whatever they may be! There are so many reasons to go vegetarian and advantages of being vegetarian, and your own reasons may be very personal and unique. So please share you own "why vegetarian" and reason you decided to become vegetarian! Many people go vegetarian for health reasons, animal rights, religious and even human rights. What about you? Why did you become veg?

What attracted me to being vegan?

Living long and healthy, it just made sense. Sow my palate is getting a real treat!Its the perfect prescription to boring food!
—Guest marymc

Why I am vegan

I switched to Vegan (immediately) after seeing film footage of dolphin massacres in Taiji Cove, Japan taken by Sea Shepherd. It made me physically sick. It made me think of why we really eat meat; and what we are doing to this planet. We kill 67 million animals every year (more sea creatures too), yet in the USA alone, we throw out 5 BILLION TONS of food every year. Now when I shop, I wonder how many slaughtered animals will be thrown away because no one bought the flesh. Supply side economics IS NOT humane economics. I found going vegan quite easy---so many substitutes out there for cooking and the taste variety is even more than meat lovers have. Face it; a hamburger is nothing more than a ground up steak. Its really the sauces and condiments we put together which make food delicious.
—Guest BonnieBlue

Why I am vegan

I have 3 rare blood diseases. I am trying to reduce the amount of chemo pills I take by moving to a healthy lifestyle


I went vegetarian a year ago and have lost 40 kilos, I didn't do it to lose weight I did it as I wanted to stop eating animals but the benefits have been amazing.
—Guest Janine

I can't stand the apathy

I saw a movie called Earthlings a few years ago (recommended by my cousin). I went vegetarian for about a few weeks before slipping back into my normal routine of eating meat, there wasn't much else to eat in my house. I have been thinking about it a lot, the documentary. It shows the ways animals are treated and murdered for different reasons. There uses for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and 'science'. I looked at a lot of other videos too. And it frustrates me to no end to know that a lot of people don't care. And that if I try to tell them about the video or recommend it, they don't want to hear it, or refuse to even consider it. I asked why, one of the answers was "... oh, I just dont want to feel guilty for eating the foods that I like. I don't need to know where it comes from". That was by far the most honest answer. Once you see what actually happens, you can't just forget it. It stays with you. "If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian".
—Guest Neyana

Reasons for living vegetarian

Type 2 diabetes runs in my family. Both of my relatives who have/have had it (one has passed away) eat/ate TONS of meat. I am at risk to become type 2 diabetic someday because of my family background, so I want to decrease my risk by staying at a healthy weight and eating a healthy meat-free diet. Overall, I want to eat a healthy, balanced diet without the excess calories, fat and protein that meat tends to contain. Moreover, I try to decrease my carbon footprint as much as possible. Meat is not produced efficiently compared to plant-based foods, so I want to be a "part of the solution": conserve water, limit pollution, and basically do what I can do save our planet.
—Guest Kirsten

Spirituality & Common Sense

To eat meat, is to go many steps farther than you need to. We have every vitamin, iron, protein, every nutrient we need to ingest can be found in fruits and vegetables. These are the natural gifts of mother Earth, placed here by the creator for us to take advantage of. Animals are meant to be man's friend not food. Also, meat blocks chakras and causes diseases. You cannot truly know the meaning of existence or understand life around you if you partake in eating meat. I am vegetarian because I have researched and learned more reasons not to eat meat than reasons to eat meat.
—Guest Jimmy Lavish


I went vegetarian January 2013, so it's been over a year. I went meatless after seeing about 1 minute of a video of a piglet getting his head smashed against a cement floor, it was a video posted by an animal rights group, they were showing the horrors of the farm...I cried & cried then decided after that to become a vegetarian. My husband & son are having a hard time still adjusting to the changes, they eat meat outside the house. I will not cook it for them, it makes me sick to my stomach now. I admit that being a meat eater for over 40 years and going meatless is hard, but I'm determined. I would like to go vegan when my son moves out of the house, he's 13 now so it's going to be awhile. I live in area that is all dairy farming so being a veg goes against the grain. It's hard to eat at restaurants around here, it's a meat & potato region, but I adjust as best I can. I sign petitions against animal abuse every chance I get & vowed to be active for the sake of the animals I cherish.
—Guest ukkitty13

Vegetarian/ethical vegan

I became a vegetarian in 1984, the same day that I became an animal rights activist, I have recently become vegan as even vegetarianism is cruel to dairy animals and chickens. It is not a difficult diet. It is one that respects all life, even the so-called "food animals." Einstein said that our best chances for survival as a species was for us to become vegetarian and I agree!
—Guest Pat Volk

Eating meat is unhealthy

I want to live for a long time and a step towards living long is eating healthy. That's why I'm a vegetarian.
—Guest Angela

The switch to vegetarian

The switch for me happened the summer before 5th grade. I decided to go vegetarian to actually be different (I know that's low.) After switching to vegetarian I started researching. I actually thought it was a good decision to go vegetarian. Animals are brutally murdered everyday for no good reason and its just wrong. I haven't taken a piece of meat since and I am proud of it.
—Guest Yara

Vegetarians have good hearts

Seven years; no chicken, seafood, beef, pork or turkey. I have always felt a bond with dogs and realized the so called food animals are much like them. I don't eat dead animals, or live ones!
—Guest Gail

Why I am vegetarian

I became a vegetarian when I was nine years old. It seemed like the obvious choice. Meat is unhealthy and can lead to serious health issues. Killing animals for the meat we don't need is inhumane, and the way we go about it makes it even worse. Animals are given hormones and medicine to make them grow at an unhealthy rate. The animals are bred too quickly and they are kept in filthy, too small cages before they are killed with no pain killers. Raising animals for meat is also extremely bad for the environment. Ever day, forests are cut down to make room for livestock. There is really no excuse to eat meat, and hopefully more people will realize this soon.
—Guest Claire

Why I'm Vegetarian

I decided to go vegetarian about 6 months ago. No one in my family are and they were all very surprised to find out I decided to stop eating meat. The reason why is that I realized how animals are being treated and how unfair it is. I believe animals and people are equal and we shouldn't be sending them off for slaughter. It's truly disgusting what people in the meat industry do to those poor animals. Honestly, being vegetarian is healthier in many aspects and can help to reduce pollution and famine. I feel great knowing that I'm doing my part to help animals, people, and the environment.
—Guest bailey


I believe every animal has its own right to live. Who are we to take away the life of animals just because they are weak and unable to fight with us?
—Guest Lulu

Why did you become veg?

Why are you vegetarian?

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