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Readers Respond: How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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to eat meat or not to eat meat

i stopped eating meat last monday after my aunts akita and i had a "dispute" over why you cant take a chicken from somewhere unknown to me and drop it in the middle of the road. and when i was trying to save the chicken from the bite wounds she was headed out to get another from god knows where!so after failing on trying to coax it to eat, rubbing anti biotics on its wounds and covering it with multiple blankets, it didnt make it and ive given up meat since{i know its not that long but my mom's doubt of me staying away from meat just makes me stronger}
—Guest Nepeta

New Life

Why did I pick this life? I've seen how people take advantage with foods. They've fried rat, frog, and cat. Yes, cat! Now, don't you think thats going over-board even by a little. People take the things they're given for granted and not even recognizeing them for who they are. Normally, you'd have a hampster, dog, snake, or even a monkey as a pet. If thats true, why are they being slaughtered and served in the meals we eat? Why aren't they having a pupose anymore, like herding sheep or helping those who can function right themselves? It's questions like these that make me wonder. It makes me question what I do or, in this case, eat. What do you think? Should we harm the creatures who have been helping us for decade after decade?

I'm a vegetarian

I decided that I didn't want for others to need to die in order for me to live. It doesn't make sense. I'm a big, no, huge animal lover. It makes me so sad that the one reason that some of them are born is to end up in a slaughter house. So my tip to you veggie wannabes is never to give up. It'll be tempting the next time you pass a hot dog stand, but think of the poor animals that where used to make that hot dog. Also, some people might not be supportive (some of my friends sure weren't) but you need to believe in yourself, because I do, and I know the animals do. But being vegetarian doesn't just mean not eating things. You need to replace the meat with tofu for example. You need to be careful not to get sick. If you get sick, who will make all those wonderful changes towards a better planet? :-)
—Guest Camille

I chose vegan-diet

After a meaty/fishy BBQ Xmas lunch, I spent 12 hours flushing out my ill gut. I had had enough of meat! I decided then to go strictly vegetarian. 1st day I had apple pear plum compot. 2nd day breakfast: muesli with soymilk; lunch, raw spinach with tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum with hummous on wholemeal pitabread; dinner, steamed veges carrot potato zuchini broccoli; drinks, water or orange-mango juice. Next days similar but I bought/had precooked tofu sausages. Health benefits in first week of vegan-diet are no IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), regular soft toilet, no insomnia, no headaches, lost 3kg weight, feel lighter obviously, look younger, people notice my glorious change. I love vegan.
—Guest Steve

young vegetarian

I am 14 and both my best friends are vegetarian. My whole family of 6 are meat lovers but I've never been a big fan. Just last week I watched horrible documentations of farm animal abuse. Whenever I'm tempted to eat meat I think of an animal I saw in the videos and immediately refuse. The videos I saw had cows falling in blood and piglets being flung on the ground. I am slowly becoming vegan I went from 2 glasses of milk a day to soy milk and I never eat cheese anyways so that was easy and we get fresh eggs from our own chickens so I'll eat their eggs for now. I know its hard but I just think of their pain and that why kill innocent creatures just so i can eat.
—Guest kayla

I love animals too much!

I became a vegetarian after I saw a documentary on slaughter farms. It disgusted me and made me think twice about eating meat. If you are going to kill an animal for food it shouldn't be in a way that is inhumane or cruel. That video changed my life and I will never touch another piece of meat again! I love animals and I may only be one person, but I will do whatever I can to show them I care.
—Guest Jessica

'Eat To Live' diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

I was a vegan in '93 when NOBODY knew what it was. I did juicing & lost a lot of weight in 9 mths. Now, I am 90#s overweight: on Diabetic, High-Bloodpressure, & High-Trygliceride meds. Its time to take a look at what made me this way & CHANGE IT! I don't want to be on those meds for the rest of my life! I was depressed, sluggish, fatigued & now have gallstones too. As soon as I started eating 'LIVE' food (remember the potatoe clock?) I started having a better quality of life again: energetic, mentally alert, feeling good about myself! Be careful, all vegetarians, NOT to consume a lot of processed & refined foods or you could become like the 'sugar addict' of my past! Dr. OZ says that pserosis of the liver comes from sugar not just alcohol! Getting off the sugar addiction was harder than the meat, eggs, & dairy I gave up. But fruits, have helped with this addiction. Only on this for two weeks now, but its all coming back to me. Like the Brewers Yeast I had to take.
—Guest Jo-Ellen C.

