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Vegetarian and Vegan Shopping Online

These are some of my favorite places to shop online for vegetarian and vegan specialty foods, gifts, organic products, leather-free clothing and more. Try some of these vegetarian stores and vegan specialty stores online for just about any vegetarian shopping or vegan gifts you need. Isn't the internet great?

The Vegetarian Store
The Vegetarian Store sells a variety of mock meat products from "chicken" strips to mock scallops and provides an ingredients list and nutritional information for each product.

Vegan Grocery Specialty Store
Food Fight, an all-vegan grocery and online store specializes in hard to find meat substitutes just as vegan caviar, and vegan junk food, such as marshmallows! What's not to love?

Pangea Vegan Store
Pangaea stocks just about everything a vegan could dream of.

There's all sorts of fun stuff to be found here - from organic coffee to vegetarian-themed art. Petamall carries lots of things that can be very difficult to find elsewhere. It's definitely worth a browse.

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