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Vegetarian and Vegan Salads

Vegetarian and Vegan Salads
  1. Bean Salad Recipes (38)
  2. Cole slaw and cabbage salad recipes (4)
  3. Pasta Salad Recipes (28)
  4. Potato Salad Recipes (10)

Superfood Salad with Kale and Hemp Seeds
This healthy green salad packs in the superfoods - kale, avocado and hemp seeds - while sweetening the deal with indulgent black olives and feta cheese.

Tabbouleh salad with edamame and feta
If you like traditional vegetarian tabbouleh salad, try this gourmet tabbouleh made with feta cheese and edamame soy beans. Made with pesto and fresh herbs for plenty of flavor, this is an unusual and tasty vegetarian tabbouleh salad. Delish!

Salad Recipes
A comprehensive collection of salad recipes, including green salads, macaroni salads, bean salads, pasta salads, quinoa salads and more. Most of these are healthy and low-fat, and all of these recipes for salads are vegetarian and meatless.

Fennel and Mint Salad
The combination of mint and fennel (anise) in this simple vegetarian salad creates a light and fresh taste.

Vegetarian Beet, Apple and Orange Salad Recipe
An incredibly healthy and incredibly delicious spinach salad with apples, beets, oranges in a light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Spinach and beet salad is always colorful and nutritious, and the addition of fruit makes it even more filling.

Green salad ideas, tips and tricks
Salad tips - Green salad tips and tricks - How to eat more salad

Vegan Farro Tabbouleh with Kale
While bulgur wheat is the traditional tabbouleh ingredient, there's no reason you can't use whole grain farro instead to create a delicious and innovative vegan tabbouleh salad.

Spinach and Beet Salad with Dijon Dressing
Spinach salad is probably one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods you can reward your body with. Add simmered beets and a quick lemon Dijon dressing, and you've got a wholesome, low-fat vegetarian and vegan spinach salad to enjoy.

Rice salads and other grain salads
A collection of grain salad recipes including vegetarian and vegan rice salads, barley salads, and of course plenty of healthy and nutritious quinoa salad recipes.

Lentil and freekeh salad
Lentil and freekeh salad recipe with feta goat cheese, tomatoes and sugar snap peas. A healthy freekeh entree with fresh vegetables.

Watercress Salad with Frissee and Avocado
A healthy and fresh watercress Salad with frissee lettuce and avocado. Spicy jalapeno, tangy lime and a dash of salt add plenty of exciting flavors to this frissee salad.

Warmed fennel, walnut and cranberry salad
Warmed fennel, walnut and cranberry salad

Vegetarian "Chicken" Salad with Capers
Vegetarian "Chicken" Salad with Capers

Vegetarian Vietnamese Noodle Salad
Bean thread noodles, fresh cilantro, lime juice and chopped pickled garlic make up this vegetarian and vegan noodle salad, inspired by the flavors of Vietnam. Slice up a few spicy chilies to add to the mix, if you dare!

Cucumber and chickpea salad recipe
Cucumber and chickpea salad recipe - Vegetarian and vegan

Cool Summer Vegetarian "Chicken" Salad Recipe
A simple chicken-free vegetarian "chicken" salad perfect for summer days when you want a light lunch. This healthy salad is made with bell peppers and celery.

Vegetarian tortellini salad recipe with apples and strawberries
This meatless pasta salad is filled with sliced apples and strawberries, pine nuts and salad greens in a quick and sweet fat-free dressing made from apple juice. Need this recipe to be vegan or dairy-free? Just pick out a vegan tortellini from the natural foods store.

Vegetarian Grilled Sesame "Chicken" Salad Recipe with Chicken Substitute
Grilled sesame vegetarian "chicken" tops off a bed of salad greens mixed with sesame seeds and chopped tomatoes. This healthy salad recipe would be a great healthy choice for a light summer lunch or a side dinner salad.

