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Side Dishes and Vegetable Recipes

Scrumptious side dishes and vegetable recipes to round out a meal. Scroll through dozens of vegetarian and vegan vegetable dishes, vegetable casseroles and more easy side dishes and healthy vegetable recipes.
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  2. Carrot side dish recipes (4)
  3. Eggplant recipes (23)
  4. Green beans (16)
  5. Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes (71)
  6. Rice Dishes (73)
  7. Stuffing/Dressing Recipes (19)

Ten Minute Creamed Mustard Greens
Mustard greens are a healthy green with a bit of a mustard-like tangy flavor. This easy vegetable side dish recipe is full of vitamins and minerals, so eat up!

Easy Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
When cooked properly, brussel sprouts are actually very tasty, despite the bad reputation they receive! This vegetable side dish recipe for balsamic roasted brussel sprouts is very quick and easy to prepare, but make sure you use fresh brussel sprouts and trim the ends first. A simple vegetable recipe for an easy and healthy side dish.

Quick and easy stuffed tomatoes
What makes these stuffed tomatoes so quick and easy to prepare? The secret is that they aren't actually stuffed! These tomatoes have a filling pile on top rather than stuffed inside, making them the quickest and easiest stuffed tomato recipe you'll ever find. Perfect for dinner, as a vegetarian side dish or a simple appetizer.

Spinach, basil and cashew puree
Blanched spinach is pureed with basil in this gourmet spinach side dish recipe. A simple yet elegant vegetable side dish for vegetarian and vegan meals.

Vegetarian Butternut Squash Casserole
This easy vegetarian butternut squash casserole with apples would make an excellent Thanksgiving side dish. Peeling and seeding butternut squash does take a bit of effort, but you'll want to use fresh rather than frozen butternut squash in this recipe. For a vegan butternut squash casserole, you could use a dairy-free margarine instead of butter.

Easy sauteed mixed greens
Easy sauteed mixed greens

Roasted vegetable gratin with Parmesan cheese
Roasted vegetable gratin with Parmesan cheese, roasted tomatoes, onion and zucchini.

Indian Coconut Curried Vegetables
If you're bored with the usual vegetable side dishes, try this recipe for veggies cooked with an Indian coconut curry. Or, add some tofu and serve over rice for a healthy vegetarian main dish.

Oven roasted sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes)
A vegetarian and vegan recipe for oven-roasted sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes. This roasted sunchoke recipe would make a nice alternative to oven-roasted potatoes for dinner anytime. A simple vegetable recipe for an easy and healthy side dish.

Easy Collard Greens with Rice
You'll love eating your collard greens if they're spiced and cooked properly. This simple vegetarian and vegan recipe for collard greens adds just a few basic spices to give them a bit of a kick! Collard greens and rice can be served as a vegetable side dish, or, add some sauteed tofu to turn it into an entree.

Braised Escarole
A simple recipe for lightly wilted escarole greens for a vegetarian or vegan side dish.

Healthy Cranberry Recipes
A collection of healthy cranberry recipes for fall, Thanksgiving, or just anytime you're craving this brightly colored sweet and sour berry.

Oven-roasted vegetable mix
A vegetarian vegetable side dish of roasted wintery vegetables in a lightly sweetened sauce. This recipe combines sweet potatoes, cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts into a healthy and simple vegetable side dish to accompany any meal. Use vegan margarine instead of butter to make these vegetables vegan and a bit lighter. Suitable for those on a...

Broccoli in Sweet Garlic Sauce
A healthy Chinese restaurant-style recipe for broccoli in a sweet garlic sauce, served with rice. Feel free to add in some other veggies too, perhaps sliced carrots or baby corn, or even some tofu for a heartier meal.

Green kale pakoras - Pan-fried Indian battered kale
Usually, Indian pakoras are made with cauliflower, onions or potatoes, deep-fried in an Indian-spiced batter, but these are made with kale for plenty of nutrients and fiber, and, they're pan-fried rather than deep-fried to reduce the fat. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Vegetarian Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe with Cornbread Stuffing
Stuffed acorn squash is easy to prepare yet makes an elegant entree for Thanksgiving or any special meal. This recipe is both vegetarian and vegan. Serve topped with a vegetarian gravy if desired.

