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Tofurky Recipes

Vegetarian and vegan Tofurky recipes for a meatless Thanksgiving meal. A collection of Tofurkey recipes to help you spice up your vegetarian tofu roast. Also, scroll through some recipes for a homemade tofu turkey, and ideas for Tofurky leftovers, if you have any!
  1. Leftover Tofurky Recipes (5)

Traditional Poultry Seasoned Tofurky Recipe
Traditional Poultry Seasoned Tofurky Recipe. This recipe uses plenty of poultry seasoning blend to get that classic Thanksgiving smell and taste.

Sweet Southwestern Glazed Tofurky Recipe
A glaze recipe for a Tofurky or other mock vegetarian turkey roast.This Southwestern-inspired recipe is a bit sweet and a bit spicy.

Deep Fried Tofurky Recipe
A deep-fried Thanksgiving centerpiece has become trendy the past few years, and us vegetarians aren't immune to this culinary trend! Here's how to make yourself a deep-fried vegetarian and vegan tofurky this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Maple Pecan Tofurky Roast
Here's one way to spruce up your Tofurky with a sweet and spicy maple glaze for your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving guests.

Roasted Tofurky with Cherry and Onion Sauce
Roasted Tofurky with Cherry and Onion Sauce. A unique mock turkey recipe with a fruity relish.

Homemade Tofu Turkey with Stuffing
This Thanksgiving, try making your own homemade tofu turkey, complete with stuffing inside. There's a few different steps involved, though the process is very simple. A homemade tofu turkey will be the pride and joy of your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving celebration!

Ginger Garlic Tofurky Roast Recipe
Ginger Garlic Tofurky Roast Recipe

Cranberry Crockpot Tofurky
Make your Tofurky in the crockpot, leaving the oven free for all those holiday pies! Here's how to cook your Tofurky in the crockpot this Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Video Recipe: Homemade Tofu Turkey with Stuffing
Learn how to make your own homemade tofu turkey for Thanksgiving. Watch this video and see how to make a vegetarian "Tofurky" at home.

Homemade "Tofurky" - Tofu Turkey
Homemade "Tofurky" - Tofu Turkey. It's not Tofurky, but it is a turkey-flavored vegetarian substitute, made from tofu. A recipe for a homemade Thanksgiving entree.

Vegetarian Tofurkey Recipes
A collection of vegetarian tofurkey recipes and recipes calling for tofurkey, including tofurkey chili, glazed tofurkey and more vegetarian and vegan tofurkey recipes for Thanksgiving.

Another homemade tofurkey (tofu turkey) recipe
Another way to turn tofu into "turkey", using lots of Thanksgiving flavors, such as sage and thyme.

Easy crockpot Tofurky recipe with cranberry onion sauce
A super-easy vegetarian and vegan crockpot Tofurky recipe with cranberry onion sauce.

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