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Easy Vegetarian Substitutes for Thanksgiving Meals


Easy Vegetarian Substitutes for Thanksgiving Meals
Use soy milk and vegan margarine in mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. Easy Vegetarian Substitutes for Thanksgiving Meals

Vegetarian Thanksgiving stuffing with kidney beans

Easy Vegetarian Substitutes for Thanksgiving Meals

Here are a few simple ways to make dishes that you are already cooking veggie friendly:

  • If you are planning on cooking stuffing (dressing), inside of the turkey, save a portion to be baked in a separate pan. This will more than likely make your stuffing suitable for vegetarians, depending on your recipe. You can easily substitute vegetable broth for a meat-based broth in your recipe if needed. See also: Vegetarian Stuffing Recipes


  • Making mashed potatoes? Try using soy milk and a vegan margarine or 100% soybean margarine instead of dairy milk and butter. You can substitute the exact amount of soy milk for dairy milk, but you may want to add about a tablespoon more margarine than your recipe calls for when substituting for butter, in order to add more flavor. See also: Vegetarian and Vegan Potato Recipes


  • Candied yams or sweet potatoes are a great Thanksgiving tradition and an easy vegetarian or vegan side dish, just omit the marshmallows (they contain gelatin, which vegans and most vegetarians will not eat), or add to a portion after cooking. See also: Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dishes


  • Whenever possible, set aside a portion of a dish to be prepared meatless. For example, if you're preparing a sausage and potato casserole, save a portion to be baked separately before adding the sausage.

    Special diets

    If your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving guest is on a very special diet, and you'd like to try preparing some food especially for them, here's a few resources that might be helpful:
  • Gluten-free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu Ideas
  • Raw Food Thanksgiving Menu

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