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Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

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By Debra George

Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

Arabic Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes

What is the name or your vegetarian blog?

Middle Eastern Cultural Festival

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This brand new blog will feature various aspects about the Arabic culture, presently we are blogging Middle Eastern vegan recipes that are used this time of year by Middle Eastern Christians for Lenten fasting.

Why do you keep a vegetarian or vegan food blog?

We offer vegetarian/vegan Middle Eastern recipes to support those who keep a strict fast (complete abstaining from animal products) during Lent and other fasting periods of the year. These recipes are amongst many that come from our parish families who compiled them into our church's published cookbook "Good Eating the Arabic Way". Some of these recipes are well-known Arabic family favorites, but we also feature the lesser-known dishes--all of which originate from Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria & Jordan. These dishes are healthy and their popularity has withstood the test of time, having been around for and handed down to many generations!


  • We use chickpeas, lentils, cracked wheat and other protein sources in combination with each other. We use a lot of olive oil, garlic and lemon juice which all have many health benefits. The traditional Middle Eastern diet is as physically healthy as it is spiritually uplifting.

Jolinda Hackett, About.com Vegetarian Food, says:

What a great idea for a blog! It's making me hungry! I hope you continue to post more recipes and resources.

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