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Top 5 Recipes for a Romantic Valentine's Dinner


The appetizer in this menu allows you to get your hands on a shared baked artichoke with a spicy dip, or, you'll sit close together and lean over a steaming mushroom fondue. For the main course, risotto is simmered in white wine, and to top it all off, champagne turns into a sweet dessert in this sorbet recipe. Cook it with love, and enjoy your meal together.

1) Appetizer: Roasted Artichoke with Chipotle Aioli

For this appetizer, the sweet tangy richness of the artichoke is complimented by the smoky flavor of the chipotle aioli dip. You'll share a single artichoke, gently pulling off each leaf, one by one, leaving only the heart, which is to be shared. What could be more romatic than artichokes?

2) Appetizer: Mushroom Fondue

Fondue is perfect for a romantic meal for two. This mushroom fondue has a cheesy flavor and will warm your heart as well as your palette.

3) Entree: Stuffed Peppers with White Wine Risotto

A generous amount of white wine sets a romantic mood in this aromatic and colorful dish.

4) Beverage: Fruity Sangria

This fruity chilled sangria complements both the spicy chipotle aioli and the sweetness of the stuffed peppers.

5) Dessert: Strawberry Champagne Sorbet

Serve this heavenly champagne sorbet in wine or martini glasses and top with fresh fruit for a picture perfect dessert.
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