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Prepared Tofurky roast

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Definition: Sitcoms may joke about it, but what, exactly is Tofurky? Tofurky is the ingenious brand name of a mock-turkey product that serves as a vegetarian alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving or other occasions. Sold as just the roast or complete with vegetarian stuffing, gravy and even a "wishbone". This is a "Tofurky feast". Although Tofurky brand mock turkeys are the most well-known, several other brands of mock-turkey are available as well.

Tofurky Pros:

  • Sold as just the loaf, the loaf with gravy, or as a "Tofurky feast", which is a complete vegetarian meal for six complete with gravy, stuffing, chocolate cake for dessert and a "wishbone".
  • Readily recognizable as one of the more popular fake turkeys.
  • Did I mention the wishbone?
  • Vegan


  • Only available seasonally
  • Buying the whole meal (Tofurky feast) takes all the fun out of cooking a Thanksgiving meal! But this is surely a "pro" for some people who don't like to or don't want to cook.
  • Who wants to eat frozen chocolate cake for Thanksgiving dessert? Not me!

    Because Tofurky is also a brand name, many types of Tofurky-brand foods, such as deli slices, mock bratwurst and of course, "Tofurky Jurky" can be found at your regular grocery store or health food store and are certified Parve as well as vegan.

    Tofurky Recipes:

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  • Pronunciation: to-fur-key
    Also Known As: tofu turkey
    Common Misspellings: tofurkey
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