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Vegetarian Lasagna Recipes


11. Oprah's Two-Cheese Lasagna Recipe

Everybody loves Oprah, and I think just about everyone will love this super-cheesy vegetarian lasagna recipe. Oprah's vegetarian lasagna recipe uses fresh basil and plenty of fresh vegetables for a delicious home-cooked vegetarian meal.

12. Low Fat Vegetarian Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese

Low-fat lasagna photo courtesy of Fiona, About.com's Guide to Low Fat Cooking
You can use a fat-free ricotta cheese to make a very low-fat vegetarian lasagna. It's also got plenty of fresh vegetables so it's healthier than many other lasagna recipes and is a good source of fiber and nutrients. This is a good vegetarian lasagna recipe if you're cooking for kids.

13. Kosher Matzo Lasagna Recipe

Vegetarian matzo lasagna is kosher for Passover.
If you'd like to try a matzo lasagna recipe that is vegetarian as well, this matzo lasagna recipe is Kosher for Passover! Watch this quick video to learn how to make an easy vegetarian matzo lasagna for Passover or anytime. Matzo lasagna uses matzo instead of lasagna noodles, but it still includes all the traditional Italian ingredients and flavors, so it tastes great!

14. Traditional Italian Vegetarian Lasagna

About.com's Guide to Italian Food shares this recipe for a more traditional vegetarian lasagna with fresh Parmesan as well as Italian ribiola cheese and fresh tomatoes.

15. More Vegetarian and Vegan Lasagna Recipes

If you still haven't found the perfect vegetarian, vegan, low-fat or cheeseless lasagna here, try searching through these vegetarian and meatless lasgana recipes to find the perfect Italian lasagna to feed your family.
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Vegetarian Lasagna
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