Vegetable stir-fry with vegetarian Italian "sausages"
Fry up some vegetarian Italian "sausages" to add to a normal stir-fry recipe. A few bell peppers might also go well with this basic stir-fry. Try it alongside toast for breakfast.

Barbecued Asparagus Recipe
Asparagus is one of those foods that when barbecued, needs little flavor enhacement because the natural flavors are so incredible on their own. For an easy and healthy vegetarian and vegan side dish for your barbecue, try this easy recipe for grilled asparagus.

Easy Sesame Dijon Asparagus Recipe
This is a quick and easy asparagus recipe that uses just a few simple ingredients, including soy sauce, sesame oil and dijon mustard, and topped with crunchy sesame seeds for extra flavor and texture. This quick asparagus recipe is both vegetarian and vegan.

Lightly sauteed Swiss chard recipe
What's not to love about Swiss chard? It's one of the healthiest foods on the planet, along with other leafy green vegetables, and it's so beautiful, especially when sold as rainbow chard, in bunches of red, white and yellow. Here's a simple way to cook it up with maximum flavor.

Easy grilled pesto veggie packets with tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms
Easy grilled pesto veggie packets with tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms - vegetarian barbecue recipe

Creamy Spiced Broccoli and Cauliflower
For a filling vegetable side dish of mixed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, try this creamy side dish cooked with red pepper flakes, sour cream and green onions with plenty of seasonings.

Edamame and Feta Tabbouleh Salad
If you like traditional vegetarian tabbouleh salad, try this gourmet tabbouleh made with feta cheese and edamame soy beans. Serve it either as a side or as a main.

Oil-free "Fried" Zucchini Recipe
Oil-free "Fried" zucchini is a low-fat healthy vegetable side dish that is absolutely delicious and very easy to prepare, though you may have to plan on making a double-batch!

Five Minute Vegan Creamed Spinach Recipe
With just five ingredients, and done in five minutes, there's no excuse not to eat your spinach! This easy creamed spinach recipe is a healthy and low-fat vegetable side dish and is both vegetarian and vegan.

Autumn Vegetable Puree
Sweet potatoes, carrots and turnips combine in a low fat and healthy pureed vegetable side recipe that the whole family will love. Perfect side dish for a vegetarian Thanksgiving or fall evening.

Sweet Cranberry Sauce with Blueberries
Whether you call it cranberry sauce or cranberry relish, no Thanksgiving or Christmas meal is complete without some, and this is a healthy homemade recipe that is fat-free and low-calorie.

Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad
A vegetarian tabbouleh (also spelled tabouleh or tabouli) salad, made with healthy, whole grain and high-protein quinoa. It's really a two-in-one: you get a quinoa salad as well as a traditional Middle Eastern tabbouleh, and it's vegetarian and vegan.

Quinoa Recipes
Looking for a healthy quinoa recipe or wondering what's the best way to cook quinoa? Look no further! Here are my favorite fabulously easy and healthy vegetarian and vegan whole grain quinoa recipes.

Vegan Veggie Tempura Recipe
Tempura is deep-fried and battered vegetables. If you'd like to try making a vegetarian tempura recipe at home, this is an easy vegetarian and vegan recipe to try. My favorite vegan tempura ingredient is sweet potatoes!

Maple Glazed Root Veggies
Sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips create the base of this simple yet elegant vegetarian and vegan side dish.

Sweet Vegan Crock Pot Butternut Squash Recipe
Yes, you can prepare a healthy side dish of butternut squash dish right in your crockpot! Just peel the squash, remove the seeds and add it to the crcokpot just like that! This butternut squash side dish couldn't be simpler.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Side dishes and vegetable dishes for a healthy vegetarian Thanksgiving menu, including mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans and more.

Creamy Mushroom and Onion Gratin Bake
Try this unique mushroom gratin recipe for a French inspired creamy vegetable side dish. If you like mushrooms, you'll really enjoy this mushroom gratin as a side dish to your vegetarian meal.

