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Readers Respond: How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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How did you go vegetarian or vegan? Gradually? All at once? Share your tips for cutting out meat, eggs and dairy so that others can learn from your experience! Share your tips!


I always wanted to give up meat, yuck. Honestly, the flavor we think we get is mostly the spices we add. Nowadays there is wood fillers or grain fillers so why eat it? It is dangerous gross and horrific (to us and to animals). My first interaction with being veg was when I became SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). That was great since I didn't like meat anyway. Yet surrounded by carnivores including my kids. Being SDA my compromise was the clean meats according to the bible. Later my son went to a private school that hosts a lot of community meals, potlucks etc. they were big on veggie dishes and schooled him on nutrition as well as how they treat the animals. He still eats meat but far far less. When someone asks me about how I can go without meat I tell them DO NOT expect meat replacements to taste like the meat they claim to replace appreciate it for what it is.
—Guest sonrisa

How I became vegetarian

I never gave it much thought before the age of 15, but I watched a programme about how pigs were slaughtered and it disgusted me. I further researched this and decided I did not want to eat meat, only free range eggs and organic milk. This was over 5 years ago and I have never looked back. Wish I had done it earlier!
—Guest Becky

my daughter and i

My daughter told me she wanted to become a vegetarian,I have always wanted to too. Together we did our homework and WOW!! after reading and watching films we were both very disturbed and wished we would have became veggies a long time ago. It's been about a year and we love it..now we're work'n on Feb old man..a little bit at a time:)
—Guest cheryl lynn

Animal lover

I never did eat much meat but I've always leaned towards vegetarianism. With my health issues I've found that quitting smoking (for vaping) and eliminating meat and fish have me looking and feeling years younger than I am. Besides all that, I'm an avid animal lover/rescuer so can't imagine eating these beautiful souls ever again.
—Guest Naturemum

Weekday Vegetarian

Many of my church friends started becoming full on vegetarians from omnivores but failed in the same week. I, on the other hand, became a "weekday" vegetarian at first. that lasted about 6 months and then I became a full vegetarian. Now I am a pescatarian. When I was a weekday vegetarian, I sometimes ate meat during the week for a holiday or something and then didn't the following Saturday but rarely ate meat on the weekends anyway. I was really picky while I was an omnivore and I still am today. I hate pepper, onion, most spices, even a lot of vegetables. To get protein, I drink these "Premier Protein" high protein shakes (which has 30g of protein), eat a PB and something sandwich almost everyday, etc.I became a weekday vegetarian the summer before 7th or 8th grade and I'm almost done with 9th grade now. I'll say I succeeded.
—Guest RieRie

I never liked meat anyways

I have never really liked the texture of meat but I was born into that kind of lifestyle so I stayed with it well unto my 30th birthday. I had a physical which showed me healthy but just under the borderline for high cholesterol. Not good. I did an evaluation on myself and the foods that I ate and decided that an occasional bite of hot wings, or a bite of a pastrami, occasional or not is not good for me. I knew I loved vegetables and would eat a big salad over meat any day but as I said I was born eating meat and thought it was too late to change. Long story short I stopped eating red meat and included more raw vegetables into my daily diet i.e. broccoli, carrots, and uncooked spinach. I got through the first week just fine. Next I axed out all the other meats and even regular milk and I was fine. I didn't and don't miss it at all. On a side note, my cholesterol is well within the healthy limit and I have been a vegetarian for 10 years
—Guest Robbin

How I went lacto vegetarian

I thought i was eating healthy by eating all the good stuff then finding through a test that my cholesterol was to high o i had to change my eating habits,,i was encouraged to go vegetarian by looking on this website & reading a lot of the comments which were really helpful in deciding which one i was going to be, it wasn't hard choosing i just had to put it in to action & just do it & it has been one of the best things i have done.
—Guest stuart.

Don't treat it like a diet

I was a rather unhealthy, large man. Part of my transformation was to remove all animal products from my diet. I made sure not to try to restrict my calorie content at the same time. This prevented me from loosing the weight too quickly and starting a yo-yo effect, and I have been able to continue a strict vegetarian (no dairy or eggs, but I do eat honey) for 2 years.
—Guest Benny

So much better

I'm still new to vegetarianism but I love it so much! I've been veggie for 2 months now and feel cruelty free. I don't eat eggs but I do drink milk. I believe if you don't have to kill the animal to get the product then its ok, but as I explore the cruelty of animal products I see how calf's are ripped away from their mothers so we could have milk. I'm planning on going vegan soon.
—Guest alex

Nasty taste of meat

I decided to become a vegetarian only a little while ago. I couldn't handle the thought of chewing an animals flesh... Gross! I just remember spitting it out at the thought.
—Guest Cor'e

Its simple!

I am from India and a vegetarian culture so it was very easy. Its the opposite for me - I just can't even think of eating animals. Its a religious matter for us, and I have not even thought of having non vegetarian food in my life. The feeling behind this is very simple: How can we kill anyone just for our taste? And we have hundreds of vegetarian recipes, which are so delicious. We get all the required nutritients and proteins etc from veg food, as there are millions of people who have been living normal lives as vegetarians for centuries! So believe in facts instead of just opinions. There is no need for non veg food. Once you develope the feeling I mentioned above, you will never think of eating non veg food.
—Guest Pankaj


I went vegan in 2003 by looking at the video Earthling.
—Guest Isa

I just could not anymore

I love my dogs and gradually after 3 years of having 5 dogs I decided one day to cut out meat...I cant eat meat anymore because its disturbing.
—Guest hkb1979


When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a vegetarian because I thought it was cool. My parents, however, disagreed. I abstained from only red meat as a compromise. When I went to college and had more control over my food choices, I ate meat less and less. About 8 years ago I decided to become a pescetarian because I rationalized, if I had to, I could kill a fish. I felt like a hypocrite eating anything I wasn't willing to kill myself. About 4 years later I became a lacto-ovo vegetarian. It was easy. Much easier than I thought it would be. And now, after being a vegetarian for 4 years, I've transitioned to veganism. Being vegan has been more challenging, not because I miss eggs/dairy, but because it's become a lot less convenient. If I don't make food for myself, it's a lot harder to eat. There are fewer options for quick, "fast" food. Really, it's a good thing though. 2 weeks in and I'm doing well.
—Guest Lori

eating a friend?

When had my first dog I realized animals has a soul, thoughts, intelligent and all range of emotions we people have. I become vegeterian for 6 years, non vegeterian for many years and now back to vegeterian diet hopefully forever and on the way to a vegan diet.
—Guest Ashley

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How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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