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Giving to Vegetarian and Vegan Charities


Giving to Vegetarian and Vegan Charities

For many people, being vegetarian is about more than just eating a lot of soy and avoiding your local steakhouse. As a vegetarian, you are confident that you are doing your personal share to reduce your overall environmental footprint and are modeling a lifestyle that promotes healthy bodies and a healthier world. When making a charitable donation to a nonprofit organization, make sure it's a charity that shares these values. Here's my pick for a few causes and organizations that would benefit greatly from your donation. Follow the links for more information.

Please note: I have personally volunteered or worked for most of the organizations listed here and believe 100% in what they do. It's always wise, however, to fully research an organization before donating money. Here's how: How to Make Your Charitable Gift Wisely and Safely.
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