Vegan ricotta cheese substitute
Use tofu to make a cholesterol-free lower-fat ricotta cheese substitute that is 100% vegan and dairy-free! If you need a ricotta cheese substitute for a vegan lasagna or ravioli, try this simple yet convincing ricotta cheese substitute.

Kale Au Gratin Casserole
Another healthy vegetable recipe for a nutritious side dish, this one made from kale cooked in a roux and baked into a side casserole dish. Kale is such a healthy vegetable, it makes a great addition to any meal as a simple side dish.

Quick Creamy Kale Recipe
If you like creamed spinach, you'll like this healthy vegetarian creamed kale recipe. Kale is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, and, prepared properly, can be delicious as well.

Raw Kale Chips
Enjoy raw kale chips with this fun, crunchy, nutritious recipe made in the dehydrator or the oven. Make curly kale a new friend at your dinner table with this simple recipe for Raw Kale Crisps.

Vegetarian Hominy and Cheese Salad Recipe
Vegetarian Hominy and Cheese Salad Recipe

Chinese Style Vegetarian Spring Roll Recipe
Chinese spring rolls served fresh or fried are a tasty vegetarian and vegan meal or appetizer. These vegetarian Chinese spring rolls are wrapped with bean thread noodles, bamboo shoots and lots of cilantro for a flavorful Asian dish.

Gluten-Free Mashed Turnips
Gluten-Free Mashed Turnips

Savory Fresh Apricot Bites
This summery recipe uses fresh apricots for a quick yet tasty appetizer or hors'd oeuvres. You can make this vegetarian recipe vegan by using a vegan cream cheese.

Gluten-Free Cheesy Rice Balls
Gluten-Free Cheesy Rice Balls

Vegetarian Turnip Gratine
Vegetarian Turnip Gratine

Sweet and Salty Vegan Butternut Squash with Maple Syrup Recipe
Butternut squash has such a wonderful natural flavor, that it's great eaten just plain on it's own. This is a very simple (yet very yummy!) butternut squash recipe that allows the natural flavors of the squash to shine through. This easy butternut squash recipe is both vegetarian and vegan, and would probably also be tasty using acorn squash.

Cheesy Vegan Garlic Bread Recipe
A cheesy vegan garlic bread recipe made with vegan soy cheese and vegan mayonnaise for a dairy-free but still traditional vegan garlic bread. Perfect for a vegan barbecue or cookout.

Vegetarian Tapas Mushrooms
These easy Spanish tapas mushrooms are lightly cooked with sherry and fresh chopped parsley for a light and healthy flavor. If you've never tried cooking vegetarian tapas (Spanish appetizers) before, this is a fairly simple vegetarian and vegan tapas recipe to start with.

Curried Quinoa Pilaf Salad
Curried quinoa is a healthy and low-fat side dish that is delicious hot or cold. This recipe is both vegetarian and vegan.

Vegan Jalapeno Poppers Recipe
Vegan Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Vegetarian Indian Samosas
However you prefer to eat your Indian samosas, be sure to serve them with a dipping sauce and enjoy your traditional Indian food meal!

Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Tofu
If you like fresh healthy Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls, try this easy recipe for vegetarian tofu spring rolls. You could use basil or just about any fresh herb that you like instead of mint.

Quick and Easy Vegan Cornbread Recipe
A good vegan cornbread shouldn't be too crumbly, and should have plenty of moisture. This is a super quick and easy vegan cornbread recipe using self-rising cornmeal.

Thai Style Spring Rolls
Thai style spring rolls, also called fresh rolls, are super easy and quick to make! Be sure to make a dipping sauce to serve along with your spring rolls!

Matzo Stuffed Mushrooms
A yummy vegetarian matzo appetizer or snack using non-dairy cream cheese and matzo meal. Blend together a few easy ingredients, then stuff the mushrooms.

Vegan Hush Puppies Recipe
Vegan Hush Puppies Recipe

Vegan Skillet Cornbread Recipe
Vegans love cornbread too! Skillet cornbread is a southern favorite. If you're vegan, you don't have to miss out - try this dairy-free and egg-free version of vegan skillet cornbread.

Fat-free Vegan Apple Charoset for Passover
This Passover charoset recipe is not only vegan, its also incredibly quick and easy to make, not to mention incredibly yummy! Perfect for your vegetarian Passover Seder meal. Using an organic wine and unrefined sugar will make this recipe suitable for all of your vegan guests, no matter how strict their diets!

