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What to do with leftover potatoes


What to do with leftover potatoes

Got leftover sweet potatoes? Turn them into biscuits!

Got leftover potatoes after Thanksgiving? Here's a few ideas on how to transform and re-purpose those leftover potatoes, whether they're leftover baked potatoes or leftover mashed, boiled or sweet potatoes. Many of these recipes can be made with either baked, boiled or mashed potatoes, so browse them all. Read on.

Leftover mashed potatoes:

  • Shepherd's pie with vegetables Broccoli, mushrooms and cauliflower are baked in a creamy sauce and topped with mashed potatoes.
  • Potato patties with Swiss chard Vibrantly colorful and made with leftover mashed potatoes, these pan-fried are quick and easy to make and keep and freeze well. A great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes.
  • Siddhi's vegetarian potato patties These potato patties are made with boiled or leftover mashed potatoes, peas and can be eaten for breakfast or any time.
  • Meatless shepherd's pie with lentils Instead of meat, the vegetarian recipe uses lentils and can be made with leftover baked, boiled or mashed potatoes.
  • Shepherd's pie with mashed potatoes and TVP Shepherd's pie is a great way to use up leftover Thanksgiving gravy as well as leftover mashed potatoes.
  • Parmesan mashed potato patties Another potato patty recipe, this one made with leftover mashed potatoes and pan-fried until crispy.

    Leftover baked, boiled or roasted potatoes

  • Pineapple and potato curry recipe Transform your leftover potatoes into a flavorful Indian pineapple and coconut curry. Reduce the overall cooking time, and simmer the potatoes for just a few minutes, since they're already cooked.
  • Potato and leek soup Hide your leftover boiled or baked potatoes in this earthy soup recipe.
  • Vegan cream of asparagus soup with potatoes Baked or roasted potatoes would work well in this dairy-free asparagus soup, if you can find fresh asparagus this time of year.
  • Easy vegan breakfast potato patties Leftover mashed potatoes are combined with egg replacer and flour then pan-fried into breakfast patties similar to latkes.
  • Easy breakfast burritos With pre-cooked leftover roasted or baked potatoes, this recipe will be super quick and easy.
  • Aloo dum - Indian spiced potatoes Use leftover baked or boiled potatoes and reduce the total cooking time in this recipe.
  • Potato and tempeh hash recipe Sautee leftover boiled, baked or roasted potatoes with tempeh for a high-protein breakfast hash.

    Leftover mashed sweet potatoes:

  • Sweet potato and banana muffins Turn your leftover mashed sweet potatoes into homemade muffins.
  • Vegan sweet potato muffins with cranberries Another recipe for sweet potato muffins, this one using egg replacer and cranberries.
  • Sugar-free vegan sweet potato biscuits (Pictured) Homemade biscuits made with mashed sweet potatoes and sweetened with agave nectar instead of sugar.
  • Sweet potato biscuits with shortening and nutmeg Another homemade sweet potato biscuit recipe.
  • Vegan sweet potato muffins Another homemade muffin recipe using mashed sweet potatoes.

    Roasted or boiled sweet potatoes:

  • Award-winning sweet potato and quinoa veggie burgers This unique recipe calls for mashed cooked sweet potatoes.
  • Sweet potato risotto Leftover roasted sweet potatoes can be pureed to add to a saucy vegetarian risotto in this recipe. Mashed sweet potatoes would probably work too.
  • Five-star sweet potato lasagna Use either cooked or mashed sweet potatoes in this five-star vegetarian lasagna.
  • Sweet potato and black bean chili My all-time favorite chili recipe. Use pre-cooked sweet potatoes and reduce the simmering time.
  • Pumpkin and sweet potato soup Disguise your leftover sweet potatoes as a vibrant and colorful pumpkin soup!
  • Vegan sweet potato biscuits A simple vegan sweet potato biscuit recipe using cooked or mashed sweet potatoes.
  • Spicy sweet potato and quinoa salad
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