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Readers Respond: How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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How did you go vegetarian or vegan? Gradually? All at once? Share your tips for cutting out meat, eggs and dairy so that others can learn from your experience! Share your tips!

It is worth it

I decided to vegetarian because of ethical reasons, as well as health- and environment reasons. my two best friends was at the time vegan and vegetarian, and my mother decided to go vegetarian at the same time as I did, so it was not difficult at all for me. I went vegetarian by gradually eating less and less meat. At the end I only ate chicken, for quite some time, and then I just decided to quit. And it was no problem at all. If you think that there is no point in going vegetarian because you will miss meat so much, you are probably wrong. After I cut out meat, it looked discusting to me and it still does. And the stores have many tofu variants, even where I live in a small town in Northern-Norway. GO VEGETARIAN!:D
—Guest Irene

how I started my vegetarian journey

when I was 10 y/o I became aware of animal rights.I read about meat free diets and then slowly started cutting fish and chicken,then beef and lastly,pork and eggs.This was a 2 year process.I cut dairy out later but have since started consuming a bit,the irony is I am lactose intolerant.The point is I knew I was making a permanent lifestyle change,not just doing something trendy.So read,ask questions,and if you really want to make the commitment, go slow.Take it from someone who's going on 28 years as a vegetarian and raising a strong,healthy child meat/egg free.
—Guest fas

Going on 3 years

I decided to become a vegetarian at 17 years old, just because. Now, at 20 years old, I love being a vegetarian! Some of my friends don't understand it, but I love that I eat less fast food and fried things. My family eats meat, but that doesn't bother me either. I like the feeling of saving animals and helping the environment. I highly recommend changing your diet, even if its just switching to "Meatless Mondays!"
—Guest Maddie


I always wanted to give up meat, yuck. Honestly, the flavor we think we get is mostly the spices we add. Nowadays there is wood fillers or grain fillers so why eat it? It is dangerous gross and horrific (to us and to animals). My first interaction with being veg was when I became SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). That was great since I didn't like meat anyway. Yet surrounded by carnivores including my kids. Being SDA my compromise was the clean meats according to the bible. Later my son went to a private school that hosts a lot of community meals, potlucks etc. they were big on veggie dishes and schooled him on nutrition as well as how they treat the animals. He still eats meat but far far less. When someone asks me about how I can go without meat I tell them DO NOT expect meat replacements to taste like the meat they claim to replace appreciate it for what it is.
—Guest sonrisa

How I became vegetarian

I never gave it much thought before the age of 15, but I watched a programme about how pigs were slaughtered and it disgusted me. I further researched this and decided I did not want to eat meat, only free range eggs and organic milk. This was over 5 years ago and I have never looked back. Wish I had done it earlier!
—Guest Becky

I'll Try It!

Hey, I'm 14 years old and I want to be healthier and stop eating any types of meat. So tonight is my first real night of throwing meat away. I cannot be tempted. I read a lot of things that were posted and I'm glad I can have some advice from others. So thanks a lot!
—Guest Calie

The Start, For Me

I've tried going vegeterian before, and did for about three days. My mum though, thinks it's silly and ridiculous and says things to me like 'Im not doing it with you', and 'You can't do it, you're a carnivore at heart.' I've realised that eating meat makes me sick, and I feel like trash for hours after. Tomorrow will be my first day as vegetarian, and I plan to stick to it no matter what my mother says. Good luck to anyone also starting their new life as a Vegeterian!
—Guest Ren

I know how to go vegan.

I'm 11 and I went vegan on last wensday. I was so tempted to eat meat. Like at school, they had my fave lunch and my friend saw that I was going to eat meat so she took it off of my plate. friends help me to go vegan.
—Guest Abigail

Awesome life!

I have been a vegetarian (lact-ovo) since friday. My friend is a vegan and I asked why, and when she told me why, i was chewing a meat ball and I spit it out. She told me how they where slaughtered and i wanted to cry. Now every time I see meat i think of being a animal being slaughtered and why i am a vegetarian at the age of 11! I am so happy I am a vegetarian. And i am not the only one. NO MORE MEAT FOR ME! Thank you for reading this.
—Guest abigail

Save me, save our Earth

I just recently became a vegan. I read John Robbins' The Food Revolution. The "poor animals" theory was never incentive for me (I grew up on a farm), but realizing the health benefits, and the concern over the destruction of our world, has convinced me that being a vegan is my only moral food choice. I am still trying to convince my husband, but I think that is only a matter of time.
—Guest Lisa

My bestie and vegies

I strted becoming a vegetarian on monday, and i love it!! I get to eat foods that i had never even thought of. i tried meat tonight, and i felt sick. Never going back to the meat, because i love animals, and i hate thinking of how they are killed.
—Guest Cycy

Long time vegetarian

I've been a vegetarian since my mom met my step dad (I was 8 yrs old...44 now) and it's just a way of life for me. Meat smells good, looks good, but I can't get past the idea of biting into flesh. It is important to eat as balanced as possible, and just because your a vegetarian, doesn't mean you'll be skinny. I have battled a weight problem most of my life, but that comes with too much cheese, bad carbs and sweets. I do Weight Watchers with ease as you can do just about any "diet" on WW. Lost a lot of weight on Atkins several yrs ago, but extremely difficult if you don't eat meat.
—Guest Alicia

Food combining;

Happy to find this web site for sharing, after being disappointed with a presumed professional vegetarian/vegan networking website only to find it overrun with negative nonsense piled high with hostility, all of which can easily be found by turning on a television. Tired of stomach ailments I found vegetarianism through time, research and help from friends. A major value to me has been utilizing the chart of proper food combining, following the rules and/or science particularly with fruit, alleviated considerable discomfort. With all the information available to us through books and the internet, it’s still difficult to know exactly what’s right or wrong, fact or fiction. Keeping it simple not using too many ingredients made it easier for me to distinguish the foods that better agreed with me from those that did not. Amazes me that in a world full of technological developments how vegetarianism can still be viewed by some as an anomaly.

Loving the New Vegetarian Lifestyle

I too have recently transitioned to the vegetarian lifestyle. I love it and I feel so great. Unlike some who are opposed to eating meat, it never bothered me. I LOVED a good steak. I did it for health reasons. I am 100# over weight , high blood pressure (170/80) and felt tired all the time. I have a 10 and 6 year old and I could not keep up. I started on a low carb diet and felt even worst. So I started researching and reading and realized that I need to eat the things God gave us originally from the ground to start feeling better. So I transitioned to ovo-lacto vegetarian. My kids are concentrating more, I have more energy, my BP is 125/70 and I have lost weight, not even trying to diet! All because I am eating off the land! If you are thinking about this lifestyle change I highly recommend "The Vegetarian Bible Cookbook" These are so easy to prepare and easy to find things. My kids...meat lovers...have loved every meal so far. Who knows we may go Vegan, but I do love my cheese! LOL
—Guest NutBugs

The Chicken's Eyes!

I've never really considered becoming a Vegan but today my mother brought in a chicken to slaughter as a form of charity to the poor. Her intentions were good but one look at the chicken and how it was sleeping peacefully, a bowl of food and grains besides it - I don't know. I just decided that it's time to stop just feeling sorry for them and actually do something about it. Wish me luck :)
—Guest Zainab

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How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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