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High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes


Most vegetarians and vegans easily get enough protein in their meat-free diet, without even trying. Check out these high-protein vegetarian recipes to see just how easy it is to get plenty of protein without eating meat. Each of the recipes listed for breakfast, lunch, a soup or salad or a dinner entree has a complete nutritional breakdown so you can see just how much protein, calories and nutrients you're getting per serving.

1. High-protein breakfasts

Breakfast is a great meal to get your protein in! A protein-enriched smoothie, baked quiches, scrambled tofu and vegetarian breakfast meat substitutes are all full of protein, and of course, there's always peanut butter! Check out these vegetarian protein-rich breakfast ideas, each with a complete nutritional breakdown.
Pictured: Vegetarian "Sausage" Quiche

2. High-protein main dishes and dinners

For most of us, dinner is the biggest meal of the day, calorically, so it makes sense that as a vegetarian or vegan, you'd want to make sure it's also full of protein (and other important nutrients, too, of course!). Savory high protein dinner dishes filled with tofu, tempeh, whole grains and whole wheat pastas are good choices.
Pictured: Rice and lentils

3. High-protein salads and sandwiches

You might not have thought about getting your protein from a salad or a sandwich, but why not? A healthy lunchtime protein boost can help keep you going until quitting time!
Pictured: Three bean and egg salad

4. High-protein soups and chili recipes

Soup is a smart way to add nutrients to a meal, no matter what else you're eating. Vegetarian chilis, lentil soup, bean soup and pea soups are all high in protein and fiber, too.
Pictured: Vegetarian tempeh chili

5. Tofu Recipes

With over ten grams of protein per half cup, tofu is a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, and it can be incorporated into just about any meal for a protein boost morning, noon or night. Try adding a bit of protein into a regular smoothie to turn it into a protein shake, as in this chocolate soy shake recipe, add some tofu to any stir-fry, or if you don't think you'll ever like eating tofu, might I suggest that you try out a few of these high-protein tofu dessert recipes.
Pictured: Vegetarian chili with tofu, with nearly 30 grams of protein per serving

6. More healthy recipes

Vegetarian yellow thai curry with vegetables - vegan and made with coconut milk

 Looking for more healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes? Browse through this complete collection of healthy recipes, including fat-free recipes, gluten-free recipes, salad ideas and more. Pictured: Low-calorie yellow Thai curry, one of the featured healthy recipes

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