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Vegan Wedding Cake Directory


Vegan Wedding Cake Directory
Photo courtesy of Sticky Fingers Bakery

Click here for the Vegan Wedding Cake Directory

Chances are, there's a pastry chef or vegan bakery in your area that can create the vegan, organic, sugar-free, kosher or wheat and gluten-free wedding cake of your dreams!

If you don't find the perfect vegan bakery in your area listed here who can create a vegan wedding cake for you, you still have a couple options. First, check with vegetarian or vegan restaurants in your area to see if they would be willing to do a special order. Whole Foods has a bakery department that can make a specialty vegan wedding cakes upon request. Most larger locally-owned health foods stores and co-ops can also create a special-order wedding cake, whether you need an organic wedding cake, gluten-free wedding cake, kosher or vegan wedding cake.

If all else fails, you can work with conventional pastry chefs and bakeries. Explain to them what your special dietary needs are and why it is important that your dream wedding cake is egg-free, vegan, organic or kosher. Another idea is to contact local vegetarian societies. They may know of someone who can create a special cake for your special day. Don't forget about special vegan cakes for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and retirements too!

Do you know of another pastry chef or vegan bakery that can create a vegan wedding cake, kosher wedding cake or organic wedding cake? Please post it in the forum!


Click here for the Vegan Wedding Cake Directory

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