Mixed Indian Veggies
If you like Indian spices such as curry or ginger, you'll love this recipe of mixed carrots, peas and potatoes simmered in a generous amount of aromatic Indian spices. This recipe for curried Indian mixed veggies is both vegetarian and vegan.

Vegan Bean Bruschetta
Vegan Bean Bruschetta

Vegetable Spring Rolls
This vegetarian Chinese-style spring roll recipe uses shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce for a very Asian flavor.

Light and Crispy Spring Roll Recipe
A vegetarian and vegan spring roll recipe with lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts and noodles. This basic spring roll recipe uses low-fat and low-calorie ingredients, so it makes for a very light appetizer or small meal.

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes
This is an easy and flavorful recipe for roasted potatoes with rosemary. If you can turn on the oven, you can make this recipe!

German Sauteed Apples and Leeks Recipe
If you've got lots of fresh seasonal apples on hand, this is a great way to use them all up in a sweet, salty and savory side dish of cooked apples with leeks.

Cauliflower and Pepper Hash Recipe
For a simple vegetarian and vegan and gluten-free side dish, try this lightly-fried cauliflower recipe with green bell peppers. The caluiflower is pre-steamed, so even though the vegetables are fried, this dish is lower in fat than most fried vegetable recipes.

Crock Pot Spinach Casserole Recipe
If you can't get your family to eat their spinach, try this creamy, cheesy and vegetarian crock pot spinach casserole recipe for a healthy vegetable side dish.

Vegetarian and Vegan Baked Beet Casserole
Beet casserole is the perfect colorful side dish for your vegetarian or vegan Passover or Seder meal.

Vegan Cajun Collard Greens
These cajun-style greens have a bit of a kick, but you could reduce the amount of spices for a tamer dish.

Irish Apple Mash Recipe
Though the combination of apples and potatoes may seem odd at first, this simple recipe for apple mash is surprisingly flavorful and sure to please. Add this vegetarian and vegan dish to the menu for your Irish or St. Patrick's day event.

Vegetable stir-fries
A vegetable stir-fry is one of the quickest basic meals you'll want to incorporate into your cooking repertoire when you go vegetarian or vegan.

Broccoli, Rice and Cheese Casserole
This broccoli recipe will be a hit with the kids, and is quick and simple to prepare. Using just a few easy ingredients, this casserole combines nutritious rice and broccoli with a cheese sauce that kids will enjoy. Serve as a vegetable side dish or as an entree.

Raw Applesauce Recipe
No added sugar is needed, since this recipe is naturally sweet. Just be sure to use sugar-free, naturally dehydrated fruits in order to make this recipe truly raw.

No-Mayo Vegan Potato Salad
This easy mayonnaise-free vegetarian and vegan potato salad recipe is great for a picnic, since you don't have to worry about refrigeration.

Vegan stuffed tomatoes with rice and veggies
A homemade vegan stuffed tomato recipe filled with a rice and veggie mixture and topped off with a bit of vegan cheese. Vegan stuffed tomatoes can be served as an appetizer, side or main dish.

Easy grilled sunchokes
Sunchokes, also called Jerusalem artichokes are absolutely delicious when grilled, and pick up lovely charred grill marks quite well.

Vegetarian black eyed pea salad
A vegetarian recipe for black eyed pea salad, with celery, onion, tomato and mayonnaise.

Crispy Baked Kale
Kale is a very healthy and nutritious vegetable side dish, and this kale recipe is a great way to serve it up.

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves
Simple recipe for stuffed grape leaves from About.com's guide to Middle East cuisine.

Edamame and Walnut Salad
A simple edamame salad recipe with walnuts, mandarin oranges and a sweet gingered Dijon vinaigrette.

