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Vegetarian noodles

Vegetarian noodles galore! Browse through these dozens of vegetarian and vegan noodle recipes, including Thai style noodles, Chinese noodles, German noodles and noodle kugels.

Vegetarian Ginger Lo Mein Noodles
A vegetarian lo mein recipe with vegetables, snow peas, scallions and a teriyaki ginger sauce. MSG not included!

Cold Chinese Sesame Noodles
If you like Thai peanut sauce, try these similar cold Chinese sesame noodles. Add a few diced veggies if you like, such as broccoli, snow peas or bell pepper.

Ten Minute Vegan Sesame Noodles with Bok Choy
Get this vegetarian sesame noodle dish on the table in ten minutes flat. Made with quick cooking noodles and healthy bok choy, these Asian sesame noodles make a quick, easy and healthy dinner.

Chinese Noodle Salad with Ramen
This quick and easy vegetarian ramen noodle and cabbage salad makes a great vegetarian lunch or dinner. To make it vegan, just be sure to use agave nectar, instead of honey. For an even heartier ramen noodle salad, I like to make a little extra dressing and add a portion of tofu to the mix.

Vegetarian Japanese broccoli and soba noodle salad
A Japanese-style vegetarian broccoli soba noodle salad (soba noodles are also known as buckwheat noodles) with soy sauce and cilantro and sweetened with honey.

Gingered almond butter noodles with pineapple
Fiery chiles. Sensual almond butter. Sweet pineapple. A little bit of sugar and a little bit of salt. This vegetarian and vegan rice noodle dish has it all.

Easy Thai Basil Sesame Noodles
This recipe for Thai-style Basil Sesame Noodles is a quick and easy vegetarian and vegan noodle dish you can whip up any time. You can use any type of noodles, or even pasta to make this vegetarian Thai noodle dish.

Udon noodles in cilantro lime peanut sauce
Don't be fooled by the name - these sauce on these vegetarian and vegan noodles is less of a peanut sauce and more of an herbal cilantro dressing with plenty of tangy lime. If you like Asian flavors and love cilantro or just want to try a lighter peanut noodle sauce, these simple udon noodles dressed in a cilantro peanut sauce are a good place to start.

Szechuan Style Chinese Noodles
Szechuan Style Chinese Noodles - an easy vegetarian and vegan Chinese food recipe.

Spicy Sesame Peanut Noodles Recipe
Noodles with peanut sauce is one of my favorite easy dishes to whip up on those nights where I'm very hungry, but just don't feel like cooking. This Thai and Chinese-inspired recipe can be made less spicy by substituting red pepper flakes for the cayenne, or, omit the cayenne altogether.

Easy Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodle Recipe
An authentic pad Thai recipe usually has tamarind juice or pulp to give it a distinct orange hue and sweet flavor. Tamarind can be hard to find, however, depending on where you live. Try this easy vegetarian and vegan version instead.

Vegetarian Vietnamese Noodle Salad
Bean thread noodles, fresh cilantro, lime juice and chopped pickled garlic make up this vegetarian and vegan noodle salad, inspired by the flavors of Vietnam. Slice up a few spicy chilies to add to the mix, if you dare!

Chinese Spaghetti or Noodles
Chinese-style spaghetti is the perfect way to perk up an ordinary plate of spaghetti or noodles. Made with veggies, scallions and an Asian-style sauce.

Easy Hot Buttered Noodles
Vegetarian hot buttered noodles are a quick and easy dish you can serve as an entree or a side dish. Its not a fancy recipe, but it will fulfill your nostalgic cravings.

Vegetarian Singapore Noodles
Vegetarian Singapore Noodles. Siddhi posted this recipe for vegetarian Sinagpore noodles in the vegetarian forums, so I thought I'd repost here to share with everyone! Singapore noodles are not usually prepared vegetarian, though are a popular street food served up in Asia, usually with a bit of shrimp or pork.

Tempeh Chinese noodle bowl
Tempeh and noodles mix with vegetables in this simple noodle bowl dish for vegetarians and vegans.

Vegan soba noodle recipe
Vegan soba noodle recipe

Thai-style vermicelli noodles
Noodles are stir-fried in plenty of Thai spices in this easy vegetarian noodle recipe.

Easy Japanese Soba Noodles with Shiitakes and Scallions
Easy Japanese Soba Noodles with Shiitakes and Scallions - a vegetarian and vegan recipe for chilled Japanese soba or udon noodles.

Easy Szechuan Noodles
A quick and easy vegetarian Chinese recipe for Szechuan-style noodles with vinegar and chili oil.

German noodle casserole
A German noodle casserole recipe, called "Spaetzle", with cheese and a caramelized onion topping.

Japanese Yaksisoba noodles
Japanes yakisoba is made with noodles, veggies and a sesame and sake sauce.

Kosher noodle kugel
A creamy, cheesy vegetarian noodle kugel.

Thai curried noodles with tofu
Thai-style noodles in a coconut curried sauce with plenty of vegetables. A genuine homemade Thai noodle recipe.

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