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Questions About Vegetarianism


Questions About Vegetarianism

Question: Questions About Vegetarianism

There's no such thing as a silly question, right? Some of these vegetarian questions may seem silly, but they are also genuine concerns about vegetarianism. If you're grasping with some ethical and philosophical questions about vegetarianism or just want to know where vegetarians get their protein from, read on to find out the answers to FAQs you may be wondering about when choosing your environmentally-friendly, healthy and kind diet! Got a question that wasn't answered or want to see something added to this vegetarian and vegan FAQ? Post it to the vegetarian message board and I'll be sure to answer your question!


Vegetarian ingredients:

  1. What is tofu and how do I cook it?
  2. Do you have some easy tofu recipes?
  3. What can I use instead of eggs?

Is it vegetarian? Is it vegan?

  1. Is cheese vegetarian?
  2. Are eggs vegetarian?
  3. Is caviar vegetarian?
  4. Can I still eat chocolate if I go vegan?
  5. Is poultry seasoning vegetarian?
  6. Can vegans eat yeast?
  7. How do I know if a recipe should be a main dish or a side dish?
  8. Is ramen vegetarian?

General vegetarian questions:

  1. Are there poisonous chemicals (such as arsenic) in chicken?
  2. If I go vegetarian, do I have to eat tofu?
  3. What is a flexitarian? Can I be semi-vegetarian?
  4. If I go vegan, can I still drink alcohol?
  5. Where can I buy vegetarian food?
  6. Who are some famous vegetarians?
  7. Animals kill other animals for food, so why shouldn't we humans, too?
  8. If we all go vegetarian, won't the planet become overrun with uneaten cows, pigs and chickens? What will we do with all the millions of farm animals just lying around?
  9. God gave us animals to eat. The Bible says we have "dominion" over them, so why shouldn't we eat them?
  10. What's wrong with milk and dairy?
  11. What are raw foods?
  12. Do you have any super-easy raw food recipes?

Vegetarian nutrition questions:

  1. How can I get enough protein on a vegetarian diet?
  2. Can I get enough vitamins and nutrients on a vegetarian diet?
  3. Where can I find a vegetarian or vegan RD?

Got more questions about vegetarianism, or didn't see your question answered here? Post it to the vegetarian forums and I'll be sure to answer it!

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