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7 Easy Homemade Summer Salsa Recipes


Summer is the perfect time for making homemade salsa! Salsa is one of those foods that is so simple and easy to make homemade and fresh at home, that once you try it, you'll wonder why you ever bought it pre-made at the store. Get inspired to make a fresh batch of fresh homemade summer salsa by browsing through this collection of salsa recipes, from simple, quick and easy versions using mostly canned ingredients to fresh, gourmet recipes that you never would have imagined. Enjoy!

1. Mango and peach salsa

Ah, now this is summer fruit at it's finest! Succulent mangos combine with heavenly peaches, a bit of sweet onion and all the usual fresh homemade salsa ingredients including a squeeze of lime and fresh cilantro. With ingredients like that, it's hard to go wrong!

2. Ginger apple salsa

This homemade salsa, may not be traditional, but the combination of fresh apple, ginger, cayenne and lime will really knock your socks off. Or at least clear your sinuses right up! Salsa recipes are usually pretty healthy, but this one is particularly low in calories, and it's fat-free as well. if you're bored of traditional salsas and are ready to try something new, try this tomato-free ginger apple salsa. These would go great with a homemade gourmet tortilla chip.

3. Orange tomato salsa

The combination of ingredients may seem a bit odd - tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges and the usual salsa suspects such as bell pepper, jalapeno, lime and cilantro, but the result is an easy fat-free and low-calorie salsa that's perfect for stuffing into burritos, alongside a tofu scramble, or atop a simple baked potato.

4. Simple spiced summer salsa

Photo by Heather Winters

Another homemade salsa recipe using all fresh ingredients perfect for summer. This simple salsa recipe has a few unusual spices added to it for another layer of flavor - cumin, chili powder and cayenne.

5. Quick black beans and pineapple salsa

This is another homemade salsa recipe that's super quick and easy to prepare. Along with tinned black beans and pineapple tidbits, the recipe calls for some fresh ingredients too to liven it up a bit. Fresh pineapple could always be substituted, of course, but if you're in a hurry or they're not in season, canned will do. Just combine all the ingredients together, and you've got yourself a simple pineapple salsa ready to go. The black beans add a bit of protein, which is a nice bonus for vegetarians and vegans, and, if you're not eating vegetarian, you can be grateful for the extra fiber they provide, too!

6. Apricot salsa with beans

Tomatoes may be traditional in Mexico, but fruit is always a welcome addition to give your homemade salsas a twist. This easy recipe combines canned beans with fresh apricots, black olives, green onions and corn for a fruity vegetable salsa inspired by the flavors of the southwest.

7. Super quick black bean salsa recipe

If you need a super quick salsa recipe, this is the one to try. It's made from mostly canned ingredients, including canned tomatoes and black beans (though you could certainly always substitute for fresh) and flavored wsith salad dressing, so you don't even need to spend much time chopping or searching for spices. Another foolproof homemade salsa recipe, this one is great year round when fresh tomatoes aren't in season.

8. More homemade salsa recipes

Can't quite find the perfect salsa recipe here? Browse through dozens more easy homeade salsa recipes for summer, or any time of year. There's everything from a strawberry salsa recipe to a raw food salsa. Find the perfect salsa recipe for any occasion. A few ideas? Use your salsa to stuff burritos, top off grilled tofu, pair with homemade tortilla chips or pile in on top of a plain baked potato for a quick and easy snack or lunch.

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