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Readers Respond: The strangest, silliest thing you've ever heard

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What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard about being vegetarian? Some people have certainly told me some crazy stuff over the years. "You don't drink milk? You're going to die!" is one of my favorites. Still alive and well after 10 years of not drinking milk! What are some of the crazy, stupid or silly things people have told you about being vegetarian or vegan? Share your story, then chat about it in the forums.

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Anaemic vegetarians / vegans

The weirdest mentality must be:- "You can't be a vegetarian you look healthy - vegetarians and vegans all look unhealthy, pasty-faced and anaemic".
—Guest Pat Harrold

breast milk

When my first baby was born 41 years ago, breast feeding was still considered something only the desperately poor or perverted did. I lived in a tiny village surrounded by elderly women and a few poorly educated ones. I discovered that there was a rumor going around town that I was starving my baby, and I really needed to give her some cereal or she might die. Didn't help that she cried a lot and didn't put on a lot of weight initially, but I nursed her for a little more than a year, adding in solids gradually after 6 months. She's now a brilliant professional and happily married woman in good health. Not quite a vegetarian tale; she wasn't eating meat, but she was drinking milk!
—Guest Diane

Pale And Weak

My friend was talking to me about being a vegetarian while we were in the car this one time and says if I don't eat meat I will become pale, weak and prone to illness. This is coming from a guy that only had 46% attendance across his entire school life (he has a heavily meat based diet). I have not been ill once since I have become a vegetarian and I feel more healthy and alive than ever !!!!!
—Guest Bill

Eating Piglet

I was having breakfast with an ex and telling him why I couldn't eat bacon. So the jerk takes his bacon and waves it in my face almost to my lips. It was so disrespectful and disgusting of him. There's a reason he's an ex. My current partner said I could just pick the meat out of food, so I said "you don't understand what it means to be vegetarian. I'll still taste Piglet in the food. Babe is already dead."
—Guest Danni

Wow! Can't believe what he just said...

My coworker and I were discussing about random topics during slow business hour. He decided to bring up the topic about vegetarian, since I had just recently became a vegan. "My girlfriend used to be a vegan for about six months and she decide to stop being vegan. The reason for that was because she did her research and found out that being vegan causes cancer and of course she had to stop being vegan, she was worries about her's health.", my coworker look at me concern. My respond to this claim was this, well this is the first time I had heard of such claim, can you please ask your girlfriend for the link of that particular article, and give it to me. "Yea, sure no problem" say my coworker. Well it been well over four months now, and I guess he somehow forgot about my request for the article. I now understand I was completely wrong about choosing a vegan life style, vegan is why we get cancer. Meat and Dairy, well folks these foods don't cause cancer one bit. *Face Palm*

You're going to hurt yourself

My whole family has this belief that im going to "hurt myself" If I cut out meat, I'v been veggie for 5 mos now and I've honestly never felt better! I seem to have horrible allergic reactions to red meat but no one believes me even when I swell! in fact i was forced to eat a pizza with meat a few hours ago, now I'm swollen. My Nan trys to pull this guilt trip sob story on me that she cant cook for me anymore and she cries ;-; I'm a STUDENT CHEF she doesn't need to cook for me and if she does then she can cook me some mushroom pasta, honestly! What is wrong with people, 1 year ago they madefun of me because of my fatness and junk food indulgence and now I'm veggie and their still not happy. I'm sorry abput this everyone, I wish our parents weren't this way, I especially hate when my dad waves chicken in front of my face and calls me a tree hugging hippie.
—Guest TheHeroOfThyme

Silly vegetarian myths I've heard...

I am a vegetarian have been for about 4 years i am not 13, 1. Just because you eat meat it doesn't make you skinny 2. You can eat fish: yes its alive therefore you cant eat it as a vegetarian! 3. you don't always eat nothing but fruit and vegetables 4. You can still eat halal meat: You're not a vegetarian if you eat halal meat in my eyes, yes its still meat, no matter if you pray before killing it! I HOPE THIS HELPED:)
—Guest caitlan

It doesn't Matter

My friends told me it didn't matter that animals were hurt because they just die anyway, and if we didn't eat them they would overpopulate and eat all of our food. I showed them some videos of what happens to animals raised for meat, but all they said was they were ugly and deserved to die.
—Guest LWind

Do chickens grow on trees?

My husband and I were living in Starkville, Mississippi, when I stopped eating meat altogether. Starkville is the home of Mississippi State University, so it's crawling with college students. I called our favorite restaurant to ask what vegetarian options they had on their menu and the young lady on the phone said, we have several chicken items... College, huh? ::eye roll::

when did you start eating vegetables?

I am a vegetarian and have been since i was five. One day my friend asked me when did i start eating vegetables? he thought that i replaced meat with vegetables in my diet.....
—Guest stephanie

thoughts about vegetarianism

I ate a little meat before I turned vegetarian couple of years ago cause I watched only three minutes movie Earthling. I cannot describe how shocked I was and pain I felt... no words, only tears :(( Do people so obsessed by meat taste that cause poor animals suffering all their life and being throat cut in the end??? I had realized that there was NO ANY excuses for people to torture, kill and eat animals who by the way evolve on this planet as well as mankind do, I guess the main reason why people love meat is that they get used to its taste since early childhood. The myth about its use has been debunked long time ago, I' m not talking about vegans and rawfoodists that I personally know who laugh quietly at meat eaters who think that meat is an indispensable source of protein. My conclusion is - humanity will spiritually degrade until it stops killing animals!!
—Guest Anastasia

Vegetarians eat fish! Don't they!

I've been a vegetarian for my whole life and I hate when people ask if I eat fish. On my school lunch menu fish entrees are marked vegetarian. I don't want to sound to mean but are people that stupid? Fish IS meat and if you're vegetarian you don't eat meat.
—Guest Khaotics

People say you need meat to survive.

People always tell me you need meat to survive but if animals are to eat why don't we eat dogs? The only reason we would rather eat a pig then a dog is how they look. The truth is, did you know a pig is just as smart and loyal than your dog?
—Guest char

Animals are meant for eating

Animals were "meant" for eating???? Yeah, sure cows were put on this planet so we can shackle them by their back legs slit their throats and let them die of blood loss. Yeah, right.
—Guest char

But it's seafood

I am not a vegetarian, but I do have a funny story to tell. I was travelling in South-East Asia and I met up with a fellow traveller who was a vegetarian. She was telling me the difficulty she was having in ordering food. She ordered a noodle dish and told the waiter no meat, he came back and she noticed it had meat in it. She told the waiter that she asked for no meat and that waiters reply was "It's not meat it's seafood". After that and language difficulties she was a a seafood eater for a few weeks. I thought it was very funny story.
—Guest Guest Traveller

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The strangest, silliest thing you've ever heard

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