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Top 7 Vegetarian and Vegan Magazines


If you need something to inspire you to create a fabulous meal tonight while you're in the waiting room in the doctor's office, then read on to find out where you can find vegetarian news, recipes and more in magazines off-line. You should be able to find these publications in a well-stocked health food store or larger bookstores.

1. VegNews Magazine

Though it may not be the most well-known of the vegetarian publications, VegNews takes the cake as my number-one favorite. VegNews is a colorful publication filled with plenty of photos and a variety of articles. There are interviews with celebrity veggies, news features, city spotlights and, of course, lots of recipes, usually with a theme.

2. Vegetarian Times

Probably the most well-known of the magainzes listed here, Vegetarian Times is marketed towards those who may be new to vegetarianism or natural foods and living. The recipes are usually straight-forward with everyday ingredients, and the incredible presentation and photography will inspire you to try each and every one. Each issue features a few vegan recipes as well, and recipes are indexed for nutritional content and labeled as lacto-vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, or vegan. In addition, browse features about organic living, vegetarian travel and more.

3. Natural Health Magazine

If you can't decide whether to subscribe to Vegetarian Times or to Yoga Journal, Natural Health covers both healthy foods and fitness too. It's target audience is women (sorry men, that's the way it goes with magazines, it seems!), and though it focuses on health and general wellness rather than vegetarianism, there's much to be learnt from Natural Health magazine. 

4. Animal People Magazine

This is animal news with a global perspective. You won't be reading the same news stories that you get online and in other animal rights magazine. Instead, browse through stories about dolphin rescue from , humane veterinary science and bushmeat poaching in Kenya. And there's plenty of farmed animal issues covered as well. The focus is on animals and animal protection here, not food, but it's a nice supplement to the other vegetarian and vegan focued reads and a gentler introduction to animal welfare and animal rights.

5. Vegan Magazine

This is an incredibly informative magazine covering news, food, interviews, current issues, book reviews and of course, some fabulous and creative recipes. Read about issues as diverse as raw foods, senior nutrition, vegetarian celebs and summer festivals - there's always something for everyone. And, just for fun, there's often a comics and crossword section. You can find this magazine in health food centers across the UK or you can subscribe by joining the Vegan Society


6. Satya Magazine

Satya is a magazine dedicated to vegetarianism, environmentalism and social justice. As such, it doesn't contain the same number of recipes and food pictorials that others on the list do. Instead, if offers up a fascinating in-depth dialogue about vegetarianism and a multitude of related causes and issues. One month may feature an interview with a vegan Jain priest, while the next shares the merits of locally grown organic produce. Edit: Unfortunately Satya Magazine is no longer in production, but I've left this review up because their website is full of great information.

7. Honorary Mention: Grrr! Magazine

Grrr! is PETA's magazine just for kids. It features fun food ideas, colorful cartoon characters and news for kids from the world of animals. Some material may not be suitable for younger children, so parents may want to take a look first. The best part about Grrr! is that its absolutely free! You can order a free copy online here.
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