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Vegetarian Rice Dishes

Dozens of vegetarian rice recipes to choose from. Whether you're looking for vegetarian rice recipes, vegan rice recipes, Spanish rice recipes, rice soup, crockpot rice recipes, easy fried rice recipes or rice salad, you'll find it here!
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Italian Style Vegetarian Rice and Beans
Using just five ingredients, you can serve this easy vegetarian rice dish as a side, or, add some tofu or seitan to make it a main meal.

Vegan paella - four ways
Try one of these vegan paella recipes. Each is vegan and full of vegetables.

Basic Vegetarian Black Beans and Rice
Cuban black beans and rice are a healthy, high protein quick and easy vegetarian and vegan meal.

Vegan Creole Rice Recipe
Vegetarian creole rice is made with lots of fresh vegetables, Creole seasoning, and topped with fresh parsley.

Chilled Bean and Rice Salad
A simple bean and rice salad is a nutritious and filling no-cook entree for summer. Make it a full meal by adding in some extra vegetables or fried tofu if you prefer.

Easy Mexican Rice Recipe
Rice is lightly toasted with garlic, onions and other spices, then slowly simmered with tomatoes in this basic vegetarian Mexican rice recipe.

Vegetarian Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf
The flavors of fall combine with wild rice for a dish that's perfect for a vegetarian Thanksgiving entree or everyday side dish. This wild rice pilaf recipe is both vegetarian and vegan.

Fruity Summer Rice Salad
Nothing says summer like fresh fruit! Why not enjoy this time of year by sneaking some colorful fresh fruit into as many dishes as you can? Here's a vegetarian and vegan rice salad dish that you can serve warmed or chilled at a picnic, barbecue or anytime, full of the fresh fruity flavors of summer.

Vegetarian Swiss Chard and Rice Pilaf
A simple and healthy rice pilaf recipe made with fresh Swiss chard, green onions, lemon and parsley.

Vegetarian Spanish Rice Recipe
An easy vegetarian and vegan rice recipe for vegetarian Spanish rice, using fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and green chilies.

Spicy Vegetarian Gumbo with Greens
This vegetarian gumbo recipe has plenty of healthy collard greens as well as other vegetables and some beans for protein

Crock Pot Rice Pudding Recipe
A vegan and diary-free rice pudding recipe made in the crockpot or slow cooker. Everyone likes their rice pudding a little bit different, so feel free to personalize this basic vegan crockpot recipe by adding cranberries, nutmeg, strawberries, or even coconut milk.

One Pot Crock Pot Rice Pilaf
With seitan for protein along with rice and veggies, this pilaf is a full meal in one pot. This simple vegetarian and vegan crock pot meal simmers all day in flavorful broth and wine.

Cranberry and Orange Rice Pilaf
This vegetarian and vegan rice recipe uses fresh vegetables, orange juice and cranberries for a warming side dish or, serve chilled as a rice salad.

Vegan Waldorf Rice Salad Recipe
Vegan Waldorf Rice Salad Recipe

Indian Lemon Rice Recipe
Lemon rice is a popular vegetarian rice dish from South India and is often served at Hindu temples or at temple festivals. This easy Indian lemon rice recipe is both vegetarian and vegan.

Caribbean Black Beans and Rice
In his recent book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn shares this low-fat, high-fiber recipe for a vegetarian and vegan Caribbean-style black beans and rice dish. Serve with a mango salsa.

Vegetarian dirty brown rice recipe
Vegetarian dirty brown rice recipe - a Cajun-spiced red beans and rice recipe for vegetarians and vegans using brown rice and made with green bell peppers, thyme, celery and garlic. This recipe is also cholesterol-free, low-calorie, low-fat and gluten-free.

Caribbean Red Beans and Rice
Healthy kidney beans are simmered and spiced with garlic, nutmeg and cinnamon for a healthy vegetarian and vegan Caribbean red beans and rice meal. Caribbean red beans and rice is a full healthy meal in one pot.

Quick and Easy Rice and Tomato Soup
Using pre-cooked rice and just five ingredients, this is a great way to use leftover rice and have a soup ready to go in just minutes. This easy rice and tomato soup recipe is both vegetarian and vegan.

Barley, Wild Rice and Cranberry Pilaf
Barley, Wild Rice and Cranberry Pilaf

Vegan Spanish Paella Recipe
Vegan Spanish Paella Recipe

Cold Asian Rice Salad with Veggies
This vegetarian and vegan rice salad recipe is flavored with sesame oil, fresh herbs and rice vinegar - the flavors of Asia.

