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Cooking for Vegetarian Kids

These vegetarian recipes are kid approved, yet still healthy and tasty enough to be enjoyed by the whole family. If you're wondering what to feed your vegetarian or vegan kid, look here for healthy vegetarian breakfasts, lunches, dinners, treats and snacks for your vegetarian or vegan children.
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Tempeh Vegetarian Sloppy Joes
If your kids love sloppy joes, try this vegetarian sloppy joe recipe which is made from soy tempeh instead of meat, making it much healthier and lower in fat than regular sloppy joes.

Tofu "Fish" Sticks for Kids
If your vegetarian or vegan kids miss fish sticks, try these homemade baked and breaded tofu mock "fish" sticks! Dipped in ketchup or mayonnaise, they're made from mostly tofu and bread crumbs, so there's nothing not to love about this veg recipe for kids!

Vegetarian Pizza Sandwich for Kids
This vegetarian pizza sandwich is a toasted sandwich that tastes just like pizza, so kids will love it! You can sneak some diced vegetables into the sandwich if you want to add some extra nutrition. For a vegan version, use a vegan mock pepperoni brand, and use a vegan and casein-free soy cheese.

Baked Tofu Recipes
Check out these great marinated and baked tofu recipes. Baked tofu is low-fat and low-carb, vegetarian and vegan. You can eat baked tofu as it is, or add it to salads, pastas or vegetarian stir-fries. If you like baked tofu, try these flavorful marinated tofu recipes.

Vegetarian TVP Sloppy Joes
Vegetarian sloppy joes are perfect for vegetarian or vegan kids! Sloppy joes are fun (and messy!) to eat, and kids love them for lunch, picnics or dinner. This vegetarian sloppy joes recipe is made from TVP (textured vegetable protein) instead of meat and is both vegetarian and vegan.

Easy Vegetarian Tempeh Fries
Tempeh is breaded and lightly fried for a crunch high-protein alternative to French-fries for healthy vegetarians and vegans - and particularly for kids! Try these fried tempeh sticks with ketchup, soy sauce or even barbecue sauce.

Roasted vegetable gratin with Parmesan cheese
Roasted vegetable gratin with Parmesan cheese, roasted tomatoes, onion and zucchini.

Basic BBQ Seitan
Easy barbeque seitan saute to use in sandwiches or alone.

Vegetarian "Hamburger" Casserole
Use veggie burgers to make a vegetarian "hamburger" macaroni casserole. This is an easy vegetarian casserole with lots of cheese. For a bit of added nutrition, you could add some diced steamed veggies, such as broccoli or bell peppers. This veggie burger casserole recipe will be a hit with the kids.

Cheesey Vegetarian Risotto
This vegetarian risotto recipe is creamy and cheesy and will be a hit with the kids as well. Vegetarian risotto with plenty of cheese is a perfect entree for vegetarian kids, and you can even sneak in some diced vegetables as well.

Chocolate Covered Granola Candies
Chocolate Covered Granola Candies

Low- fat Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Try this recipe for healthier baked sweet potato fries. Baked sweet potato fries are much lower in fat than a deep-fried version and are very quick to prepare. Your vegetarian kids will love these baked fries as well.

Southern Fried Vegetarian "Chicken" Seitan
This dish is deep fried, so it isn't particularly healthy, though it is cholesterol-free and it sure is good! Deep fried seitan and a blend of spices create a dish that's really quite similar in appearance and taste to chicken!

Graham Cracker and Pretzel “Legos”
Playing with your food is encouraged with these graham cracker and frosting "legos".

Thai Peanut Sauce
Thai peanut sauce is great on noodles or as a salad dressing and kids love it!

Quick and Easy Tomato Rice Soup
Using canned tomato sauce and just a few ingredients, this is a simple and basic recipe. Try adding some diced tofu or veggies for a more nutritious soup recipe. This quick and easy tomato soup recipe is suitable for vegetarian and vegan kids.

Vegetarian "Pepperoni" Burrito
Vegetarian burrito with mock meat "pepperoni" wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Perfect for a vegetarian lunch for kids to bring to school.

