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Readers Respond: How did you go vegetarian or vegan?

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Going Vegetarian

Years ago my Grandmother told me she is a Lacto-vegetarian because she could not eat anything with eyes which can look at you! She lived to be aged 93 - perfectly working organs until the end. I have developed eating habits to include legumes, fruits and vegetables and to exclude all 'flesh', sugars including the much promoted fizzy drinks and canned/cartooned fruit juices. Invest in a juice machine, eat lots of raw, slightly cooked vegetables and fruits. I do not take any (hyped up) vitamin supplements, and just after a physical, I am pleased to say that at aged 63, thankfully, am in good health. No headaches, no pains or aches and regular as clockwork. Just walk around the meat counters at the supermarkets, it should put you off for life!

Feel Well Mentally, Morally & Physically

I became a vegetarian three years ago after seeing the drastic weight loss of a friend of mine who was. I started up as just a 30 day challenge to test the waters and see if I lost weight. Sure enough I started dropping the pounds put on in college. I was sold. I learned new types of foods, new styles of cooking, and grew as a whole person. A year after going vegetarian, I read up on the farming practices of dairy and egg production and became distraught by them. I was also perturbed by the awful environmental damage from livestock production. I became a vegan. Now after one year as a lacto-ovo and two years as a vegan I've lost 75 lbs. I look better, feel better, and I have a weight lifted off of my conscience. I don't think I could ever go back, especially once your mind starts seeing meat as simple ripped muscles from a living animal.
—Guest Adam

Being a vegetarian

It was easy. I just said starting January 1st 2010, I will not eat meat. People laughed of course but when 2010 arrived they saw I was serious. And that's how I became a vegetarian. Besides I hate animal cruelty.
—Guest elsie

I love being vegetarian!

I kept getting these random stomach pains so I started to cut out certain foods and it didn't seem to work. I remember my brother had the same problem 2 years prior to me and he ended up cutting out all meat and poultry and felt better. So one day I did the same and I've been feeling better ever since. No complaints here! by the way, has anyone seen "Food Inc."? I just watched it yesterday. It's like watching a horror movie!
—Guest Elle

How did I go vegetarian?

I became vegetarian after I learned that you do not need meat to survive. I also felt that animals' lives are just as important as mine.

The Right Thing to Do

I became a vegetarian when I was 11 years old. My parents didn't appreciate it because I never really ate much before and they were worried I would starve myself. But I knew that being a vegetarian was the right thing to do. I thought to myself, "Why should I eat animals? I wouldn't like it if they ate me. It doesn't seem right that I should put myself before them." It's easy to do when you think of it that way. When you're a vegetarian your diet is definately limited. You should eat lots of fruit, vegetables, grain and dairy products. Make sure that you're eating a balanced meal and getting all the nutrition you need even if you're not eating meat.
—Guest Kayla


I started becoming vegetarian when i was 7. I cut out chicken, hamburgers, turkey, red meat (I never really liked) etc. I had never liked meat, the taste is gross. I made the final cutoff when i was 8 and a half. I'm glad I'm vegetarian, even if I'm the only one in my family, like someone famous once said, "Animals are my friends, and i don't eat my friends."
—Guest Brea

My vegan journey

I listened to a program on NPR in 1988 about the horrors of veal calves. I cried out loud and became a vegetarian. After my body cleaned itself out I had a pizza with my (former) favorite anchovies and I could sense them in my digestive system for two weeks. That cured me for good! In 1998 I went from Veggie to Vegan, getting rid of all that cheese was a good choice for me and I love wearing the vegan friendly fabrics. Hemp wallet et al. I grow my own bean sprouts, bake my own bread, love my beans and rice, organic fruits and produce, raw organic nuts. :)
—Guest kingtet

How I became a vegetarian

I was thinking one day at dinner and then I realized how animals were killed and then i became a vegetarian. :)
—Guest brianna

Vegan all the way!!

Research, research, research. That is the ultimate key for my deciding the vegan way. Once I knew what went into the meat and the byproducts of the meat, being vegan seemed the best route for me and the little ones. And it has been wonderful. Even my carnivore hubby enjoys my vegan recipes. What you eat doesn't digest in anyone else's stomach so ignore the naysayers. Know what is right for you and your overall health.
—Guest PatJax

How I went vegetarian

Im a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, Type 3. I stopped eating meat all at once. One day I decided I wanted to change. And i did, cold turkey. And I love not eating animals.
—Guest LillieMikaylaxo


I watched a documentary called "earthlings" I wish that more people would watch it..we would without a doubt have a ton more vegetarians in the world..but it is a very difficult thing to watch..but if you do thank you so very much..I love animals so much & wish more people respected them.
—Guest daria

Veggie Me!

I'm making the transition for my health and weight, since Jan. I've lost 3 inches from my waist. Not eating animal products makes a HUGE difference! I feel so much better, so much energy, aahhhh!! I love the Morningstar Farms products, especially the chik'n nuggets, what a delightful, healthy "junk" food! A new veggie every week for us, and since I bought my bread machine on ebay in February we're eating more whole grains than ever before!!! I'm giving most of the credit to Dr. Oz and his RealAge website....EXCELLENT motivation, tips and recipes!

Wwhy I became vegetarian

I became vegetarian simply for the pleasure of being one. I love saying that I respect the lives of animals, and that I don't help in the process of killing them. I'm glad i did it. I don't feel unhealthy or anything. In fact, I even feel better about my body, and my health. (im only like 14) I don't like thinking of little fishy eyes and things while my dad bakes some fish sticks. It almost makes me cry. Well, anyway, if you're thinking about going veg., you have to be ready to face the critics. People can be hurtful and think it's crazy not to eat meat. But don't listen to them! It's an awesome choice, you're saving so many little animal lives! Hope i helped!!!!!
—Guest Dr. Alexis

It was easy!

I became a veggie because when I see a animal run free all I think about is them in the slaughterhouse :( and the fact that they know nothing of what's coming their way :( So I started to stop eating meat. It went to once a week, then once a month, then to no meat at all. I didn't do this to lose weight. No, I don't care about weight, I did this for the sake of the animals :D Now i am meat-free. :D You should try it . It made my life easier when I see a beautiful cow :)
—Guest Amanda drew

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