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Top 8 Free Things for Vegetarians on the Web


Freebies just for vegetarians and vegans! The internet abounds with free promotional items, giveaways and more! Here's a list of websites where you can sign up to receive free vegetarian and recipe booklets, stickers and more in the mail.

1. Free "TryVeg" Bumper Sticker

This free bumper sticker, from the fabulous D.C. based vegetarian group Compassion Over Killing says "TryVeg", along with a brief message, and will help spread the word about going vegetarian.

2. Free Vegetarian Recipe Booklet

This recipe booklet from the Humane Society of the United States contains lots of information about different vegetarian foods and products and includes favorite veggie recipes from their staff. Some of the recipes included are chocolate fudge brownies, classic potato salad, bean soup and more.

3. Free Vegetarian Comic Books!

These are just unbelievably cute! A rescued chicken tells us about life on the farm, and other animals tell the tales (pun intended!) of their respective lives. There are four different comics to choose from, and although not all relate to vegetarianism each one features a loveable animal protagonist. Perfect for helping kids learn empathy for animals.

4. Free "Tofurky Tuesdays" Pack: Tofurky coupons, VegNews magazine and more

This one is a great freebie! Sign up for "Tofurky Tuesdays" by pledging to eat vegetarian at least one day per week, and get rewarded with a bundle of cool vegetarian stuff, including Tofurky product coupons, a free copy of VegNews magazine, Vegetarian Times magazine, and some vegetarian tips and info as well.

5. Free Vegetarian Starter Kit and Vegan Recipes

This Vegetarian Starter Kit from Goveg.com has health information, articles on raising healthy vegetarian kids, and of course, lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes.

6. Free "VegPak" with DVD and stickers

This one's a great freebie! From PETA's youth-outreach arm, PETA2.com, you can sign up to receive a free DVD featuring music videos and interviews with dozens of vegetarian bands from the pop-punk boys of Good Charlotte to grindcore and hardcore bands like Earth Crisis and Terror, and hip-hop favorites such as Common and Michael Franti of Spearhead. But that's not all- your free vegpak will also come with stickers too!

7. Free CD-R about Factory Farmed Animals

Click on the link that says "Request a Free CD Copy of 'Meet Your Meat'" to send an email requesting your free CD-R (narrated by the unmistakle voice of Alec Baldwin) and learn all about animals used for food in the modern, industrialized farming system.

8. Free PETA Kids Magazine Subscription

PETA offers a free magazine subscription to its magazine just for kids, called "Grr!". The magazine is published quarterly, so you may need to be a bit patient before recieving your first issue.
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