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The health benefits of a plant-based diet are well documented, but whatever your dietary choices, we all need to make sure we have an adequate intake of essential nutrients. This section will help you ensure your diet is balanced and provides information about specific nutrients as well as special needs.
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Vegetarian Diet - Lower cholesterol, lose weight vegan diet
Have you lost weight or improved your health on a vegetarian diet or a healthy vegan diet? Share your stories and your tips!

RDs - What is an RD?
Wondering what an RD is or already know and need to find one? Here's what you need to know about RDs.

Engine 2 Diet Before and After Weight Loss Photos
Photos of people who lost weight and lowered their cholesterol safely while following the Engine 2 Diet. Check out these amazing before and after photos of weight loss on this healthy plant-based diet.

What is the "Engine 2 Diet"? Is the Engine 2 diet healthy?
Wondering about the "Engine 2 Diet" you may have heard about recently? Find out more about the Engine 2 Diet

Silken tofu recipes
While it's firm or extra-firm tofu that will hold up best in vegetable stir-fries and baked tofu dishes, silken tofu has it's own place in the vegetarian kitchen. Learn a few of the various ways you can use soft, also called silken tofu, in different meat-free and dairy-free dishes.

Find out how to get protein on a vegetarian diet
If you're worried about getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet, you may be in for a surprise. Are you sitting down? Because I have some shocking news for you about protein. The truth is, most Americans get way too much protein, and vegetarians can easily get more than enough protein in their diet as well. Many people still believe that...

Tofu Nutritional Value Information
Wondering how tofu stands up in comparison to some of your other favorite foods when it comes to protein, calories, calcium, and more? Read on to find out!

Quinoa Nutrition Facts
Quinoa is healthy, but just how healthy is it? Get the straight nutritional facts and nutrient data about this healthy gluten-free and low-fat grain. Quinoa is a great food not just for vegetarians and vegans, but for anyone looking to lower their cholesterol or add fiber to their diet.

Vegetarian Nutrition
How can I get enough nutrients on a vegetarian/vegan diet? The answer: make sure you're getting enough protein, calcium, iron and B12.

7 Quick Tips for Vegetarian Health
Seven simple ways to increase your nutritional intake on your way to optimum health as a vegetarian!

Do You Need Vitamin B12?
Vegetarians need to make sure to get plenty of B-complex vitamins. About's Guide to Thyroid Disease asks "Do You Need B12?" and explains why this nutrient is so important. Read on to find out if you are consuming sufficient amounts or if you should consider taking a supplement.

Is cheese vegetarian? What do you think?
Is cheese vegetarian? What do you think?

Vegetarian Nutrition and Food Allergies
If you're a vegetarian with food allergies, check here for tips, nutritional concerns, substitutions and hidden ingredients for vegetarians and vegans with food allergies.

Superfood recipes
Wondering how to include more superfoods in your diet? Here's a few recipe ideas for incorporating more healthy raw and vegan superfoods into your diet on a daily basis.

Four ways to get your greens
Four ways to get your greens - Tips for eating leafy green vegetables

How to Get Plenty of Protein
From the Vegetarian Resource Group comes this concise and informative overview of protein needs and sources in vegetarian and vegan diets, including a sample menu with grams of protein intake.

Sample Meal Plans
Developed by a registed dietician for VeganHealth.org, these six sample meal plans provide a nutritional breakdown as well as simple meal ideas for a vegan diet.

Avocado nutrition - How much fat is in one avocado? How many calories?
What is the nutritional value of an avocado? Wondering about how many calories are in an avocado? Find out the number of calories in avocados plus the entire nutritional information profile of avocados, including fat, calories and more in avocados. Are avocados healthy? Find out!

High protein vegetarian entrees main dishes and dinners
High protein vegetarian entrees main dishes and dinners

High protein breakfasts for vegetarians and vegans
High protein breakfasts for vegetarians and vegans

High protein soup recipes and chili recipes for vegetarians and vegans
High protein soup recipes and chili recipes for vegetarians and vegans

High protein salads and sandwiches for vegetarians and vegans
High protein salads and high-protein sandwiches for vegetarians and vegans

High-protein vegetarian recipes

High-protein vegetarian recipes 

Eat Your Bluberries
Blueberries are a true superfood! Discover the wealth of nutritional value in blueberries. Raw blueberries contain life-saving antioxidants and other nutrients.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid
Informative vegetarian food pyramid providing a visual reference for healthy food choices on a vegetarian diet.

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