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RDs - What is an RD?


What is an RD or an R.D.?:

An RD is a registered dietitian (sometimes misspelled dietician). In the United States, RDs are certified by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and must have a Bachelor's degree and pass professional examinations in order to qualify as a certified RD.

Are there vegetarian RDs? How do I find a vegetarian RD?:

RDs may specialize in any number of areas (ie. food allergies, eating disorders, pediatric nutrition), including vegetarian nutrition. To find an RD near you that specializes in vegetarian nutrition, you can search the ADA's website to find a vegetarian RD. Just select "vegetarian nutrition" under the "Areas of expertise" field. In Canada, you can find an RD who specializes in plant-based nutrition by searching the website of the Dietitians of Canada. Select "vegetarian/vegan" in the "Lifestyle" box.

How do I become an RD?:

If you are thinking about becoming an RD, its never too early or too late to start! The ADA has advice for high school students, international students and "career changers" thinking of becoming RDs. Jack Norris, a vegan RD, has some great information for vegetarians and vegans who would like to become an RD. You can view his comprehensive advice for potential RDs on his website at VeganHealth.org.

More resources for RDs and RD careers::


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