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Readers Respond: What do you actually snack on?

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From the article: Vegan Snack Ideas
Let's get real: we're not always eating apples! What are your favorite vegan snack ideas? Tell us what you munch on in between meals, after dinner or what you feed the vegan kids for their after school snack. Tell us what you eat!

Vegetarian Snacks

First off, everyone always asks this. Its like I say I don't eat meat, and then they go "Well what do you eat?" and there is actually a big list. I eat a ton of clementines- I love a cream cheese and olive sandwich (or cream cheese and nutella :D ) There is also crackers and hummus, last night's dinner leftovers, cereal, bananas, and COOKIES!!!
—Guest Lily

Vegetarian, not Vegan

I love bits of Manchego cheese or some fresh figs with Gorgonzola. I'm also addicted to fresh peaches and melons. Hummus and rice crackers are a huge favorite as well. I snacked like this before I became vegetarian so it made switching my entire diet much easier.
—Guest Jana

So many snacks!

I don't usually stick to one thing. It's usually whatever I have lying around and can make a snack out of. Lately, it's been not so on the lite side - pine nut anise cookies and chocolate peanut butter pie. But also homemade hummus with carrots or pretzels, nuts, crackers, oranges.


I don't snack any more. I have to watch my weight. I grew up overweight because of my mother's eating disorders, but in recent years I have been able to keep it down, not by giving up everything that I like, but by eating sensibly and exercising every day without fail. I find that the best thing for me is to eat three well-planned meals per day and nothing in between.
—Guest mary

vegan skeeter

I like alot of things, maybe you might go ick: I love mini sandwiches with pineapple, peanut butter and banana mini sandwiches, carrot salad with raisins and pineapple .I love the flavors they are awesome to eat.
—Guest Nita

Snacking happens!

My road to becoming vegan is pocked with snacking. Some good, some not so good. I love whole wheat croutons, nuts, a nice trail mix with chocolate, dark chocolate in general, crackers, raisins, peanut butter with honey on toast are some snacks I enjoy.

My vegan breakfast plan

I have un-salted almonds and dark chocolate almond milk for breakfast because when I was 4 years old I had a eating problem so I had to get rid of a few pounds... well not a few, I was fat, very fat. Now I am a normal weight. tip: silk almond milk works best. :) katy *********
—Guest vegie kid

Vegan snack

I usually eat a granola bar (about 150 calories, 6 grams of sugar) or some almonds cucumber and one slice of peanut butter. i've been eating a lot of peanut butter bread lately so i'm switching to fruit.
—Guest deniz

Yummy Popcorn- this can be a mini meal

I pop popcorn, add a tbsp of raw almond butter, some raisins, some kind maple gluten free granola.. and voila you have a yummy sweet popcorn mix that keeps you feeling full after! I confess that I often drink a glass of red wine with it

Vegan snacks!

Yumm...I love pita bread with hummus...fruit is always a good easy option...black bean burgers and rice pilaf is good for dinners though!
—Guest heyyy___y'all


I luuurve getting a handful of nuts (any will do), popping it into some soy yoghurt (Soy life is great) and throwing in some sultanas and any dried fruit available
—Guest Marica

Yummy snacks everywhere!!!!!!

I always have carrots and hummus on hand and that is a great snack for me. I also whip up some dressing to dip some veggies in. Great faux ranch dip: veganaise, little soy milk, very little mustard, garlic powder, finely chopped onion and lots of dill or green onion.
—Guest sabrinas

Vegan Snacks

I really like eating hummus and bagels (whole wheat) they are really filling and yum, I also really like sweet potatoes baked and smoothies also nuts like almonds and peanuts are a good way to get iron and vitamin A !
—Guest B

Snacks, healthy and not so

One of my favorite snacks is a Japanese snack consisting of "chili bits" and peanuts. I'm really addicted. On the healthier side, I have recently begun making up some olive tapenade to keep in the fridge and dipping cut-up raw veggies in it. Quite delicious. Neither of these is low-calorie, but the second is at least nutritious.
—Guest Beamiller


Carrots and homemade hummus, Frozen grapes, Nectarines, Watermelon, Cucumbers, Frozen banana slices, Tomato with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, strawberries, orange slices, kiwi, and an occasional granola bar. :)
—Guest Emma

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What do you actually snack on?

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