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Green salad ideas, tips and tricks


Want to include more healthy and nutritious green salads in your diet? Here's a few tips to make eating fresh green salads more convenient and help you reach for a salad more frequently:

  • Keep a few of your favorite salad dressings on hand, whether store-bought or homemade. You're more likely to make a quick salad if you can top it off with a dressing you enjoy.
  • Chop up a few veggies and store them in baggies or air-tight containers in the fridge. When you've already got veggies on hand and ready to go, it's easy to just toss them into a mixed salad.
  • Store a few canned add-ons to salads to add unexpected texture and flavor. Salads are not just about the lettuce! Try black olives, tinned beans, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, canned baby corn, sun-dried tomatoes and more.
  • Speaking of lettuce, there's so many different kinds of lettuce! Add more than one kind to your green salad to keep it interesting.
  • Don't forget about protein! Add a handful of nuts, seeds or pre-flavored tofu.
  • Got leftover cooked grains? Add them right in, with an extra drizzle of dressing.

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