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Homemade Vegetable Soup Recipes


Take your pick of these healthy homemade vegetable soup recipes! The ingredients for each are varied, but all are healthy and nourishing. Why choose from a plain vegetable soup recipe, when you could make an exotic Thai vegetable soup, a high-fiber homemade lentil vegetable soup or a miso soup inspired by Japanese flavors and ingredients?

1. Basic Homemade Vegetable Soup

The only ingredients you need for a basic homemade vegetable soup are vegetables, some water or vegetable broth and a few spices. And that's all this basic recipe has. I like to add potatoes to a basic soup to fill it out a bit. Simple, homemade, and nourishing. Just the basics, and nothing more.

2. Tomato Vegetable Soup Recipe with Barley

A simple but hearty vegetable soup recipe filled with tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion and spinach, and rounded out with high-fiber barley. This soup is comforting and filling, and you'll make it again and again. The barley makes it more of a full meal than other vegetable soup recipes, so whip up a green salad, and call it a meal!

3. Split Pea and Vegetable Soup

This crockpot meal is more of a hearty and filling stew than just another vegetable soup. It's filled with potatoes, green split peas, carrots, celery, and plenty of spices. It's just as comforting as a basic vegetable soup, with the traditional home-cooked American flavors, but with extra fiber and protein from green split peas.

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4. Vegetable Soup with Barley

Fill up this barley and vegetable soup with whatever veggies you happen to have on hand. Though the recipe calls for carrots and celery, just about any ingredients could be substituted. Try green beans, zucchini or cauliflower. Seven people have given this recipe five out of five stars, so you can be guaranteed it's a great vegetable soup recipe to try. Enjoy!

5. Lentil and vegetable soup


Carrots, celery, onions, potatoes and spinach combine with lentils for a low-fat and high-fiber vegetable soup. If you're looking for a simple and filling homemade vegetable soup recipe, this is a good one to try. I also like to add carrots to my lentil soup, so feel free to experiment. This healthy soup could also be a main dish, if served with some toasted garlic bread and a side salad.

6. Moroccan Vegetable Stew

With five-stars, and low-fat, this unique homemade vegetable stew is inspired by the flavors of Morocco and sweetened with a bit of apple juice and raisins, yet still has all the traditional vegetable soup ingredients such as tomatoes, carrots and celery. If you need a vegetable soup recipe that is simple and healthy, yet different from the rest, try this one. The chickpeas add extra protein and iron - perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

7. White Bean and Swiss Chard Vegetable Soup

When it comes to simple and easy homemade vegetable soup recipes, adding a can of white beans and some Swiss chard is a great way to make a simple soup extra filling. As with most homemade vegetable soups, you can always vary the vegetables to use up whatever you need to get rid of in your fridge.
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8. Thai Coconut Vegetable Soup Recipe

Instead of a vegetable broth-based soup, why not try a homemade Thai-style vegetable soup with a coconut milk base? The recipe calls for red peppers, fresh cilantro, carrots, lime juice and tomatoes, and the Thai flavor comes from a bit of cumin and cayenne too.
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9. Tomato Carrot Vegetable Soup with Tempeh

Tomatoes and carrots form the base of this nourishing vegetarian soup recipe, and lightly sauteed tempeh adds both texture and protein. Turn it into a full meal by serving it alongside grilled cheese sandwiches for a simple homemade lunch the kids will love. As an added bonus, this homemade soup is both high-protein and low-calorie. See also: More low-calorie recipes for vegetarians and vegans

10. Video: How to Make Vegetable Soup

If you've never  made a healthy vegetable soup before, and are wondering how it can be done, watch this quick video to see the basic process of making vegetable soup. You can use any vegetable that you have on hand in this recipe. It's a quick video - just two minutes long - but you'll be able to fully understand the process of making a simple homemade healthy vegetable soup after watching it.
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11. More vegetarian soup recipes to try

Not finding the perfect vegetarian vegetable soup recipe here? Not to worry, I've got nearly one hundred homemade soup recipes from simple miso soup recipes to full meal soups with barley, lentil, vegetables and more. Try warming homemade bean soups, gourmet artichokes and everything you could imagine.
Pictured: Pumpkin and sweet potato soup recipe
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