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Vegetarian and Vegan TVP Recipes


With a little creativity and know-how, TVP (textured vegetable protein) can be just as versatile as other meat substitutes such as tofu. Browse through this collection of vegetarian TVP recipes, including recipes for TVP burgers, TVP vegetarian loaf and more easy vegetarian recipes using TVP.

1. Ten Minute TVP Tacos

One of the great things about cooking with TVP is that it's so quick to cook - much quicker than meat! You can have this vegetarian taco filling ready to go in less than ten minutes, easily. Readers gave this recipe five-stars when reviewing it, but did suggest to add more salsa. I suggest a bit of sour cream and some fresh sliced avocado. I love this TVP recipe and use it often as a go-to standby.

2. TVP and Tofu Loaf

Another reason I love working with TVP is that it's so versatile! Add a binder, and it becomes a meaty vegetarian loaf! TVP is mashed together with spinach and tofu for nutrition and fiber, and it has gluten flour an poultry seasoning for a "meaty" taste - a great demonstration of how TVP, like tofu, can take on different flavors, depending on how it's prepared. This vegetarian loaf recipe makes for a full meal, whether or not you pair it with mashed potatoes and vegetarian gravy.

3. TVP Veggie Burgers

The crumbly consistency of TVP makes it a natural stand in for ground beef in veggie hamburgers. There's several ways to make veggie burgers using textured vegetable protein. This basic recipe uses vegetable broth to rehydrate, and combines the TVP with flour and an egg for binding and plenty of spices to give them a "burgery" taste.

4. Vegetarian Chili Recipe

When cooking with TVP, some varieties come pre-spiced as beef or chicken-flavored, but you'll still nearly always want to add your own spices, just like you would when working with meat. In this vegetarian chili recipe, the TVP adds an extra layer of texture, but the flavor comes from all tha dded spices - chili powder, cayenne pepper, bell pepper, onion and garlic.

5. Polenta and Cheese Casserole with TVP

TVP makes a great filler in home-cooked casserole dishes; this recipe is only one example. It's made from polenta, cheese, and marinara sauce, with a hearty amount of protein-rich TVP baked right in. Try adding rehydrated TVP to any kind of casserole or even lasagna. Even if you're not eating completely vegetarian (yet!) a handful of TVP in your favorite casserole will reduce the amount of meat you normally would use, making sure that your dollar stretches while your waistline doesn't.

6. Low-carb TVP "Oatmeal"

About.com's guide to low carb diets, Laura, recommends using textured vegetable protein for a low-carb breakfast. Keeping low-carb and low-fat, you might miss hot cereal for breakfast, and TVP makes for a good stand in when flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg, and perhaps a little sweetener to top it all off. Use soy milk to keep it high-protein and vegan, too.

7. TVP calories and nutrition

Wondering about the calories, protein or nutritional information for TVP? Read on to find out just how many calories, grams of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals are in most store-bought brands of TVP, textured vegetable protein.
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