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Raw Food Dessert Recipes

Dozens of raw food dessert recipes, including simple to gourmet, fresh and healthy living food sweet treats. Browse through dozes of recipe ideas for raw food cookies, sorbets, raw chocolate recipes, raw milkshakes and even raw cupcakes and frosting recipes.

Raw food banana sorbet recipe
Banana sorbet is super easy to make - as long as you have a juicer. You absolutely won't believe just how easy, and how tasty, this recipe is.

Walnut Carob Cookie Recipe
This is a quick and easy recipe for a raw vegan "cookie" from just three ingredients. Just whip together in the food processor and enjoy! You won't beleive how yummy (and easy!) these raw vegan cookies are! Be sure to use raw and living ingredients for these cookies to be truly raw.

Raw Carob Pudding Dessert
With just a few simple ingredients, this quick and easy raw food carob pudding recipe is a pretty close substitute for real chocolate pudding. Just be sure you are using raw carob powder.

Raw Holiday Pumpkin Pie
Raw Pumpkin Pie is the perfect finish to a raw holiday feast. If you're trying to bring health and wellness to your holiday season, try this recipe for a Raw Holiday Pumpkin Pie.

Raw Food Chocolate Bonbons or Truffles
Follow this recipe for Raw Chocolate Bonbons or Truffles. The raw food diet answer to decadent chocolate dessert made with raw cacao - raw chocolate!

Banana date cookies
Make these easy raw food vegan cookies using just three simple raw ingredients and a dehydrator! You absolutely won't believe how yummy these raw food cookies are. You'll just have to try them out and see for yourself.

Raw Food Chocolate Fudge Recipe with Chili
Decadent Raw Chocolate Fudge recipe with hot chili peppers. Spice up your dessert tray with this simple, divine raw cacao recipe.

Raw Creamy Dark Chocolate Milkshake
Raw chocolate dessert is a must for every raw foodist. Use this Raw Chocolate Milkshake recipe when raw chocolate is on the menu but time is of the essence!

Raw Cacao (Raw Chocolate) Recipes
Wondering how to use raw cacao to make a delicious raw food diet dessert? Use these list of simple recipes to unlock the mystery of raw cacao (raw chocolate) and it's many uses and flavor combinations.

Raw Chocolate Pudding
A recipe for Raw Chocolate Pudding suitable for people on a raw or living foods diet. Simple, easy to make recipe for all ages using raw cacao and raw sweeteners.

Raw food desserts
The most beautiful raw food dessert recipes from About.com are collected here with pictures so you can see how to make them. Get inspired with these healthy raw food dessert recipes.

Raw vegan cranberry pie recipe with buckwheat
Pies, more so than any other food, it seems, nearly always have a story behind them, and this raw vegan cranberry and pear pie is no exception.

Raw Food Berry Dessert Sauce
Make a simple raw food dessert sauce out of berries. This easy-to-make dessert sauce recipe made out of your choice of berry can be enjoyed with all kinds of fruit, dessert or even breakfast.

Homemade raw chocolate recipe
Homemade raw chocolate recipe - How to make raw chocolate

Raw Food Cupcakes with Lime Frosting
Designed as a treat for a raw food diet, these raw vegan cupcakes can be eaten anytime for a healthy, vegan snack. Follow this simple recipe to enjoy Raw Vanilla Cupcakes with Lime Frosting for yourself.

Raw vegan cheesecake recipe
A raw vegan dessert recipe for raw chocolate cheesecake with a peanut butter topping. Use raw carob if you don't like or can't find raw cacao.

Raw Food Lemon Bars
Lemon bars are an old fashioned treat that never goes out of style. Raw food is a relatively new trend. And here in this recipe they meet in perfect harmony.

Raw Food Creamy Lemon Mousse or Pudding
This raw food recipe for a velvety smooth Creamy Lemon Mousse with raw cacao butter shows you how to take fresh raw food ingredients and transform them into a zesty, delicious dessert. This recipe is ideal for those on a raw food diet, vegan diet, or for anyone who loves lemons!

Strawberry Pineapple Lime Raw Food Popsicles
Quick and easy recipe for a strawberry popsicle suitable for a raw food diet. Enjoy the wondrous flavors of strawberry, pineapple and lime all together in one frozen treat! These vegan popsicles are fat-free and sugar-free, too.

Raw Food Chocolate Fudgesicle Recipe
A nice cold chocolate fudgesicle after a hot day can be the sweetest of treats. This vegan recipe for a raw food diet fudge popsicle will knock your socks off! Raw food is perfect for a hot summer day, and this chocolate popsicle (or fudsicle) is the perfect raw food treat (for vegan kids or adults!). Even if you're not on a raw food diet, these...

Raw Food Chocolate Walnut Roulade Cake Recipe
Making fancy raw food dessert is made simple with this simple raw chocolate cake recipe which includes helpful photos of each step of the process. Make your own Raw Chocolate Roulade Cake by following these simple steps.

Easy raw lemon cashew cookies
Another easy raw food cookie recipe. Just blend together a few raw ingredients - including lemon, shredded coconut and raw cashews - and then stick them in the dehydrator. who knew raw cookies could be so easy, healthy and delicious?

Raw Food Blueberry Nectarine Parfait from 'Living Cuisine' by Renée Loux
This layered blueberry custard parfait is a raw food dessert is as healthy for the body as it is gorgeous to look at. Renée Loux's raw food Blueberry Nectarine Parfait recipe makes simple work of creating a strikingly beautiful and yummy raw dessert.

Raw Food Lime Ice Crème
Use this raw food recipe to create a divine dessert out of avocados. Raw Lime Ice Crème is easy to make and a delicious wonder to behold. If you like ice cream, you'll be surprised by this tasty raw food version with avocados and limes.

Raw Food Chocolate Crispy Treats
A raw food recipe for making a dark chocolate treat with crispy buckwheat groats. This recipe can be used in many variations to produce a decadent raw food dessert.

Easy Watermelon Popsicles
Turn luscious watermelons into a divine, though quick and easy snack for all day, any day. Watermelon easily freezes into a delicious Popsicle treat that will amaze your senses.

Raw Food Popsicle - Orange Creamsicle
Quick and easy recipe for a raw food Orange Creamsicle style Popsicle. Explore the joys of combining sweet, tart citrus with creamy milk and vanilla all within a raw food diet program! Great for healthy vegans too since they're dairy-free.

Raw Food Icing Recipe
This simple recipe for Raw Icing can be used to make many raw food desserts come alive. Add this recipe to your repertoire and you'll find many places to enjoy it!

Raw Creations Desserts
Shop for hand-made raw food desserts from Raw Creations, including cookies, cakes, and even a carrot cheesecake. Yum! Available at Whole Foods, or shipped fresh to your door. A truly healthy and nurturing indulgence.

Raw Blueberry Pudding Recipe
Creamy raw delicious blueberry pudding recipe. Use this recipe for a nutritious dessert high in antioxidants and flavor.

Raw Food Chocolate Chip Cookies
Nobody wants to miss out on chocolate chip cookies, even if they are committed to a raw food diet. This simple recipe for a raw food chocolate chip cookie will suit any diet.

Coconut cream fudge candy
A raw coconut treat made with coconut manna, vanilla and a bit of honey.

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