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Special Occasion Recipes

Recipes and resources for every holiday or special occasion.
  1. Tofurky Recipes (19)
  2. Vegetarian Kwanzaa Recipes (97)

Gourmet Vegetarian Menu
Scroll through this collection of gourmet vegetarian recipes, including gourmet entrees, desserts and more.

Vegetarian Quinoa Stuffing Recipe
This Thanksgiving, try a unique vegetarian quinoa stuffing recipe, with all the traditional stuffing herbs and flavors, this quinoa stuffing smells heavenly while roasting in the oven. Add some healthy whole grain protein to your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving menu with this quinoa stuffing. Be sure to use a vegan margarine instead of butter to make this recipe vegan.

Recipes for a Romantic Valentine's Dinner
The appetizer in this menu allows you to get your hands on a shared baked artichoke with a spicy dip, or, you'll sit close together and lean over a steaming mushroom fondue. For the main course, risotto is simmered in white wine, and to top it all off, champagne turns into a sweet dessert in this sorbet recipe. Cook it with love, and enjoy your meal together.

Make Raw Food Fun For the Holidays
Eating raw food over the holidays with friends and family can be tricky. Check out these tips for enduring the holiday season on a raw food diet.

Vegan Chocolate Recipes
An index of vegan chocolate recipes, most of which are lower in fat and calories than other chocolate recipes. All of these vegan chocolate recipes are cholesterol free as well.

Vegetarian Hannukah Recipes
Recipes and resources for a complete vegetarian Hanukkah meal.

Gourmet vegetarian and vegan appetizers
Need a vegetarian or vegan hors d'oeuvres for an elegant party? Here's where to look.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving menu ideas and pictures
A photo gallery of vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving menu ideas - pictures for a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Soup Recipes
Thanksgiving Soup Recipes

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Find the perfect vegetarian side dish recipe to add to your Thanksgiving menu. Dozens of vegetarian recipes for vegetable dishes, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and more. All of these Thanksgiving side dish recipes are vegetarian, and many of them are vegan as well.

Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
No Thanksgiving meal - vegetarian, vegan or not! - is complete without a fabulous dessert! Scroll through some traditional Thanksgiving dessert recipes, or, try out a new dessert to add to your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving table.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Main Dish Recipes
If you're not cooking up a Tofurky (or another mock turkey) for your vegetarian Thanksgiving entree, try one of these other meatless main dish menu ideas. Each of these fall recipes is vegetarian, and most of them are vegan as well.

Pumpkin Recipes for Autumn, Halloween, or Thanksgiving
A variety of popular pumpkin recipes to spruce up your Halloween or Thanksgiving meals. These healthy pumpkin recipes will add color, flavor and nutrition to your fall table.

Gourmet Cranberry Cabernet Sauce Recipe
Gourmet cranberry cabernet sauce recipe

Leftover Tofurky Recipes
If you've got some leftover Tofurky from your vegetarian Thanksgiving feast, here's a few recipes to help you use it all up.

Most popular pumpkin recipes
The most popular pumpkin recipes and best pumpkin recipes, according to you! If you're looking for a great pumpkin recipe for Thanksgiving or for Halloween, here's what everyone else thinks are the best pumpkin recipes.

Thanksgiving Salad Recipes
Thanksgiving salad recipes for vegetarians and vegans

Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes
Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Vegan Holiday Eggnog Recipe
Vegan Holiday Eggnog Recipe

Vegetarian and Vegan Irish Recipes for St. Patrick's Day
A collection of traditional Irish recipes made vegan and vegetarian. Perfect for a vegetarian St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Vegetarian and Vegan Easter Recipes
Vegetarian and Vegan Easter Recipes

Tips for Vegetarians at Thanksgiving
Tips for Vegetarians at Thanksgiving

How to Accomodate Your Vegetarian and Vegan Guests at Thanksgiving
If you're expecting vegetarian and vegan guests at your Thanksgiving table this year, here's a few tips to help you accomodate their needs.

Vegetarian and Vegan Passover and Seder Recipes
Try out these top picks for a varied and healthy seder meal!

Easy Vegetarian Substitutes for Thanksgiving Meals
Here are a few simple and easy ways to make dishes that you are already cooking for Thanksgiving suitable for your vegetarian and vegan guests without cooking a separate meal.

Favorite Vegetarian and Vegan Cinco de Mayo Party Recipes
Wondering what to serve for your vegetarian and vegan guests at a Cinco de Mayo party? Read on for some great recipes that everyone is sure to love.

Romantic Vegetarian Valentine Recipes
Use one or more of these recipes to plan a hands-on menu filled with love and spirits.

Cranberry recipes
A collection of healthy cranberry recipes for fall, Thanksgiving, or just anytime you're craving this brightly colored sweet and sour berry. ?

Vegan Christmas
Vegan Christmas foods and recipe for a vegan Christmas holiday

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes
Turkey-friendly recipes for Thanksgiving, courtesy of The Farm Sancturary.

Thanksgiving breads and muffins
Thanksgiving breads, muffins and biscuits

Share your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving photos!
Share your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving photos!

Gourmet Vegetarian Thanksgiving
Fine dining for a vegetarian Thanksgiving? Yes, it's possible to have a gourmet vegetarian or even vegan Thanksgiving. Here's some recipes and menu ideas for a for a gourmet meatless Thanksgiving meal.

Sweet Cranberry Sauce with Blueberries
Sweet Cranberry Sauce with Blueberries

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Leftovers
Got vegetarian leftovers from your meat-free Thanksgiving? Here's some ideas for using up leftover potatoes, gravy and turkey substitute.

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