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Dehydrator Recipes


Don't know what to do with your new dehydrator? Here's a few of the best dehydrator recipes and uses of a dehydrator for vegetarians and vegans, and of course, for raw foodists, too! Whether you're looking to make some tasty dehydrated snacks, experiement with raw food cuisine or just preserve some fruit, there's so much you can do with your dehydrator at home.

1. Flax crackers

Crackers are easy to make in your dehydrator, and flax crackers are one of the most popular (and easiest!) types of dehydrator crackers to try. All you need is flaxseeds (available in most natural foods stores), a few spices for seasoning, and some soy sauce or Bragg's aminos. Flavor them to taste, and pair your homemade dehydrator crackers with with raw salsa, raw guacamole or raw hummus (pictured).

2. Kale chips

Kale chips made in the dehydrator are proving to be a new trendy snack - and with good reason! Dehydrator kale chips are super healthy and nourishing and they're a great way to get kids to snack on some veggies. Try them on their own, or follow this recipe which uses sea salt and nutritional yeast for extra flavor and B12. Yum!

3. Fruit leathers

Fruit leathers or "fruit roll-ups" are a simple and heatlhy snack to make in your dehydrator. They're made from mostly fruit and just a bit of sweetener, so they're great for kids and raw foodists. Try experimenting with lots of different fruits to find the flavors you like best. Try apple cinnamon, or banana mango - my favorite (pictured)!

4. Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!

I love my dehydrator and use it often, but my favorite way to use my dehydtrator is to make raw food cookies! Dehydrator cookies are tasty and healthy, and, if you don't eat them all at once, they keep well for lunchboxes and after-school snacks. Try these banana date coconut cookies (pictured) or a ridiculously tasty lemon coconut cookie.

5. Dry your own herbs

One of the best uses for a dehydrator is to make homemade dried herbs. If you've got an herb garden, or just plenty of store-bought leftovers, turn on your dehydrator and dry them out to preserve them. Here's how, from About.com's guide to herb gardens.

6. Raw breads

Raw breads do take a long time to make in the dehydrator, but their prep time is minimal, and they're so healthy. Homemade bread is always a nourishing and nostalgic way to tell your family you care. This dehydrator bread recipe uses sunflower and flax seeds with some herbs for flavoring.

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