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Low Calorie Vegetarian Recipes

Low-calorie vegetarian and vegan recipes and low-fat healthy vegan recipes as well, for those looking for recipes to lose weight or reduce on a low-calorie vegetarian diet. Each of these vegetarian recipes has 300 calories or less per serving.
  1. Low calorie breakfast recipes for vegetarians (8)
  2. Low calorie soups (15)
  3. Low-calorie Desserts (11)

Yellow Thai curry with vegetables
Using a mixture of vegetable broth and coconut milk keeps this thick and flavorful veggie curry low in calories.

Low-fat and Low-Cal Easy Enchiladas
These super-easy low-fat and low-calorie enchiladas are made with salsa, tofu and vegan cheese.

Mushroom Fajitas
A low cal vegetarian fajitas recipe made with Mexican spiced mushrooms and bell peppers, wrapped in flour tortillas.

Wheat berry and vegetable chili
With just 220 calories, this vegetarian chili is a healthy, filling, and high-fiber meal. It's also nearly fat-free.

Greek Feta Tortilla Wrapped Sandwich
A low-calorie lunch idea for a Greek vegetarian wrap sandwich with lots of veggies and a bit of feta cheese. This vegetarian wrap has 267 calories per serving.

Chinese restaurant style broccoli in garlic sauce
This sweet vegetable dish with rice comes in at just under 300 calories per serving, so be sure to watch the portion sizes in order to make it low cal.

Vegetarian Baked Beans with Barley
Add some healthy whole grain barley to your regular vegetarian baked beans for extra texture, flavor and a healthy and low-calorie fiber boost.

Vegetarian two bean and corn chili recipe
This meatfree white bean and kidney bean chili recipe has less than 200 calories per serving, but plenty of protein and healthy fiber. It's nearly fat-free, too.

Asparagus and Wild Rice Salad
You can serve with vegetarian wild rice dish cold as a side salad, or warm as an entree or side dish. With just 225 calories per serving, this vegetarian recipe is also very low-calorie.

Low-calorie, almost fat-free vegetable chili recipe
Using extra vegetables, tomato juice and tomatoes with fewer beans keeps this vegetarian chili lower in calories. Though meatless chili is already a healthy and low-fat choice, this version is extra low-cal. It's really more like a chili-spiced tomato soup than a hearty chili.

Vegetarian Mexican Bulgur Wheat
A high-fiber and very filling bulgur wheat pilaf recipe with chili powder, cumin, and red bell pepper. Delicious, low-calorie, and vegetarian.

Vegetarian Thai Massaman Curry
A flavorful Thai Massaman yellow curry made with seitan and potatoes. It's got 305 calories per serving, so it just barely qualifies. Watch the portion sizes to keep this vegetarian and vegan entree low-cal.

Reduced fat black bean and mango salad
Using much less oil than other bean salad recipes keeps this healthy black bean and mango salad low in fat and calories.

Fat-Free Low-cal Vegan Pasta Salad Recipe
Make a fat-free and low-cal vegetarian pasta salad by using fat-free Italian salad dressing. Seasoned with fresh herbs, this fat-free pasta salad is both vegetarian and vegan.

Vegetable Veggie Burgers
With 153 calories per serving, you can enjoy these helthy and low-calorie veggie burger. Watch those condiments, though, as they can really pile on the fat and calories.

Easy BBQ Baked Tofu
There's no added oil in this easy barbecue sauce flavored tofu recipe, making it vegetarian, vegan, and low calorie. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this recipe - it's really quite tasty, I promise! I like to eat this low calorie tofu plain, but you could also use it to make a vegetarian sandwich.

Vegetarian Collard Greens and Rice
A low-calorie and vegetarian version of traditional collard greens and rice. This easy vegetarian and vegan recipe has just 220 calories per serving.

Curried chickpea salad
Chickpeas simmered with veggies and Indian spices and served on a bed of lettuce.

Grilled eggplant sandwich
Don't have a kitchen grill? No worries, this eggplant sandwich can also be prepared in your oven's broiler. With under 300 calories per sandwich, this is also a low-calorie recipe.

Fat-free Indian Vegetable Curry
A fat-free and low-calorie vegetarian meal with just 125 calories per serving. Serve along with your favorite healthy whole grain or brown rice.

Quinoa Salad with Veggies
Whole grain quinoa is an excellent low-calorie source of protein for vegetarians. Try this super healthy low-cal high protein recipe for vegetarian and vegan quinoa salad - a healthy low-cal vegetarian meal.

