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Vegetarian grilled "chicken" scaloppini


Grilled Gardein Cajun vegetarian

Grilled Gardein Cajun vegetarian "chicken" scallopini - vegan barbecue recipe

Grill up some store-bought vegetarian and vegan "chicken" with this easy barbecue recipe using Gardein scallopini.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Gardein.


  • Gardein vegetarian "chicken" scaloppini
  • Cajun rub seasoning
  • melted vegan margarine


Brush the vegetarian chicken with some melted vegan margarine and place in a plastic bag with 1 tsp of Cajun rub per scaloppini. Shake the bag until dispersed evenly.

Cook on the BBQ for 3 to 4 minutes per side. Leave to rest for 1 minute. Slice vegetarian chicken and serve.

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