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If you travel often or just like to eat out once in a while, you'll need to plan ahead to ensure a vegetarian meal is available. All you need to know before you hit the road is right here.
  1. New England for Vegetarians

Where can I find vegetarian food while on a long road trip?
If you'll be travelling on a road trip soon, plan in advance using these helpful tips for finding vegetarian and vegan food on the road.

Top 5 New York City Vegetarian Restaurants
About's guide to the Big Apple shares her favorite places to grab a fabulous vegetarian meal that even meat-eaters will love.

London, England for Vegetarians
Traveling to the UK soon? Check out this list of the top ten vegetarian restaurants in London - not to be missed if you are a vegetarian on holiday to London, England!

Vegetarian Travel in Mexico
Tips for the vegetarian traveler who plans on visiting Mexico and eating vegetarian, including vegetarian dishes to try, and some helpful vegetarian phrases in Spanish. Very useful for the vegetarian traveler to Mexico.

Vegetarian Travel in Eastern Europe
If you're a vegetarian planning to travel or visit Eastern Europe, here's some help! Click here for a survival guide for vegetarian travel in Eastern Europe

Vegetarian Travel in Portugal
About.com's Guide to Europe Travel has found help for vegetarians and vegans who will be visiting Portugal. Resources for vegetarian visitors to Portugal.

Vegetarian- Friendly Cities
The top ten best cities in the United States and Canada for vegetarians and vegans, from GoVeg.com.

Vegetarian in Long Island
The best vegetarian restaurants in Long Island - useful tips for visitors and locals alike.

Vegetarian Retreat Center near Toronto, Canada
Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre is a vegetarians dream for a vegetarian or vegan holiday, retreat or getaway. Organic vegetarian meals from the all-veg kitchen nurture your body. Located 90 minutes from Toronto, on 150 acres of rolling meadows and mature forests. Join a scheduled retreat or create your own.

Vegetarian Guide to Paris, France
Restaurant guide for vegetarian and vegan visitors to Paris, France.

Quick Tips for Dining Out
These quick tips from Compassion Over Killing will help you find vegetarian and vegan food while dining out.

Best Vegetarian-Friendly Hotels: A Report Card
If you'll be traveling soon, check out this guide to which major hotel chains are friendly to vegetarian travelers by offering veggie entrees. Unfortunately, it looks like there's plenty of room for improvement when it comes to vegetarian-friendly hotels!

Make a Move for a Booth
Guide to vegetarian and vegan options at chain restaurant favorites such as Denny's and Applebees.

Where to Find Vegan Fast Food
VegCooking.com's guide to finding a vegan fast food meal. Who said eating veg had to be healthy all the time?

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