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Easy Raw Food Desserts

Easy and healthy raw recipes with pictures


The easiest and most beautiful raw food dessert recipes from About.com are collected here with pictures so you can see how to make them - completely free! Get inspired with these easy and healthy raw food dessert recipes - each one is completely vegan.

1. Raw lemon cashew cookies

These little raw cookies are so easy and so tasty - I have to admit, I had a hard time not eating the cookie batter and sneaking bites from these cookies while they were still in the dehydrator. They're just that good. So if you're like me, best to make a double batch of these little raw cookies. if you're looking for an easy raw dessert recipe, this is a good one to try. The flavors are amazing together!

2. Raw cranberry pear pie

Raw cranberry pie - isn't it beautiful?
A beautiful and fresh raw food pie layered in a jar. Made with a buckwheat crust, a cranberry and pear filling spiced with cinnamon and all-spice and topped with a crumbly almond and pecan nut topping, this vegan dessert is also easy to prepare in just minutes with a food processor.

3. Gourmet raw chocolate truffles

Raw chocolate truffles - likely to be your new favorite raw food dessert!
Made with raw chocolate, dates, coconut oil and agave nectar, this is one gourmet raw food dessert you won't soon forget! Indulgent enough for any special occasion, these raw treats have a base of nuts and dried fruits, so they're still not so bad for the waistline. Besides, they're all raw, so how bad could they be? Isn't the picture just awe-inspiring?

4. Easy raw walnut carob cookies

This is my go-to raw snack. So easy!
Look at the picture of these tasty raw cookies! Aren't they just beautiful? I love all kinds of raw desserts, but these carob cookies (you could use raw chocolate instead of carob, too) are just so easy and tasty, that they're my favorite go-to raw dessert recipe. They're not the most gourmet raw dessert ever, but they'll satisfy your craving, fill you up, and, with just three ingredients, you won't believe how easy they are. One of the best raw desserts for sure!

5. Easy raw vegan strawberry popsicles

Popsicles are so easy to include on a raw food diet! All you need is some fruit, some juice, and a little raw sweetener (this recipe uses agave nectar). Cold popsicles are the perfect raw dessert for kids and sweaty summer days. And, as if they weren't perfect already, these raw popsicles are fat-free, sugar-free and low calorie, too. Go ahead, have two!

6. Chocolate roulade cake

Impress your friends with this beautiful raw cake
Yes, it's all raw, believe it or not! This raw food dessert recipe does take a little extra time and effort, but I think you'll agree that it's absolutely worth it when you taste the end result! A roulade cake is layered with a filling, and rolled up to create a spiral of delicious delight. This raw version uses raw buckwheat as a "flour", and dates as a binder and sweetener. Follow the step-by-step pictures to see exactly how it's done.

7. Raw Banana ice cream

The simplest raw food dessert you'll ever try.
A raw vegan banana sorbet is super easy to make - as long as you have a juicer. You absolutely won't believe just how easy, and how tasty, this recipe is. Just trust me on this one, and try it. It's so healthy, you'll be singing the praises of this recipe to anyone who will listen. This is a raw food recipe that you'll surely make over and over again.

8. More raw food recipes to try

Loving the energy and vitality of eating raw? Here's dozens more easy raw food recipes to try to keep you energized and full on the natural goodness of raw foods! Browse this recipe collection for homemade raw soups, raw salads and plenty of main dishes. If you're new to eating raw, you might also be interested in trying out a few "almost" raw recipes for an introduction to the diet and lifestyle using more familiar foods and ingredients. Pictured: Raw food fruit leaters or fruit "roll-ups"
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