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Gourmet Vegetarian Recipes


A collection of elegant meatless gourmet vegetarian dishes, including a full menu of vegetarian gourmet appetizers, soups, entrees and desserts, and gourmet vegan recipes, too.

1. Appetizers and Starters

Traditionally, appetizers and hors d' oeuvres are to cleanse the palette, but in gourmet vegetarian cooking, they are a preview of the wonderful tastes, textures and experiences to come. Here are some of the best vegetarian appetizers and hors d' oeuvres to include with a fine meal:

2. Gourmet Vegetarian Soups

If you're new to gourmet vegetarian cooking, a soup is a sage place to start. The ingredients are usually simple, the preparation easy, yet the end result is satisfying and sublime. Scroll through these gourmet vegetarian soups to find a palette-teasing starter for your gourmet meal:

3. Gourmet Breakfast and Brunch Ideas

Perfect for a weekday morning or a thgouthful breakfast in bed. these leisurely breakfasts will set the tone for the rest of the day. For a gourmet vegetarian breakfast, try:

4. Gourmet Salads

When it comes to fine dining and vegetarian cuisine, salads can serve as a starter or even a main dish, depending on the type of salad, whether it's a green salad, a fruit salad or a grain dish. Here's a few gourmet vegetarian salad recipes to get your creative culinary juices flowing:

5. Gourmet Vegetarian Side Dishes

Round out a gourmet meal with a few fancy vegetable side dishes. Be sure to use the best quality organic and fresh ingredients.

6. Paninis and Wraps

Kick up a regular sandwich by using artisan bread, fine imported cheese and fresh ingredients. Here's a few sandwiches and wraps to impress your gourmet vegetarian friends:

7. Entrees and Mains

As the centerpiece of your plate and meal, no part of a gourmet meal is more important than the entree. Use fresh ingredients as much as possible. Presentation always counts, so take the time to use fresh herbs to garnish, and drizzle a little extra sauce on the plate for a splash of color. Try one of these elegant meatless gourmet mains:

8. Elegant Desserts

No gourmet meal is complete without a final act; an encore to the evening's celebration. Choose one of these gourmet vegetarian desserts and savor every bite; savor every moment:

9. More vegetarian recipes

Scroll through this collectiony vegetarian recipe imaginable. From exotic Asian curries, to all-American favorites and everything in between. If you're looking for a vegetarian (or vegan!) meal idea, check out these hundreds of vegetarian recipes.

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