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Readers Respond: The strangest, silliest thing you've ever heard

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What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard about being vegetarian? Some people have certainly told me some crazy stuff over the years. "You don't drink milk? You're going to die!" is one of my favorites. Still alive and well after 10 years of not drinking milk! What are some of the crazy, stupid or silly things people have told you about being vegetarian or vegan? Share your story, then chat about it in the forums.

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Indians are all vegetarians

I choose to be vegetarian 11 years back and before that I used to eat meat once every few months. When I went to the western part of world I found Europe specially the Netherlands, uk and Belgium where I traveled had more options. In the US I lived in central part and hardly had any options. One thing that intrigued me was the myth that "all Indians are vegetarians" but what I see around, that is not true...90% of my family and friends eat nonvegetarian. I had to try hard to get this corrected. Majority of Indians are non vegetarians but we have huge recipes and collection of vegetarian food. And on an average people eat vegetarian more than 3-4 times a week but they are not fully veg.
—Guest An Indian

Go for non-violence

I was jusr reading everyones' blog and attempt to be a vegatarian and felt really happy ! I have been a vegetarian (no eggs/fish/chicken/meat) since my birth and all my family even great-great-great fathers/mothers were vegetarians for generations. You may call it religious or practice. Doesn't matter if it helps to develop a life-style where you learn to respect and care about your fellow-beings; be it a human or an animal - it is worth it and creates peace in that environment. Now as health awareness is raising with good diet and excercise, vegetarian diet is even more becoming popular and no longer an embarrassment in society. So keep up the good work and go Vegetarian, if not Vegan !
—Guest Veda

I'm SOO Sorry ;C

While meat-ing one of my now best friends for the first time she had mentioned how she and her family were vegan. I i-MEAT-etly said all of the dick move "jokes" as i had thought of them. Calling her a theif for stealing the rabbits food, saying the protein stuff, waving meat in her face... (Valerie if your out there im so sorry! ;C)
—Guest The Ashamed Meat Eater


All the people at my school can't believe I'm a veggie. They all confront me like once a week and try to get me to eat meat. But they always run out of arguments that I disprove it's really funny!
—Guest Timothy

Crazy response

Once I told someone I was vegetarian since birth and they asked me "So, you have never eaten a single vegetable in your entire life?" After that I explained what a vegetarian really was to the person.
—Guest Randomvegetarian

Daily Life of a Teenage Vegetarian

I'm in 9th grade, and I'm pretty much made fun of every day about not eating meat. Even the teachers occasionally make fun of me. People call me vegetarian-slut and herba-whore. They constantly debate me, and bring up insane situations to see if I would eat meat. My family is very unsupportive. My parents tried to force me to eat meat for years. I live on an island, and theres not one vegan or vegetarian store or restaurant. It bothers me to so much. Sometimes I think being vegetarian was the worst thing I could ever do to myself, but then I look at an animal and dont see food, just a living creature that wants to survive.
—Guest Troubled

muti-time failure

I have tried to become vegetarian several times. My resolution this year is to become and stick with it. My husband says he does not care if I come vegetarian as long as I still cook his meat. I actually have no problem with this. The problem I have is the smell and wanting to eat the meat. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get past this?

Vegan who eats yogurt

Since I'm a pescatarian and my school cafeteria doesn't have a lot of vegetarian options and their fish sucks, I bring lunch from home a lot. For some reason this makes my friends think I have weird taste in food. One time one of them said… "I don't know if she's vegetarian or vegan or what" and I was eating yogurt at the time! Of course I'm not vegan! Another time one of them said "why can't you just f***ing eat meat?" My response was "I don't know, why can't you just be a f***ing vegetarian?"
—Guest Snow

No, I don't eat vegetables

At Christmas Eve dinner, my aunt who is a teacher told me about the time she took her second-grade students to BD's Mongolian Barbecue for a field trip and one of them told her they were a vegetarian. My aunt said, "That's great, this is a wonderful place for vegetarians!" And the kid said, "No, I don't eat vegetables." :)
—Guest Snow

Don't force your beliefs on people

As a Catholic and vegetarian I've heard this plenty of times in my life but really I feel that they're the ones forcing their beliefs on me! I don't mind if someone eats a burger in front of me as long as they don't expect me to cook it but it irritates me when they ask if I want some. Or if they say things like "buffalo wild wings, kfc, McDonald's…" and list a whole bunch of non-vegetarian friendly restaurants that I had enjoyed when I still ate chicken and red meat. My mother even tried to force me to eat meat twice a week! Or they ask why I'm not eating turkey at thanksgiving… Or when I first went vegetarian and I would explain why I thought it was immoral to eat meat and they would say this to me. Even now I don't eat fish often and only if it was treated humanely in life. Also, my mom thought I was turning ANOREXIC when I started cutting back on meat, which is ridiculous. I've also heard of vegetarians who have been asked things like, "just one brisket. That w
—Guest Snow

Vegetarian by Proxy

When I first went vegetarian my stepdad and uncle who are both hunters insisted jokingly that they were "vegetarians by proxy" because they ate animals and animals ate plants.
—Guest Snow

I thought we moved on from this...

I went pescatarian( i think that's how you spell it) three years ago and a few months ago went completely vegetarian. The first thing family and friends said was "You too black to be vegetarian." Really? African Americans DON'T have to saturate themselves with fried chicken and other unhealthy foods. Me being black should have no control over my diet! ugh!! I thought we moved on from those stereotypes, but I guess not. I am the only one in my family who is vegetarian but luckily I have a few vegetarian friends.
—Guest Rayjeanery


One time I was telling my friend a story, and it went like this: Me: so my dad was telling me about a time when we were little, and he was shelling a crab with me you and your sister, and then he realized that he was- my friend: shelling a crab in front of a vegetarian Me: no. shelling a dead crab in front of three three year old girls my friend; one of them a vegetarian- me: IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just made me really mad because she kept jumping over me to say that about vegetarians, but really, breaking open a dead crab, in front of three three year old girls, vegetarians or not, is pretty bad. it was just so annoying
—Guest Lily


My motto is "No Food With A Face" and it has been my motto since 2nd grade when we had to make up a restaurant (that was the name of my restaurant) But whenever I say that, some stupid Smart-Alec says "well I suppose you eat (-Insert faceless animal here-) then, because they don't have faces" and I'm like "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Its like seriously. Its not funny and its not nice
—Guest Lily


My friends always do the stranded-on-a-desert-island thing, or the no-food-on-earth thing. I normally say I will eat dirt or sand just to prove how stubborn I am about staying vegetarian. And I probably would. But seriously? One of my friends hates cheese. No one goes around asking her if cheese was the last food on earth, would she still eat it. Like seriously. Stop trying to get me to say I would eat meat. Because I won't. So leave me alone.
—Guest Lily

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The strangest, silliest thing you've ever heard

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