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Meatless recipes for menopause

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By ellen sue spicer-jacobson

Meatless recipes for menopause

The giraffe is my power animal. What's yours?

What is the name or your vegetarian blog?


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Created for older women with meatless recipes for menopause. Also contains profiles of interesting women and occasionally men, health flashes and special reports, book reviews, poems, ramblings, and much more.

Why do you keep a vegetarian or vegan food blog?

Want to help older women create their own PMZ: post-menopausal zest. Menopause is a rite of passage and needs to be acknowledged and celebrated, so you can move on to more creative goals now that child rearing and monthly issues are over.


  • Make sure you eat plenty of leafy greens and other vegetables, as well as organic fruit, sprouted grains, and sea veggies. Also, drink pure water, exercise regularly, and don't forget to RELAX!

Jolinda Hackett, About.com Vegetarian Food, says:

I really like Ellen-Sue's take on vegetarian eating. She's a great resource for a whole new reason to go veg - no more hot flashes and a healthy menopause.

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