How and why I went Vegan

I was laying the recovery room after having my third stent put in my heart and I listened to the patients around me talking about how many stents they had and I said to myself "I've got to find a way to not have this happen to me again". I was very frightened by the procedure and every time I think about having something not vegan I just bring up that day in the hospital and I don't eat it! I would rather go hungry than eat animal products. I watched Forks over Knives and I was convinced I'll never eat another animal again. I have lost weight and my cholesterol has dropped and I feel lighter and healthier. Also I think clearer than before. So that is how I did it.
—Guest Kay Julia

Pleasantly suprised? Pleasantly amazed!

Once upon a time I was one of those people, the ones who look down on veggies for being so impressionable and so disconnected from their food-source that they can't handle the idea of eating another being's body, and lived under the illusion that meat is a vital part of the human diet. But I have always believed that cruelty is cruelty, no mater what shape a lifeform takes, and while I still don't feel that being spooked by bloody parts is a reason to make a drastic life change, I have recently found out the truth about healthy eating. Since September 2011 I've been pretty much Vegetarian. Working on going Vegan at the moment, but it's tough, still being in the closet, or the vegetable bin, as the case may be, and being married to a steak-aholic who is intimidated by food changes. At least I've got him on local, cruelty-free organics.
—Guest Thorose

Wanna be vegetarian

So earlier this week in smart cooking my class saw a video of farmer decapitating chicken from when they are alive to when the are getting there guts taken out and packaged it made me tear up you also saw the cows getting lifted on to forms getting gutted and everything it was really hurtful.
—Guest Shyla

Finally over the fence...

I struggled with eating meat on and off for years. Now I truly feel how it negatively affects us to consume animal protein as a health care professional. I figured what if the source of food was ppl and some one slaughted my baby?? Same difference. I was done and my husband joined on!
—Guest Shalana

Learning to love vegetarianism

I stopped eating meat a few months ago. I cut most dairy out too, I am allergic to dairy, so I drink almond milk, and use egg replacer to bake with, but, cannot seem to give up cheese. Eat lots of veggies and fruits.
—Guest Vicki

Looking for healthy

I started when I realized that the rhythm of my life was not making me feel good about my self two years ago. I went to a one day yoga seminar and it open my mind I started trying step by step - taking out meat then poultry and now I I feel lighter healthier and more at peace I try to enjoy my food and be grateful about it. It`s a choice!!!
—Guest Ana

Veg for over 7 years!

I've been ovo-lacto vegetarian for over 7 years now, and let me tell you, it gets much easier with time. You definitely have to try in the beginning because you forget to look for hidden ingredients and ask waiters what's in certain dishes, etc. But it just becomes a part of your life after a while. The way I did it was to go in stages. First I cut red meat for a few months, then I cut poultry, and finally fish. (I was planning to stay a pescatarian until I learned about the fishing industry and all the damage it's doing to the environment.) Currently, I'm attempting to go ovo vegetarian (cutting out dairy), and hopefully eventually I'll go vegan! (I recently read about how calves are taken away from their mothers at dairy farms when they're one day old, and it really made me want to stop supporting dairy farms.)
—Guest Kate

I've decided to become a vegetarian!

I've decided to become a vegetarian after I was at school one day and I was in my agriculture class and my teacher told us we were going to watch him dissect a chicken, seeing him break it's neck and all of it's insides made me decide to be a vegetarian, it was just so cruel!!!
—Guest Elizabeth

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