Vegetarian dirty brown rice recipe
Vegetarian dirty brown rice recipe - a Cajun-spiced red beans and rice recipe for vegetarians and vegans using brown rice and made with green bell peppers, thyme, celery and garlic. This recipe is also cholesterol-free, low-calorie, low-fat and gluten-free.

Fat-free Ginger Apple Salsa Recipe
A fun fruit salsa recipe to try, with crisp apples and tangy ginger and lime. Add some healthy and high-fiber fresh fruit to your diet with this great twist on traditional Mexican salsa. Plus, it's fat-free and super low in calories.

Vegetarian Couscous Salad with Salsa
An easy low-calorie vegetarian and vegan couscous salad recipe, using some prepared salsa and beans so it is quick and easy to prepare. This vegetarian couscous salad recipe has just 235 calories per serving.

Sun-dried Tomato and Walnut Penne Pasta
Sun-dried Tomato and Walnut Penne Pasta

Vegetarian and Vegan Yellow Split Pea Dal
This easy recipe is for a basic and low-calorie vegetarian and vegan yellow split-pea Indian dhal. Serve with rice, or, add extra liquid to make a more soup-like dhal. Caution - it's got a bit of a kick! This easy vegetarian dhal recipe is very low in fat and is also low-calorie.

Fat-free Grapefruit Sherbet
A homemade fat-free sherbet or sherbert recipe made with grapefruit. No ice cream maker is needed for this simple recipe. It's low in calories, too.

Low-Calorie Vegetarian Lasagna
Low-calorie vegetarian lasagna recipe made with low-fat cottage cheese and lots of healthy vegetables.

Vegetarian Chili with Smart Ground Mock Meat Crumbles
If you like chili, try this low-fat and low-calorite vegetarian chili with lots of mock meat for a hearty and "meaty" texture.

Low Calorie Baked Pita Chips
Make your own oil-free galic pita chips with less fat and calories than store-bought. Use a vegan pita bread to make these vegetarian pita chips vegan as well as low in fat and calories.

Low-Calorie Vegetarian Bow-Tie Pasta and Tomatoes
This low-calorie and vegetarian pasta recipe uses fresh herbs to add plenty of flavor. Skip the cheese to make it a low-calorie vegan meal if you prefer.

Coconut Couscous
Use a light coconut milk to make this vegetarian and vegan couscous recipe low-calorie, and serve it as a healthy entree or as a side salad.

White bean salad with green beans and tomatoes
White bean salad with green beans and tomatoes - Vegetarian, vegan and quick and easy

Low Cal Baked Zucchini Sticks
Make a healthy low-cal vegetarian snack by coating zucchini with bread crumbs and baking in the oven. A nutritious low-calorie vegetarian snack or vegetable side dish.

Low Calorie Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna Recipe
Using low-fat cottage cheese and spinach keeps this vegetarian lasanga recipe low-cal, with just about 300 calories per serving. As always, watch those serving sizes, though!

Low-Calorie Marinated Tomato Salad
At just 47 calories per serving, you can't go wrong with this recipe! This low-calorie marinated tomato salad recipe is vegetarian as well as vegan.

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Couscous
This is a low-calorie vegetarian breakfast recipe that could be easily be made vegan as well. This low-calorie and low-fat apple cinnamon couscous recipe has just 271 calories per serving.

Sugared Sweet Potatoes
Adding just a bit of sugar and butter makes these low-cal sweet potatoes tasty yet still low-cal. Perfect for a low-cal vegetarian Thanksgiving or dinner.

Reduced Calorie Vegetarian Pizza
Learn how to make a satisfying low-cal vegetarian pizza.

Potato carrot fritters
With just 118 calories per serving, these vegetarian potato and carrot fritters are as low-cal a meal as you could hope for. They've also got a healthy 8 grams of protein.

Pita egg salad sandwich
A low-calorie egg salad in a pita pocket. Just watch your portion sizes on this one to keep it low-calorie.

Vegetarian cabbage rolls
Vegetarian and vegan cabbage rolls stuffed with bulgur wheat, chickpeas and spices.

Black bean bulgur pilaf
A low-calorie and low-fat recipe for a Mexican-spiced black bean and whole grain bulgur pilaf. With fresh cilantro and some spicy Tabasco sauce for a bit of a kick.

Apple cheddar fruit pizza
Apple cheddar fruit pizza recipe. Unlike other fruit pizza recipes, this is a savory main dish apple and cheese pizza and not a sweet fruit dessert pizza. Less than 300 calories per serving.

Vegan Pancakes
Using soy milk to make egg-free and dairy-free pancakes means that at about 149 calories per serving, these vegan pancakes are much lower in fat and calories than those containing eggs and milk.

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