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Easy Vegetarian Recipes


A collection of easy vegetarian and vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for those new to vegetarianism or cooking.
  1. Easy Tofu Recipes
  2. Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas
  3. One-Dish Casseroles
  4. Speedy Vegetarian Soups
  5. Healthy Salad Recipes
  1. Easy One-Dish Crockpot Recipes
  2. Simple Vegetarian Pasta Dishes
  3. Vegetarian Chili
  4. Quick and Easy Desserts
  5. More Vegetarian Recipes

Easy Tofu Recipes

Tofu Scramble

Cooking with tofu can be a bit of a mysterious process if you've never done it before. The good news is, once you learn how, tofu is an extremely versatile and healthy ingredient!

Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Cereal is boring, and not all that nutritious anyways. Check out these healthy, quick and easy ideas for a vegetarian breakfast boost.

One-Dish Casseroles

Vegetarian Pasta and Bean Casserole

If you have just a few minutes to get a meal on the table, a casserole is a great idea. You can prepare it in just a few minutes and then ignore it while it bakes into a wonderful hot meal.

Speedy Vegetarian Soups

Whether a side dish or a light entree, vegetarian soups are nourishing, healthy and filled with natural flavors. Pile on the veggies and slurp to your heart's content!

Healthy Salad Recipes

Green salads, potato salads and more salad recipes to serve alongside a meal, or as a meal in itself.

Easy One-Dish Crockpot Recipes

Crockpot, also called a slow cooker

Crockpot cooking is an easy way to get healthy meal on the table if you have a limited amount of time. These recipes all have just a few ingredients that you can prepare in advance. Just turn on the crockpot and come home to a home-cooked dinner!

Simple Vegetarian Pasta Dishes

Pasta is a satisfying and familiar meal that most people enjoy. Get creative with these simple and healthy vegetarian pasta dishes.

Vegetarian Chili

Meatless chili with veggies, beans or a meat substitute are a popular all-American meal that everyone seems to love. Chili is familiar, simple, tasty and versatile. Here's a few simple meatless chili recipes to try:

Quick and Easy Desserts

All of these desserts can be prepared in ten minutes or less, and some can even be prepared in five minutes or less. Most have just a few very simple ingredients.

More Vegetarian Recipes

Wondering where to start? Here are some of the most popular vegetarian recipes. If everyone else is loving these vegetarian foods, chances are you will too!

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