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Reader Submissions: Vegetarian blogs


Here's some of the best vegetarian and vegan food blogs submitted by users across the web. Do you keep a vegetarian or vegan food blog? Do you love talking about vegan food on your blog? Share it with us! Add your blog to the list and brag about how fantastic your vegetarian cooking is!

Lifelong Vegetarian Blog

My goal is to share the best of my vegetarian knowledge… The best recipes, the best cookbooks, the best restaurants, the best tips for green living and growing your own vegetables. I love to co…More

Vegetarian blogging recipes from around the world

My sisters workmate said she thought it would make for good reference and reading. She was fascinated to hear about food additives and what they meant. Label reading is very important and I just want…More

Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

We offer vegetarian/vegan Middle Eastern recipes to support those who keep a strict fast (complete abstaining from animal products) during Lent and other fasting periods of the year. These recipes ar…More

Vegetarian indian blog and more

I am a vegetarian by birth and by choice. I love creating vegetarian recipes. I truly believe that Vegetarianism can be beneficial for everyone. I am repulsed by the whole idea of killing animals for…More

Amuse your bouche - vegetarian blog!

I am passionate about cooking, and didn't want all my past inventions to disappear into history! Not only would I like to inspire other people to cook something, I also find it useful for my own insp…More

Spiritual support for vegetarians

Primarily to offer emotional support to other spiritual vegetarians or vegans who live their conviction in an mad, ignorant, destructive world. So that they do not feel so alone as I did when I first…More

Deliciueux Vegetarian Food Blog

Quite simply, I love cooking, and the love that you are able to demonstrate and share with people through cooking.I also want to inspire other vegetarians, who like me, felt lost and frustrated at al…More

Extraordinary Vegetarian food!

I think about food all the time, and found myself talking about it. This is a way to record everything without boring my friends! And to help me remember my recipes, of course. I'd like people to see…More

Mouthwatering meatless meals.

I want to help people see eating plant based foods can taste amazing. And that eating meatless is not about 'doing without' it's about adding so much more great tasting food! I started the blog as a …More

Gourmandelle vegan food blog

I changed my eating habits about an year ago and since then I started feeling the need to share with everybody the easy and healthy recipes that I make. My main objective is to help people discover t…More

Vegetarian blog - Still Eating Good!

I am wildly passionate about de-bunking the myth that vegan food is lettuce and steamed tofu. That with creativity in the kitchen, vegan food is as or even better tasting than any meat based dish.I a…More

The Goofy Gourmet Vegetarian Food Blog

To practice my writing, to keep a record of all my cooking triumphs and failures so that I DON'T FAIL AGAIN, and to amuse my family, friends, and all those vegetarians floating in the Internet tubes.…More

Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen: Food and more!

I love sharing my creations in the kitchen. I am one of those who does not like to eat the same thing every day. Add that to being creative about flavors. I make something new every other day if not …More

Yummy Vegetarian Delights

It started a recipe log for myself, and turned into more. I find and/or create vegan and vegetarian recipes to share. I also write about holistic living, cooking tips, etc. Come and visit my blog tod…More

Gourmet veg food blog

Growing up, I always had a hard time finding new, nontraditional recipes and dishes that were special enough for the holidays. I created this website to help other vegetarians in the same predicament…More

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