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Readers Respond: How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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Looking for healthy

I started when I realized that the rhythm of my life was not making me feel good about my self two years ago. I went to a one day yoga seminar and it open my mind I started trying step by step - taking out meat then poultry and now I I feel lighter healthier and more at peace I try to enjoy my food and be grateful about it. It`s a choice!!!
—Guest Ana

Veg for over 7 years!

I've been ovo-lacto vegetarian for over 7 years now, and let me tell you, it gets much easier with time. You definitely have to try in the beginning because you forget to look for hidden ingredients and ask waiters what's in certain dishes, etc. But it just becomes a part of your life after a while. The way I did it was to go in stages. First I cut red meat for a few months, then I cut poultry, and finally fish. (I was planning to stay a pescatarian until I learned about the fishing industry and all the damage it's doing to the environment.) Currently, I'm attempting to go ovo vegetarian (cutting out dairy), and hopefully eventually I'll go vegan! (I recently read about how calves are taken away from their mothers at dairy farms when they're one day old, and it really made me want to stop supporting dairy farms.)
—Guest Kate

I've decided to become a vegetarian!

I've decided to become a vegetarian after I was at school one day and I was in my agriculture class and my teacher told us we were going to watch him dissect a chicken, seeing him break it's neck and all of it's insides made me decide to be a vegetarian, it was just so cruel!!!
—Guest Elizabeth

Taking the challenge

I have been thinking about animal cruelty and I want to make a difference in my life. I am starting today, wish me luck guys!
—Guest Cutensweet36

New Way of Thinking

HI All. I've never been a heavy meat eater but cooked with meat as it wasn't really on my radar to not to. In the last year I became conscious of the ethical/moral and health reasons for not doing so. After a few false starts, I've been meat free for two months. My husband enjoys all the meals I prepare and I think we're getting used to not thinking about having that hunk of whatever on the plate next to the vegis. It was a great choice for me and I make sure I take a few supplements to make sure I'm getting B12 (had deficits in the past) and omegas (as I've never eaten fish). I feel lighter after meals and notice that I generally bypass all the fast food places when traveling in search of healthy alternatives. It's all good. Take care fellow vegetarians and stay well.

Beginner vegetarian

I love animals and on that note they were not put on earth to eat so I made a choice to not eat them.
—Guest Katrisha jones

Vegetarian for over a year and a half

I started by cutting the unsustainably harvested seafood out of my diet years ago. More recently I cut the meat in my diet down to maybe one meal a week, usually with friends due to concerns about the meat industry's impact on the environment. It was only the summer before last that I finally let go of meat. I can't say that it's easy all the time. Many of you have never really enjoyed meat dishes either because you were always a vegetarian or simply never liked them, but I remember everything from the scent of lamb with rosemary to chicken stew and sometimes I feel a sense of loss. My girlfriend has been pretty accepting, but she has no plans to give up meat and sometimes she wishes that I still ate it. This is far from the easiest choice I've made, but I plan to keep it. If any of you ever struggle, remember that you aren't alone. Remember that every animal you don't eat is an animal that you don't eat. The impact of its suffering has never been added to the world. Keep going :)
—Guest Daniel

I'm a newbie

I'm almost 65 and have so many health complaints I decided to give vegan a try. I had to give up dairy and eggs and processed food because I have no gall bladder so I thought I would try giving up meat as well.
—Guest Paula

how did you go vegetarian or vegan

I just made the decision 3 days ago. But am anxious to find out all I can about what I can and can't eat. I decided to go all out and be a vegan. I don't really like meat, but it will be difficult to cut out cheese. Any suggestions?

It can be a long hard road

I started my journey as a vegetarian in August of 2010. I was having lots of health issues and found that when I ate no meat I felt amazing...then I would eat meat and get seriously ill. It even got to the point of being in the hospital. I decided to become a vegetarian after reading plenty of articles. I have never looked back! It can be a hard road as I did have my moments of wanting a hamburger. When that "craving" would hit I would go to the store, see the raw meat and that cured it instantly as the sight of raw meat made me gag! It hasn't been easy as I instantly had people that at one time were supportive telling me how stupid it was, how it was just a phase I was going through even though I have never been one to follow any fad diets. It has been over a year and I feel amazing. I have seen amazing changes in my health and my doctor is amazed at my results. Best part of this is a deeper love for animals and the earth. Looking back I don't know how I thought it was ok to eat them!
—Guest Guest 33

working on it

Trying to eat more fruits and veggies, for health reasons and because I like it! In the Bible, Daniel and his friends, ate only vegetables and fruits and were healthier than everyone else!!
—Guest su

It's easy

I have been a vegetarian for about a year now and a lot of my friends always ask me "really, your a vegetarian? So how do you do It?" my response is always "it's easy. I just don't eat meat!" of course there are all these meat lovers that can't go a day without meat, and are usually the ones that ask me how I became a vegetarian. Here are some tips for the hardcore meat lovers that wanna become/ try to become vegetarian or possibly vegan. 1. Gross yourself out. I know it sounds weird but hey, it worked for most of my friends. When ever you're out somewhere and you can't stand the fact that your friends are eating meat, just think of saw 4 or some gruesome bloody movie. It will gross you out, therefore your urge of having meat will go down the drain, you'll be glad you order that nice fresh salad. 2. Have confidence on yourself. If you believe you can't do it, Then you will eventually brainwash yourself into not doing it. If you Can then you will. It's no biggy becoming a vegetarian.
—Guest Jasmine

Never too late ;)

I've tried to become a vegetarian about three to five times since I was thirteen. It can be really difficult in a small town like mine, because of the lack of alternative offers, and fellow vegetarians. In the beginning of September this year(2011), I decided to man up and take a stand for what I believe. And, well, so far, so good. What I'm experiencing now, is that everything seems to go a lot easier than before. Maybe because I don't want to fail again, or maybe it just gets easier, I don't know. -What I wanted to say is this: You're allowed to slip. Just because you eat meat after two weeks of abstinance, doesn't mean that you're banned from vegetarianism. It just means you have a choice to make: Give up, or try again. And believe me, giving it another shot feels much better than the guilt that flush over you everytime you take a bite of someone elses flesh. Also, remember that there are different types of vegetarians. Research, and pick one that fits your believes :) Good luck!
—Guest Benita

smile people it's your choice

hey I'm 14 and I've been a vegetarian for 4-5 years but the rest of my family eat meat it was hard at first trying to find food that we could all eat but then we found quorn it looks like meat and has the same texture so my family didn't mind but it has no animal products and still contains protein. I don't know why I became vegetarian. I don't really see why people find it so hard to cut meat out of their lives. the way I see it you're saving animals lives and it's much healthier :) my friend found it really hard to sitck to being a vegetarian so went back to eating meat.
—Guest abbee

Think back to the good ol' days

A couple of months ago I stopped eating red meat. Although I enjoy the taste, I didn't eat it very often to begin with. This got me thinking about becoming completely veggie - I felt a bit judging to say that it was OK to eat from chicken, turkey and fish but not lamb, cow or pig. After some research I have found it's not very difficult to keep on top of your nutritional needs without meat - there are other foods that provide protein and zinc and iron. My reason for this is if we lived in the wild (like the "good ol' days" I don't think I could kill an animal such as a chicken or a lamb, therefore I don't think I should ignorantly eat the product that someone else has done the dirty work to put on my plate.
—Guest Beth

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