Tofu Nuggets (Vegan)
Kid-friendly tofu nuggets are reminiscent of chicken nuggets and can be dipped in ketchup, barbeque sauce or ranch dressing.

Cheesy Stuffed Potatoes
A vegetarian recipe for potatoes stuffed with sweet baked beans, tomaotes and cheese.

Sweet Pineapple Baked Beans
Vegetarian baked beans sweetened with pineapple.

Yogurt Bar
Try this healthier version of an ice cream sundae by using soy yogurt as a base instead of ice cream.

Mongolian Shish Kabobs for Kids
This simple activity for kids blends traditional shish kabob skewers with personal sauces, like a Mongolian barbeque, hence the name.

Personal Pizzas for Kids
Personal pizzas for kids- everyone loves pizza!

Sloppy Joe Pizza Burgers
Use a vegetarian sloppy joes mix to make these sloppy joes pizza burgers for your kids. Yes, even vegetarian and vegan children love sloppy joes!

Sweet Mexican Tortilla Chips
Tortillas sweetened with cinnamon and sugar make for an easy vegan snack or dessert.

Creamy Fruit Salad Ambrosia
This vegan fruit salad ambrosia recipe uses tofu instead of dairy.

Vegan Peanut Butter Frosting
Rich, creamy vegan peanut butter cake frosting is an indulgence that goes well with just about any vegan cake recipe. Whether you call it "frosting" or "icing", this one will have you saying "yum!".

Vegan Ranch Dressing
If your vegan kids need something to dip their carrots in, try this vegan ranch dressing recipe which uses soy milk and vegan mayonnaise to make a rich and creamy vegan salad dressing.

Easy Graham Cracker No Bake Cookies
Ok, so maybe it's "cheating" just a little bit to make cookies from pre-made graham crackers, but once you see how quick (and how yummy!) these vegan graham cracker no-bake cookies are, you won't mind "cheating" at all! This no-bake cookie recipe is very quick and simple to prepare - even the kids can help out!

Tofu Sloppy Joes
Adults love sloppy joes just as much as kids do! This easy vegetarian recipe with tofu is a healthier version suitable for vegetarian and vegan children.

Cornmeal Breaded Tofu
This is an easy recipe that the kids will be sure to love. Serve with a dipping sauce, such as ketchup, barbecue sauce or ranch dressing. This easy tofu recipe is both vegetarian and vegan

Oven-roasted chickpea nuts - High-protein and low-fat!
Oven roasted chickpea nuts - An easy vegan snack recipe idea with lots of protein. Great for vegetarians too!

Fried Tofu Fingers
Fried Tofu Fingers. This quick and easy tofu recipe is both vegetarian and vegan and is a good side dish or snack for vegetarian or vegan kids.

Vegan grilled cheese sandwich with "bacon" substitute
Vegan bacon on a vegan grilled cheese sandwich? Why not? This is the stuff vegan dreams are made of.

Cheese and Bell Pepper Quesadillas
Mexican quesadillas are very easy to make and kids absolutely love them, since they are mostly cheese! This vegetarian recipe for cheese and bell pepper quesadillas will be a hit with the kids, as well as the adults. You can make these Mexican quesadillas vegan by using soy cheese.

Top 12 Most Popular Veggie Burger Recipes
Best Veggie Burger Recipes

Roasted chickpeas with Parmesan cheese
Roasted chickpeas with Parmesan cheese snack. A quick and easy (and healthy!) make at home snack perfect for lunch boxes, picnics or after-school snacks for vegetarian kids.

Vegetarian Tortilla Pie Casserole with Black Beans
A layered vegetarian Mexican-inspired tortilla pie or Mexican casserole, made with black beans, flour tortillas, corn, and lots of cheese.

Fried Tofu Fingers
Fried tofu fingers are a high-protein alternative to french fries. Kids will love them with ketchup.

Peanut Butter and Greens Soup Recipe
Yes, that's right, it's a vegetarian and vegan recipe for peanut butter soup! This peanut butter soup recipe is inspired by African and southern cuisine and your vegetarian kids will love it! What a great way to eat your greens - in a vegetarian peanut butter soup!

