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Best Vegetarian Bean Salads for Summer


A collection of the best vegetarian bean salad recipes for summer. Bring along a healthy and high-protein vegetarian or vegan bean salad to your next outdoor picnic or potluck, or just enjoy one of these bean salads for a nutritious low-fat and high-fiber summer lunch.

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1. Black Bean and Avocado Salad with Feta Cheese


Spicy jalapeno peppers are tamed by cool feta cheese and crunchy jicama in this perfect summery bean salad. With nothing but healthy beans and avocado dressed in a lime juice dressing, this bean salad is vegetarian and gluten-free. Omit the feta cheese for a vegan version. 

2. White Bean and Parsley Salad


Use any white beans that you like in this simple summer salad: cannellini, navy beans or even butter beans or chickpeas would work well in this quick bean salad. This bean salad travels well, so pack it up and enjoy under the summer sun!

3. Cold Butter Bean (Lima Bean) Salad

Iain Bagwell / Getty Images
A simple salad using butter beans, tomatoes, corn and jalapeno peppers. A user reviewed this bean salad recipe, and gave it 5 out of 5 stars, writing, "The salad was great...It tickles the taste buds."

4. Southwestern Bean, Bell Pepper and Corn Salad

A simple but tasty black bean salad for vegetarian picnics, flavored with lime juice and cayenne pepper for a Southwestern style meal. Be sure to use fresh ingredients for the best flavor. Try reducing the fat in this easy bean salad by adding just a tablespoon or a drizzle of olive oil, instead of the full amount. The fresh flavors will still make this one of the best bean salads you've ever had, even if you reduce the oil and fat.

5. Couscous, Chickpea and Mint Salad

Fresh mint cools down this couscous and chickpea bean salad. With grains, beans, and vegetables, this is a healthy salad that could be a main dish as well as a healthy side dish.

6. Black Bean and Mango Salad

With fresh mango, this easy bean salad recipe is perfect on a hot summer day. It's inspired by the flavors of Mexico - with lime juice, fresh cilantro, and a jalapeno that you could omit to tame the heat a bit. Once you've diced your mango, this bean salad will take you just a minute to prepare.

7. Classic Three Bean Salad

An easy homemade three bean salad with kidney beans, green beans and hard boiled eggs in a lightly mayonnaise dressing. This is a classic all-American picnic bean salad perfect for creating nostalgic summer memories.

8. Kidney Bean Salad with Walnuts and Cilantro

A quick and easy kidney bean salad recipe with fresh chopped cilantro and walnuts as well as plenty of garlic and onions. This kidney bean salad also has a special secret ingredient that makes it extra yummy! 

9. Dijon Potato and Green Bean Salad

A potato and beans salad with fresh green beans in an easy Dijon mustard vinaigrette, this simple dish can be served as a side or brought to a summer picnic or potluck. With no mayonnaise, this is potato and green bean salad is vegan as well as vegetarian.

10. Southern Four-Bean Salad

A deli-style marinated Southern four-bean salad with green beans, chickpeas, wax beans and red beans. There are also substitutions offered, in case your grocery store doesn't stock one or more varieties. A classic cold summer bean salad recipe.

11. More easy bean salad recipes for summer

If you're just not inspired by these top summer bean salad recipes, but you still need something quick and easy to bring along to a potluck or picnic, try scrolling through these dozens of bean salad recipes. Whether you're looking for a white bean, garbanzo bean, kidney bean or black bean salad, you'll find it here!
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