Quick Broccoli Salad Recipe
Quick Broccoli Salad Recipe

Thai Pineapple Salad with Cucumber and Peanuts
Thai Pineapple Salad with Cucumber and Peanuts - the name really says it all! This recipe is both vegetarian and vegan, and is very healthy and low-fat as well. Enjoy!

Raw Food Salad Recipes
Nothing boring about these raw foods salads! The colors, textures and of course tastes are varied and satisfying. If you haven't yet fallen in love with eating raw salads, you will after trying a few of these!

Vegetarian Mock "Tuna" Salad Recipe
Vegetarian Mock "Tuna" Salad Recipe

Video: Homemade Vegetable Soup
Watch this quick video to learn how to make a basic vegetarian and vegan vegetable soup. Then you can try adding your favorite vegetables and spices for a healthy and low fat soup that you really like. You can also serve your vegetable soup topped with cheese or crackers, if you like.

Southwestern Salad
A healthy raw salad inspired by the flavors of the southwest, this simple side salad combines fresh herbs, corn, bell peppers and a simple lime dressing. Delicious, nutritious and super healthy!

Greek Watermelon and Feta Salad
An interesting vegetarian salad recipe for watermelon and feta salad from About.com's Guide to Greek Food.

Creamy Vegan Ambrosia (Fruit Salad)
Ambrosia is a fruit salad popular in Southern cooking, usually made with fruit, yogurt and coconut and is often made with tropical fruit, such as pineapple. This is a dairy-free, cholesterol-free and vegan ambrosia fruit salad recipe, using tofu instead of yogurt for a very low-fat but still creamy vegan ambrosia salad.

Curried Walnut Salad Recipe
Quick to make but full of flavor, this vegetarian and vegan salad recipe is full of tantalizing spices and textures. Serve on a bed of green lettuce.

Chinese Noodle Salad with Ramen
For an even heartier ramen noodle salad, I like to make a little extra dressing and add a portion of tofu to the mix. Ramen noodle salad is a great Chinese-inspired vegetarian dish perfect to bring to a potluck or picnic

Roasted Portobella Salad Recipe
Portobella mushrooms are often used as a meat substitutes because they are so flavorful. This vegetarian and vegan salad recipe places portobellas at the center of the dish to take full advantage of that great flavor!

Quinoa Salad with Pecans and Fresh Herbs
Quinoa Salad with Pecans and Fresh Herbs

Vegan Carrot Raisin Salad
Carrot raisin salad is great to bring to a luncheon and is absolutely delicious!

Vegan Quinoa Salad Recipe
This quinoa salad recipe is surprisingly tasty and healthy! Whole grain quinoa cooks quicker than most grains and is an excellent source of protein with about 11 grams of protein per cup of cooked quinoa.

Tofu "Egg" Salad Recipe
With tablespoon of mustard to give it a yellowish hue, this recipe really looks and tastes like egg salad. Serve on bread with lettuce for a vegan "egg" salad sandwich.

Spicy Asian Gado-Gado Salad
Indonesian gado gado salad usually uses tempeh and is served with crispy fried crackers, but this similar easy vegetarian salad recipe is still an exotic and sensual delight.

Raw Citrus Kale Salad Recipe - Quick and Easy Raw Kale Salad Recipe - Kale...
Raw Citrus Kale Salad Recipe - Quick and Easy Raw Kale Salad Recipe - Kale Salad - Raw greens - Healthy kale salad recipe

Cold Asian Rice Salad with Veggies
A nutritious vegetarian Asian rice salad recipe with rice, sesame oil and snow peas that you can serve hot or cold.

Creamy Cucumber and Mint Salad
This easy fresh cucumber and mint salad is vegan if you use soy yogurt. Fresh cilantro and mint tossed with cucumbers and tomatoes make for a cooling treat on a hot summer day or as an accompaniment to a spicy Indian meal.

