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Readers Respond: What do you eat for breakfast?

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Vegetarians and vegans: I want to know what you eat for breakfast on a daily basis, particularly when you're pressed for time on a busy weekday morning. How do you keep it simple, quick and nutritious? Cereal? Toast? Reheated leftovers? Let us know what you're eating for breakfast these days! Let us know!

My vegetarian breakfast?

If I want something warm I typically go for a green vegetable packed omelet, so tasty & nutritious. If I want something cold I typically eat a half of bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter and a side of fruit consisting of 1 strawberry, 1/4 of a grape fruit, 2 pineapple chunks (sometimes topped with dry granola) ... so delicious and filling!
—Guest Ms Jones


Breakfast for me is usually a freshly made juice or smoothie... and I don't have anything solid until lunch time. When I feel for something different its ww johnny cakes w peanut butter or eggless waffles.
—Guest KV

Fresh healthy and yummy too.

We love yams or sweet potatoes for breakfast. Soooo good. We also often eat just fresh raw fruit for breakfast. A bananas, apple or pear. It's amazing how comfortable one is after a small breakfast. If I have time a make a smoothie I make it with organic strawberries, bananas raspberries, blueberries, peaches and kale. Most fresh from our garden in the right season. If you like you can toss in seeds or nuts too.
—Guest Winni

Green Monsta!

Lately I've been drinking green monsters consisting of a frozen banana, a cup of almond milk, some frozen blueberries, kale, spinach and peanut butter. Sooo tasteh.
—Guest HolyCrow


Almost like Linda I make steel cut oats 1x week. In the morning I reheat and toss on a banana or any other fruit I have. I also add flax, coco nibs, diy trail mix so it is different each day. It only takes about 5 minutes and I can pack to-go if needed. I sometimes use an alternative milk/yogurt product (vegan).
—Guest Phil C

Usual breakfast

Trying to be a low/cal vegetarian, I usually start the day with a smoothy (usually banana and peanutbutter) and somedays just a couple of apples.
—Guest Phoenix

Simple Breakfast

I eat prunes which are delicious and naturally sweet, a bit of fruit (change up weekly) and an average size bowl of yogurt with trail mix. Eat enough to satisfy but not until you are full.
—Guest michele

Cereal, yogurt, tofu, scones

I have pet rats, so I always have plenty of whole grain unsweetened breakfasts in the house, and I'll use any kind of non-dairy milk (vanilla flavored is awesome!), and any kind of fruit, or a fig bar. Sometimes I'll blend plain almond yogurt with fruit, lemon extract, and cacao nibs. Or (my fav) tofu cottage cheese. One time I even attempted to make cottage cheese from soy milk - not so good on it's own, but I used the leftover whey to make scones, and then made a spread from the cheese and put the two together.


I've been on a raw vegan diet for more than a year and start everyday with comfort food in the form of a frozen fruit smoothie made with soaked almonds, pitted dates, fresh coconut and a frozen banan. Depending on what is seasonal or what I have on hand I add frozen strawberries, or pineapple, papaya raw cacao powder. Even in winter when its cold I love beginning my day with a smoothie made with frozen fruit. It helped me stick with my raw food diet which allowed me to lose 40 lbs and keep it off (so far), and feel much much healthier and able to carry on with life.


Today was laughing cow cheese, tomato, and avocado on a multi grain wrap. That was for a late breakfast :)
—Guest Jess

"What do you eat for breakfast?"

I make a huge pot of steel-cut oatmeal on Sunday evening and spoon out a cup every morning--I reheat it in the microwave and then add a tablespoon of local honey, frozen organic blueberries, and almond milk. Very satisfying and extremely good for you!
—Guest Linda8214

Heatlhy vegetarian breakfast idea

I eat whole wheat bread with peanut butter every morning.
—Guest Linda Ho

Muffins with no recipe

I bake enough muffins to last for 3 breakfasts. I use wholeweat flour, bran, chickpea flour (it's high protein), orange juice, pepitas, walnuts, ground almonds, dried figs, apricots, mashed banana, ginger... whatever I have... so they're chunky and chewy and need no sweetener. Orange juice over the top before putting in the oven makes a nice sweet glaze.
—Guest ele

Lotsa choices!

I love instant oats...especially great for backpacking. When I have time, I make soyrizo and hash browns and roll them in a corn tortilla. I also salivate over veggie quiche made with tofu instead of eggs. Great way to use up the vegs in the fridge the day before the farmer's market!
—Guest Dawneymay


Ill usually make white rice with edamame and fried tofu on the side, sometimes egg noodles with tofu bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and some seasonings [soy sauce, sesame oil, chinese 5 spice, green curry paste] (yum ^-^) tea or soymilk, just plain fruit, a tofu salad sandwich using vegenaise and spices [Garlic salt, onion powder, tumeric, curry powder], vegan french toast, or almond butter honey and banannas on toast or in a sandwich.
—Guest MyBoobItches

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What do you eat for breakfast?

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