Roasted Brussels sprouts with vegetarian bacon
Roasted brussel sprouts with shallots, white wine and vegetarian bacon. A simple vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free side dish recipe perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Easy vegetarian corn and cheese casserole recipe
Vegetarian corn casserole with chipotle chilies recipe - Egg-free eggless casserole

Grilled broccoli with hoisin sauce
Grilled broccoli with hoisin sauce

Vegan breaded baked zucchini chips
Breaded zucchini chips for vegans - Baked zucchini chips - Low-fat fried zucchini for vegans - Here's an easy way to make breaded and baked zucchini chips without milk or eggs - completely vegan.

Sugar-free vegan cranberry sauce recipe
This sugar-free cranberry sauce recipe comes from fifteen year old vegetarian and vegan chef and cookbook author Aurelie Pare. Aurelie says, "Cranberry sauce is a wonderful topping for toast, cakes, pancakes, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal among many other foods. It also makes a nice dip for fruit."

Quick and Easy Creamed Lentil Casserole
A gluten-free, wheat-free lentil casserole recipe that is quick and easy to prepare. Using canned mushroom soup to make these vegetarian gluten-free lentils means you can get these lentils into the oven in no time at all! These easy creamed lentils can be served as a gluten-free vegetarian main dish or side dish, depending on your appetite!

Sherry vinegar grilled portobello mushrooms
Sherry vinegar grilled portobello mushrooms

Irish Colcannon Potatoes and Cabbage
Colcannon is a traditional Irish side dish, and this version is both vegetarian and vegan and it's gluten-free as well. Make this recipe for St. Patrick's Day, or anyday that you are longing for a wee taste of Ireland.

Vegetarian "beef" and broccoli Chinese stir-fry recipe
Vegetarian "beef" and broccoli Chinese stir-fry recipe

Swiss chard and tofu stir-fry recipe
There's something about the heartier texture of Swiss chard, when compared to other greens, that always makes me want to top it off with a bit of grated cheese. I ate this stir-fry plain, rather than pairing it with rice or grains, but I think next time I'd like to try it with homemade noodles and yes, topped off with cheese.

Sweet potato biscuits
Homemade sweet potato biscuits recipe. Add a Southern splash to your homecooked meal, or, try these sweet potatoes for a fall or Thanksgiving dinner.

Mushrooms with Marsala - Funghi al marsala
Mushrooms with Marsala - Funghi al marsala

Gourmet cranberry cabernet sauce recipe
Gourmet cranberry cabernet sauce recipe

Vegetarian Apple Curry Baked Beans
Several flavors mingle together to create an aromatic and tasty bean casserole-like dish, inspired by the flavors of India. Apples, curry and ginger lend flavor to healthy beans. This vegetarian and vegan recipe is low in fat, high in fiber and high in protein as well.

Meatless tater tot casserole with green peas
Meatless tater tot casserole with green peas

Grilled vegetable packets
Ran out of skewers? No problem! Just toss all your veggies on some foil, add a few seasonings, wrap it up and toss the entire packet on the grill. This foil-grilled vegetable packet recipe has a few Asian flavors in it, and would go well with rice or noodles, but they're also delicious just on their own.

Easy cranberry sauce recipe with apples
Easy cranberry sauce recipe with apples. A homemade vegan cranberry sauce recipe.

Vegan maple wheat dinner rolls
Vegan maple wheat rolls are a simple and easy yeast dinner roll. They're sugar free and fairly quick and easy to prepare.

Sweet Cranberry Sauce with Blueberries
Sweet Cranberry Sauce with Blueberries

Vegan Creamed Swiss Chard Recipe
Creamed Swiss chard for vegans! If you like creamed spinach, try this creamed Swiss chard recipe for variation. Any kind of Swiss chard will do - red, white or rainbow! This dairy-free chard recipe is made with flour, soy milk and a dash of nutritional yeast instead of milk or cream.

Three Cheese Baked Cauliflower - Soufle Kounoupithiou
This is a vegetarian recipe for Greek Soufle Kounoupithiou, a baked cauliflower and cheese souffle.

Mexican Chilied Corn (Vegan)
About's Guide to Mexican Cuisine shares this quick recipe to add spice and color to plain corn.

Cabbage and cheese casserole bake
This old-fashioned baked cabbage casserole gets a gratin-like modernizing twist with seasoned bread crumbs and melting artisan cheese. A simple baked vegetarian casserole of cabbage, bread crumbs and a cheesy topping.

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