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Family friendly veg/vegan dining reviews

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By Vegan Mama

What is the name or your vegetarian blog?

Family Friendly Vegetarian

What is your blog about?

A personal review of the best Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant dining. Some of the restaurants are entirely Vegan or Vegetarian, however, many of them are what I call, Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly, meaning they do serve meat, however their options for Vegans/Vegetarians are plentiful and delicious.

Why do you keep a vegetarian or vegan food blog?

Not many restaurants cater to vegans which can be such a drag when you're dining out with omnivore friends and family. This blog promotes the restaurants that are inclusive of our vegan/vegetarian lifestyles. I want to celebrate them and let other vegans and vegetarians know where they can go for a great dining experience. This blog also helps vegan loving omnivores to find places that are all inclusive and super yummy for the whole dining troop.


  • if you like a restaurant that doesn't label vegan items or must prepare something special for you, email the manager and ask them to consider adding a vegan entree to the menu.
  • if you stumble upon a restaurant that does have vegan options, add their website or listing to a blog to help them get exposure in the vegan community.
  • if a dining experience is a good one, email the restaurant or write them a nice letter thanking them for your fine vegan dining experience
  • recommend vegan friendly restaurants to your friends for gatherings and celebrations
  • always let the server know right away that you are vegan

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