Thai Mango Salad Recipe
Thai Mango Salad Recipe

Super Easy Vegetarian "Chicken" Salad Recipe
If you're looking to try a vegetarian soy chicken or mock chicken salad recipe, this is the quickest and easiest one to try. It's not fancy, but with just a few simple ingredients, you can eat this vegetarian chicken salad in just a few minutes!

Vegetarian "Chicken" Salad Recipe
This recipe uses mock chicken, available at most health foods stores and larger well-stocked grocery stores to create a satisfying vegetarian chicken salad sandwich. Using vegan mayonnaise will make this mock "chicken" salad vegan as well.

Quick and Easy Texas Caviar Recipe
Quick and Easy Texas Caviar Recipe

Easy Vegan Papaya Salad Recipe
Easy Vegan Papaya Salad Recipe

Easy Vegetarian Couscous Salad
Easy Vegetarian Couscous Salad

Vegetarian Broccoli Salad Recipe
If you like carrot and raisin salad, give this similar recipe for broccoli salad a try.

Greek Quinoa Salad Recipe
Greek Quinoa Salad Recipe

Vegan Couscous and Cucumber Salad
Couscous salad is a light and healthy alternative to pasta salad.

Vegetarian Waldorf Salad Recipe
Vegetarian Waldorf Salad Recipe

Couscous and Chickpea Salad
A healthy and low-fat vegetarian and vegan couscous salad recipe with chickpeas (garbanzo beans), cucumber and bell pepper.

Vegan Greek Salad Recipe
Vegan Greek Salad Recipe

Green Salad with Candied Pecan and Beets
A vegetarian and vegan green salad recipe with candied pecans for crunch and steamed baby beets. You could also use roasted baby beets, or, add sauteed tofu and croutons to make it a main dish. My friend Sangeeta says this is the most "awesome" vegetarian and vegan salad ever!

Quick and Easy Tomato and Feta Salad
A quick and easy Greek salad of tomatoes, feta cheese and spices. This vegetarian salad recipe comes from About.com's Guide to Greek Food.

Creamy Chickpea Salad Recipe
Creamy Chickpea Salad Recipe

Cold Beet and Garlic Salad
This is a vegetarian Greek salad called "Pantzaria Salata". Served cold, beets are cooked and marinated in olive oil and garlic. An easy vegetarian Greek salad recipe.

Tempeh "Chicken" Salad Recipe
Tempeh "Chicken" Salad Recipe

Raw Vegan Curried Cabbage Salad Recipe
This is an unusual twist to the traditional coleslaw recipe. Cabbage is mixed with curry and other spices for a vegetarian and vegan salad. This recipe is also a raw, living foods recipe.

Cole Slaw Salad with Purple Cabbage
Colorful Cole Slaw Salad

Spinach salad with cranberries and vegetarian bacon recipe
Spinach salad with cranberries and vegetarian bacon recipe

Texas Caviar with Avocados
Texas caviar with avocado - California style, if you will! Enjoy this simple classic summer side dish with black-eyed peas and California avocados.

Raw Food Mediterranean Salad
A simple Greek salad recipe with fresh ingredients and fresh parsley.

Easy cranberry and pear salad
Easy vegan cranberry and pear salad with Italian dressing - A simple and quick fall salad for vegetarians and vegans. Try it for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Lotus, Nori and Red Wine Raw Food Salad
This rich and decadent salad is a great winter warmer, due to the wine. A California-Japanese raw food fusion recipe with nori and lotus root.

Barbecue Tofu Salad
Inspired by the all-American flavors of barbecue, this is a simple summery side salad recipe with tofu, corn and bell pepper in a barbecue sauce-based dressing.

Thanksgiving Salad Recipes
Thanksgiving salad recipes for vegetarians and vegans

Spicy Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad
This sweet potato quinoa salad recipe is high in protein, low in fat, and high in spicy and sweet flavor! Whole grain quinoa cooks quicker than most grains and is an excellent source of protein with about 11 grams of protein per cup of cooked quinoa. This quinoa salad recipe makes for a great main dish or a salad. Bring quinoa salad to a picnic...

