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Top 6 Vegetarian and Vegan Podcasts


After getting some advice from About.com's Guide to Ipods, I've joined the multimedia age and bought myself an MP3 player! I've been discovering and enjoying some of the fabulous vegetarian cooking and vegan news podcasts out there in MP3 land. Here are a few of my favorites. They are all available via the web or iTunes.

1. Erik's Diner

This one gets my top vote because of the sheer variety of the show. Rather than focusing on news, music, interviews or food, host Erik Marcus mixes it up every week and we get a little of everything from cookbook reviews to health benefits of various foods as well as plenty of news and interviews. Erik is a published author several times over and a respected expert in the field of vegan nutrition and advocacy. Shows range from 15-30 minutes.

2. Indy Vegan Family

Wade and Jen haven't always been self-described "crunchy granola hippy-dippy wannabes". They're average Americans (what does that mean, anyways?) who came to know the benefits of plant-based eating and, after losing an awe-inspiring amount of weight, never looked back. The whole family keeps it real on the air while discovering all the benefits of being meat-free in the middle of middle America.

3. The Easy Vegan

This one is a video cast, but I think its still worthy of inclusion. Each episode is short but sweet at usually under ten minutes long, and focuses on preparing one easy vegan recipe. Host Angela knows her stuff and has fun guiding us through a simple recipe.

4. Vegan Radio

Megan and Derek used to be a happy couple and now they host a radio show together and clearly have a blast doing it. No monotonous script-reading here! Vegan Radio is a motley mix-up of news, music and more. The format is always a little bit different - you never know what's coming next. From their website: "Vegan Radio is a show about vegan culture; animal rights issues, the vegan diet....environmentalism, spirituality, politics, and salsa dancing." Shows are 30 minutes long, every other week.

5. VegCast: The Vegetarian Podcast

The VegCast tends to focus on news, news commentary and health issues, rather than advocacy, interviews and music, though these do get thrown in the mix once in a while. If you're looking for an indepth, serious exploration of issues affecting vegetarians and vegetarian health, this is the podcast to listen to.

6. Vegetarian Food for Thought by Compassionate Cooks

In each episode, chef and writer Colleen Patrick-Goudreau addresses commonly asked questions about animal rights, food, cooking, nutrition, and being vegetarian and debunks the myths surrounding them. Each downloadable episode is around 15 minutes long. Perfect for those who learn best (or remember things best!) by listening rather than reading.
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