Vegan stuffed tomatoes with rice and veggies
A vegetarian and vegan stuffed tomatoes recipe using leftover rice, veggies and topped off with vegan cheese.

Best rice and beans recipes
Bored of beans and rice? Here's several ways to make your boring vegetarian rice and beans seem new and fresh again.

Jambalaya (Vegan)
Jambalaya is a spicy southern rice dish with tomatoes and veggies. This recipe is Creole style, which means that the rice is simmered in tomato paste, rather than just water.

Cuban black beans with mango
Most vegetarians love black beans and rice, and this Cuban black beans recipe with mango just kicks it up a notch! It's a simple recipe made with white rice, black beans and green bell peppers.

Brown rice jambalaya with tomato sauce
Brown rice jambalaya recipe - Vegetarian whole grain jambalaya with tomato sauce - Vegan

Southwestern style rice and beans in 15 minutes
Southwestern style rice and beans in 15 minutes

Gluten-Free Rice Pilaf with Almonds
This quick and easy rice pilaf with almonds recipe is gluten-free, wheat-free, vegetarian and vegan.

Quick Thai-flavored coconut basil rice recipe
Quick Thai-flavored coconut basil rice recipe - vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free

Crock Pot Curried Rice and Lentils
Crock Pot Curried Rice and Lentils

Vegetarian Lentil and Rice Loaf
A healthy high-fiber vegetarian loaf recipe makes a great alternative to meat loaf. Serve this lentil and rice recipe as an entree at your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Brown rice pilaf with pumpkin seeds
Brown rice pilaf with pumpkin seeds - Vegetarian and vegan pilaf for fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween

Quick and easy wild rice and pear salad with Italian dressing
This wild rice and pear salad is both vegetarian and vegan, as long as you use a vegan salad dressing. With ingredients such as wild rice mix, mesclun baby greens and fresh pears, this is a quick and easy salad that you can feel good about serving to guests.

Gluten-Free Rice and Poblano Soup Recipe
Gluten-free Vegetarian Rice and Poblano Pepper Soup

Leftover Rice Pudding Recipe
If you've got lots of leftover rice and want to make rice pudding, try this leftover rice pudding recipe. This is a decadent and creamy rice pudding recipe that you can serve either as a sweet breakfast or for dessert. Rice pudding is a great way to use up all your leftover rice.

Easy Vegan Coconut Rice Recipe
Coconut rice is a flavorful side dish that can be eaten on its own or with a stirfry or sauce. The coconut and lemongrass flavors are inspired by traditional Thai recipes, yet this vegan dish has very few ingredients and is a breeze to prepare.

Gluten-Free Brown Rice Veggie Burger Patties
Gluten-Free Brown Rice Veggie Burger Patties

Barley and wild rice pilaf with orange sesame dressing
This two-grain vegetarian and vegan barley and wild rice pilaf salad has just a hint of Asian influences with a fresh vinaigrette dressing made of orange juice, lime, sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce.

Easy Crock Pot Spanish Rice Recipe
Easy Crock Pot Spanish Rice Recipe

Quick and easy vegetarian jambalaya - Cajun red beans and rice recipe
Quick and easy vegetarian jambalaya - Cajun red beans and rice recipe

Sugar-Free Rice Pudding Recipe
Sugar-Free Rice Pudding Recipe

Baked stuffed apples with rice
For an interesting fall entree, try this rice-stuffed oven-baked apple recipe. Apples are stuffed with a mixture of rice seasoned with all-spice, raisins and a bit of apple juice then baked until soft and delicious. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Greek Spinach and Rice - Spanakorizo
This Greek vegetarian rice and spinach recipe, called Spanakorizo in Greek makes for a flavorful vegetarian and vegan rice dish.

Leftover rice ideas
Wondering what to do with leftover rice? Here's a few ideas.

Orange Flavored Rice Recipe
Toasted rice is cooked in orange juice and water, lending a sweet flavor to a usually savory dish, and the raisins plump up nicely if you let this dish sit for a while. Orange rice is a great accompaniment to a baked tofu or mock meat entree. This orange rice recipe is vegetarian, vegan (as long as you use a dairy-free and vegan margarine) and gluten-free as well.

Vegetable paella with vegetarian "chicken"
A vegetarian vegetable paella recipe with lots of garlic, artichokes, white wine and vegetarian chicken substitute.

Easy Spanish rice
A quick, easy and simple homemade Spanish rice recipe using just a few common ingredients. This is a simple vegetarian and vegan rice side dish, or, use you Spanish rice as a filling for rice and bean burritos.

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