Curried Chickpea Salad Recipe
Curried Chickpea Salad Recipe

Red Grapefruit, Avocado and Fennel Salad
The raw food diet is full of salads, and this recipe meets the need for a unique and interesting variation. Grapefruit, Avocado and Fennel bulb sing in perfect harmony here.

Raw Food Salad Recipes
Learn different, unique ways to make salads for a raw food diet. These salad recipes teach techniques for preparing fresh produce and transforming it into delicious salads. There's nothing boring about these meal ideas!

Superfood salad with blueberries and pomegranate seeds
This salad is an amazing combination of superfoods, including pomegranate seeds and blueberries. Can you say antioxidants galore? This healthy salad contains mostly raw ingredients, so it's a good "almost raw" transitional meal.

Green Salad with Candied Pecan and Beets
This is a great vegan salad to serve at a family dinner or luncheon. With candied pecans for a bit of a crunch and steamed baby beets for color, it's also absolutely beautiful! Top up this vegetarian and vegan salad with some croutons or sauteed tofu for a main-dish salad.

Vegetarian Caesar salad recipe
A classic homemade gourmet Caesar salad made with entirely vegetarian and vegan ingredients.

Quick and easy wild rice and pear salad with Italian dressing
This wild rice and pear salad is both vegetarian and vegan, as long as you use a vegan salad dressing. With ingredients such as wild rice mix, mesclun baby greens and fresh pears, this is a quick and easy salad that you can feel good about serving to guests.

Vegetarian "steak" salad
Vegetarian "steak" salad with store-bough steak strips recipe

Simple Israeli salad with pearl couscous, cucumbers and parsley
Simple Israeli salad with pearl couscous, cucumbers and parsley - Vegetarian and vegan recipe

Vegetarian Couscous Salad Recipe
Vegetarian Couscous Salad Recipe

Quinoa antipasto salad recipe
If you love those deli-fresh antipasto plates, but don't want the meat, try this vegetarian antipasto-inspired quinoa salad. It's made with fresh herbs, mushrooms, black olives and, y favorite part, tangy pepperoncini. Omit the cheese to keep it dairy-free and vegan.

Raw Vegan Fig and Mint Salad with Strawberries
This unusual combination of figs and fresh mint with strawberries makes for an unusual and healthy raw food salad.

Cranberry goat cheese salad
Quickly toss together an elegant and nutritious cranberry and goat cheese salad with candied walnuts or pecans and mixed mesclun greens.

Raw Food Salad with Arugula and Sweet Ginger Dressing
Explore the basic enjoyment of a spicy green vegetable like arugula. Follow this quick and easy recipe for a raw food salad using arugula and sweet ginger dressing.

Beet salad with whole grain freekeh
A delicious and hearty whole foods recipe for freekeh with lots of protein. Freekeh is tossed with roasted beets and white beans in an apple cider vinaigrette and topped off with feta cheese in this vegetarian salad recipe.

Brown rice salad with kale and pesto
This brown rice with kale and pesto can be served chilled as a vegetarian rice salad.

Vegetarian Caesar salad with chickpeas
Vegetarian Caesar salad with chickpeas

Spinach salad recipe with beets and oranges
Spinach salad recipe with beets and oranges

Quinoa citrus salad recipe
A homemade quinoa salad recipe made with oranges and grapefruit in a light and healthy vinaigrette.

Raw Vegan Curried Cucumber Salad with Beet Greens
Indian spices make this raw cucumber salad unique and intoxicating. Discover a new, healthy way to enjoy some of your abundant summer garden produce.

Green salads
Nourishing recipes for green salads using fresh crisp greens such as romaine lettuce, baby spinach, frissee lettuce and even fennel.

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