Avocado quesadillas with ranch dressing
Avocado quesadillas made with Monterey Jack cheese, a bit of ranch dressing and some corn kernels. This is a simple yet tasty recipe that would be great for vegetarian kids for an afternoon snack.

Green smoothie popsicles
If you believe that green smoothies are all the rage for a nutritious reason, try this green-power superfood popsicles!

Easy vegetarian Frito pie
Easy vegetarian Frito pie with veggie burgers, chili and cheese. Use a shredded dairy-free cheese to make yourself a vegan Frito pie - why not? Although this is a simple recipe, the variation possibilities are endless. I'd add some sliced green chilies, if I happened to have some on hand, and I might toss in some canned corn or black olives, too.

Mushroom and bell pepper quesadillas
Mushroom and bell pepper quesadillas - Vegetarian vegetable quesadilla recipe

Cornmeal battered baked tofu sticks
Cornmeal battered tofu sticks - a crunchy snack for vegetarian and vegan kids - healthy!

Cheesy Vegetarian Potato Soup Recipe
This is a very simple recipe for a vegetarian potato soup.

Quick and Easy Microwave Scalloped Potatoes
I know I loved vegetarian scalloped potatoes when I was a kid! This is a quick and easy scalloped potatoes recipe that can be prepared in the microwave. Scalloped potatoes are a side dish that the whole family - kids and adults - will enjoy.

Cheesy Spinach Casserole
If you can't get your family to eat their spinach, try this creamy, cheesy and vegetarian crock pot spinach casserole recipe.

Vegetarian Apple Cheddar Panini Sandwich
Vegetarian apple cheddar panini sandwich with cheddar cheese and sliced apples.

Apple and Cheese Sandwich
This vegetarian recipe for an apple and cheese sandwich is a great vegetarian lunch idea for a brown paper bag lunch for the kids and would also be an easy vegetarian after school snack.

Cheese Toast with Vegetables for Kids
A vegetarian recipe for cheese toast loaded with veggies and lots of cheese. This is a great snack or lunch and will encourage your vegetarian kids to love eating their vegetables! Refrigerate the leftovers (if there are any!) and pack in their lunch box the next day for a vegetarian sack lunch.

Vegetarian Broccoli, Cheese and Rice Casserole
Test out the hypothesis that kids will eat anything if you cover it with cheese, and try serving this broccoli, cheese and rice casserole to your vegetarian kids.

No-Bake Vegetarian Pizza Recipe
No-Bake Vegetarian Pizza

Easy black bean and cheese quesadillas
Easy black bean and cheese quesadillas - vegetarian Mexican snack for kids

Butternut Squash Fries
Butternut squash is naturally flavorful and sweet, so this recipe just uses a pinch of salt to enhance their natural taste. Best of all you can keep your vegetarian kids busy by having them help peel the squash!

Vegetarian Ramen with Thai Peanut Sauce
Vegetarian Ramen with Thai Peanut Sauce

Peanut Butter Sandwich Rolls
Just like a classic peanut butter sandwich - only better. This recipe makes for a healthy lunch or snack for your vegetarian children.

Peanut Butter Hummus
This peanut butter hummus recipe from About.com's guide to Middle-eastern food will have your kids licking their lips!

Homemade bran granola with blueberries recipe
Homemade bran granola with blueberries recipe

Vegetable burritos
Vegetable burritos are a vegetarian dinner perfect for the kids or for people living alone who don't want to prepare a whole meal. These veggie burritos are packed with healthy high-fiber vegetables. Yum!

Raw food diet fruit leathers or fruit roll-ups recipe
Made from fruit and a little sweetener, these healthy raw food fruit-rollup snacks are super easy to make in your dehydrator. A healthier raw food fruit leather version of the fruit roll-up snacks we all loved as kids.

Carrot juice and mango popsicles with spinach
Carrot juice in a popsicle? Sure, why not? The fruity mango blends it together so that it tastes sweet enough for kids to enjoy, and, as another nutritious benefit, there's no added sugar in these pospicles.

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