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College Vegetarian Cooking

Tips for the vegetarian or vegan college student: dorm room cuisine, ramen, more


Ok, so I was never a starving college student, but I won’t ever confess to some of the things I ate as a grad student! Part of my problem was the isolation of the campus. There was no quick way for me to run to the store for a study-break snack, so I had to get creative with what I had on hand. Ahem, but I digress. Whether you're off to college for the first time or are a parent worried that Junior will miss your home-cooked meals, here's some ways that every vegetarian and vegan college student can bring some home-cooked food into their life.

In the dorms

Who doesn't like a midnight snacks, especially if you're up late studying. Vegans love snacks! Many dorm cafeterias, however, are only open for certain hours. When I lived on the dorms as a new college student, I was one of those people who was constantly sneaking an apple or a granola bar into my bag to eat for later.

Some dorms allow students to have an electric hotplate or a microwave, while some don't. If you can, why not provide your college student with an electric wok or a crock-pot? I find both of these options to be much more versatile than a simple hot plate.

Cooking with a wok
You can cook up lots of vegetarian one-pot meals with a wok. Of course you can make vegetable stir-fries, but I've also often used my wok to make soups, and even, on occasion, to boil water and make pasta or noodle dishes. Your college student can even use their wok to cook up some dirt-cheap vegetarian ramen if they're on a tight budget.

Easy One-Pot Stirfry Recipes:

Crock-pot cooking
Plenty of healthy soups, stews and casseroles can be baked in a crockpot. And, perhaps a better selling point, is that it can also be used to make junk food such as bean dip or chocolate cake for those late night study sessions or midnight cravings. Here are some easy crockpot recipes suitable for college cooking in the dorms. Most of these can be prepared with dry ingredients that you can keep on hand in your dorm, but, of course, if you have a fridge, you can always add fresh vegetables or some tofu to make it a bit healthier.

Easy Vegetarian Crockpot Recipes for College Students:


Cooking with Ramen

For all those starving artists as well as the college students out there, here's some easy vegetarian ramen recipes, most of which take just a few minutes to make. But ramen doesn't just have to be food for the not-yet-wealthy. By adding veggies or tofu, you can make a complete meal for the entire family in just a few minutes, since ramen takes less time to cook than other noodles or pasta. Want an even cheaper meal? Buy your ramen in bulk, or, stop by your local Asian grocer where you'll find that ramen costs about half as much than in the regular grocer. Just be sure to read the label to make sure you're picking out a vegetarian ramen package.

Easy Vegetarian Ramen Recipes

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