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Quorn Vegetarian Turk'y Roast


Quorn Vegetarian Turk'y Roast

Prepared Quorn "turkey" roast

Quorn Vegetarian Turk'y Roast

Read on for a review of Quorn's vegetarian turk'y turkey substitute for Thanksgiving. What are the pros and cons of Quorn turky roast? How much does it cost, how many people does it feed, and, of course, how does it taste?

The details:

Cost: About $6-8
Servings: Serves 5, according to the box.
Pros: Quorn products are always reliably tasty, and the Turk'y Roast is no exception. Probably the best priced option of all of the vegetarian turkey substitutes. Soy-free, for those who want to reduce soy intake or are allergic. Comes with preparation instructions.
Cons: Just like a real turkey, Quorn's turkey substitute needs to be spruced up with gravy, and perhaps even a spice rub or basting sauce, which means you can't just toss it in the oven. However, if you like the ritual cooking aspect of Thanksgiving, this could also be a pro. Not vegan, as it contains both eggs and dairy.

So, how does it taste?

When it comes to meat substitutes, and all cooking really, everyone's preferences are a bit different. The best way to find out what it tastes like is to, well, taste it! If you've had other Quorn brand products before, you'll know that their texture is always chewy, like real meat products, and the flavor is not too strong.

Where to find it?

Quorn brand products are available at most larger grocery stores in the US, including Whole Foods, Albertsons, Ralphs, Giant, and Wegmans. Browse the Quorn store locator here. While the turk'y roast is primarily marketed as a Thanksgiving product for Americans, my British friends will be happy to note that a wide range of other tasty Quorn products are available in the UK, (and, in fact in 11 different countries), including a new turkey and stuffing style deli meat substitute. I haven't tried these yet, but they look delicious!

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