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What are wheat berries? Wheatberry definition


What are wheat berries? Wheatberry definition

Wheat berries - whole kernels of wheat

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Definition: Never cooked with wheatberries before or just wondering what a wheat berry is? Check out this simple definition and guide for everything you need to know about wheat berries.

What are wheatberries?

Wheatberries are the whole grain form of wheat - the whole complete grain before it has undergone any processing. They're a high-fiber whole grain that can be used much like any other whole grain.

How to prepare wheat berries?

Because they are a bit tough, whole grain wheat berries do take a long time to cook. To prepare wheatberries, cover them with plenty of water and simmer in a covered pot for about one hour, or until soft. Pair cooked wheat berries with a vegetable stir-fry or a sauce, or use it like you would use rice. For a quicker cooking time, wheat berries can be pre-soaked overnight, or even just for an hour or two.

Wheat berry recipes:

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  • Polish wheatberry pudding recipe

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