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Vegetarian and Vegan Passover and Seder Recipes


More and more people are incorporating vegetarian and vegan dishes into their Passover or seder meals. Try out these top picks for a varied and healthy vegetarian Passover or seder meal! All are suitable for a vegetarian Passover, and most are vegan.

1. Appetizer or Snack: Matzo-stuffed Mushrooms

A yummy vegetarian matzo appetizer or snack using non-dairy cream cheese and matzo meal for a vegetarian Passover appetizer or snack. Blend together a few easy ingredients, then stuff the mushrooms. You could also try using this stuffing mixture as a dip for veggies or matzo bread.

2. Vegan Matzo Ball Soup

This recipe uses tofu as a binder instead of eggs to create a traditional yet vegan matzo ball soup! Because of the tofu, this recipe may not be suitable for Ashkenazic Jews, but will be suitable for most others on a less strict vegetarian or vegan Passover diet.

3. Traditional Apple Charoset

This Passover charoset recipe is not only vegan, its also incredibly quick and easy to make, not to mention incredibly yummy! Perfect for your vegetarian Passover Seder meal. Using an organic wine and unrefined sugar will make this recipe suitable for all of your vegan guests, no matter how strict their diets!

4. Vegetarian and Vegan Beet Casserole

I love beets! This recipe sweetens them up with a bit of sugar and adds just a touch of spices, so the natural flavors really shine through. Beet casserole is the perfect colorful side dish for your vegetarian or vegan Passover or Seder meal.

5. Sweet Potato and Matzo Kugel

This vegetarian and vegan kugel recipe is cholesterol-free and lower in fat than a traditional kugel with eggs and would be an interesting entree or side for a vegetarian Passover meal.

6. Passover Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese for Passover? Sure, why not! Give the kids a break from all that kugel and matzo with this simple vegetarian Passover recipe. This vegetarian Passover mac n' cheese recipe comes from Giora, About.com's talented guide to Kosher Food. Giora says his whole family really loves having macaroni and cheese on Passover.

7. Passover Dessert or Snack: Chocolate Matzo

This is one of those Passover recipes where you forget that it's Kosher for Passover, as it's so incredibly delicious! With just a few simple ingredients, you'll find it's also very easy to make this Passover snack. For a vegan version, just make sure the chocolate that you're using is dairy-free, and use a vegan margarine instead of butter.

8. Passover Breakfast: Matzo Brei

Matzo brei is a vegetarian Passover breakfast similar to scrambled eggs, and easy and and tasty enough to serve all year round - not just at Passover. This vegetarian Passover recipe really packs in the flavor with garlic, onions and fresh herbs as well.

9. Vegan Mushroom Ped

The perfect spread to pile on top of matzo for pre-meal nibbling or for a quick snack.

10. Potato and Mushroom Croquette Patties

One dish suitable for a vegetarian Passover entree are these potato and mushroom croquettes. They take a while to prepare, but are well worth the effort!

11. Veggie and Matzo Kishke

This simple veggie and matzo kishke recipe makes for a beautiful as well as healthy Passover appetizer or side dish.

12. Matzo and Leek Veggie Patties

Prepare this matzo and leek patty recipe for a flavorful vegetarian Passover dish and serve topped with a few wisps of carmelized leeks- just sautee in oil until golden and soft. For a vegan version, use egg replacer instead of eggs. Ener-G brand egg-replacer is suitable for Passover.
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