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Readers Respond: What do you eat for breakfast?

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Vegetarians and vegans: I want to know what you eat for breakfast on a daily basis, particularly when you're pressed for time on a busy weekday morning. How do you keep it simple, quick and nutritious? Cereal? Toast? Reheated leftovers? Let us know what you're eating for breakfast these days! Let us know!

veggie tortilla wrap

flour tortilla(warmed), filled with scrambled egg,cheese,potato hash, beans. you can also crumble a morning star veggie patty in there too if you like.
—Guest tracey

A few ideas for a vegetarian breakfast.

I top fruit with yogurt and granola. Just dipping a banana or apple slices in the mix will make the preparation time quicker. I use a granola with almonds.
—Guest mtiff

Indian vegetarian breakfast ideas

idly,dosa,vada,upma,uthappam,ada,poori,poha,kichdi,pongal and unlimited local dishes
—Guest pragra


Basically, I chop bananas, put it between two bread slices (wheat, not white) and bite it. SOMETIMES I add peanut butter.
—Guest Giulio

Cereal or fruit

I eat the cereal honey wheats with sliced banana Or whatever one of my fruit trees/vines has in season instead of cereal...fresh fruit is always preferred after all

Vegan only (including no grains)

1 ounce each-raisins, cranberries, blueberries 1 onuce each-chopped walnuts, almonds Sauté with small amount olive oil, honey, fresh chopped rosemary and trace of honey. Bake for 15 mins. Cool then, eat on the go with bottle of water. Yum!
—Guest Yeaux

What I eat for breakfast

I love breakfast!! I take warm cuban bread spread cream cheese, add pickles,onions,tomato, hashbrown,cheddar cheese, and sprinkle blk. pepper % mustard. Yum yum!
—Guest barby

Apples, peanut butter, smoothie

I eat apple slices with peanut butter. also i make a mixed berry smoothie. all together that's 4 servings of fruit. i like to eat most of my fruits and fats in the morning. Other times I'll eat quinoa or barley with maple syrup with pecans and almonds.
—Guest sonnie

Great Breakfast

I love breakfast as that is when I eat most of my fruit options. Great choices include fresh papaya with lime juice - yum! Also cereal with a sliced banana, grapes, flax seed meal and any other fruit options I can find. I don't do dairy, so I use either soy or almond milk. A great breakfast
—Guest Bruce


Cereal, toast with apple butter, a pancake. Nothing special.
—Guest Leana

Fast and Yummy Breakfast

I like to toast a waffle or bagel, then spread some peanut butter on it. I have some fresh fruit on the side, such as grapes or a clementine. A tip: If you set out everything you need for the day the night before, including lunch, and all of your work stuff, you can avoid most of the morning rush and have more time for breakfast.
—Guest Lilian

vegan breakfast

Everyday in the morning the first thing I have is lime squeezed in 1glass of lukewarm water. This detoxifies the skin and brings a healthy glow to the skin. Then I have 1 apple (an apple a day keeps the doctor away),4 pieces of papaya and 1 pomegranate. I prefer whole fruits over fruit juice since the former is healthier. Then I either eat oat mixed with soy milk & honey or pudding made from soy milk as well.
—Guest pinky


I eat hemp hearts like crazy! Hemp butter on toast is a good alternative to peanut butter and has way more benefits. Sprinkle hemp hearts on your cereal, in your smoothie, on toast, in your omlette..its extra protein, and fills you up.

B Vitamins!

I always crave spinach in the morning, probably for the BVitamins.I boil a few handfuls, drain/dry, sprinkle with lemon pepper..its my favorite snack. Tomato juice is a filling, savory way to start the day. A good alternative to orange juice. I make a fruit salad once a week and dig into that in the morning too. If you eat fruit first thing, no coffee/tea, you'll get a natural buzz. Try watermelon and feta cheese!

I enjoy my breakfast; no TV, no reading!

I have several options during the week. My preference is for a toasted slice of bread topped with butter, Polaner spreadable fruit, or Olivio, handful of soaked (a night before) raw almonds, two halves of walnut, and a glass of one percent milk. At least once a week, I prepare Quaker oats by adding two TBSP oats to a glass of one percent milk in a pot , stir it as the milk boils, and let it simmer for few more minutes, add sugar to taste and eat it with handful of soaked raw almonds on the side. Time permitting, I prepare thin sweet pancakes with wheat flour, fennel seed (teaspoonful for 2 pancakes), and sugar mixed in water to a consistency just as the beaten eggs and cook it just as an omelet; for salty pancakes, I use chickpea flour instead and add salt and eat with a glass of one percent milk. I don’t drink tea or coffee.
—Guest Prem

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What do you eat for breakfast?

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