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Cajun and Creole Vegetarian Recipes

Cajun and Creole Vegetarian Recipes

Louisiana vegetarian gumbo recipe
Gumbo calls Louisiana home, but you can make a vegetarian vegetable gumbo at your home and bring a bit of the old south into your kitchen. A popular vegetarian gumbo recipe.

Vegetarian Jambalaya
This vegetarian and vegan jambalaya recipe cooks up a generous amount, so plan on having leftovers!

Easy vegan collard greens with rice
Vegetarian collard greens and rice can be served as a vegetable side dish, or, add some sauteed tofu to turn it into an entree. Collard greens with rice makes a nutritious and low-calorie vegetarian meal.

Vegan Cajun Collard Greens
Collard greens are a nutrient rich leafy green. When cooked and spiced properly, they make a tasty and nutritious accompaniment to just about any meal. These cajun-style collard greens with tomatoes have a bit of a kick, but you could reduce the amount of spices for a tamer dish.

Vegetarian creole rice recipe
A five-star vegetarian Creole-style rice recipe, full of healthy vegetables, lots of Creole seasoning and fresh parsley to top it all off.

Cajun Spiced Grilled Portobella Mushrooms
Portobella mushrooms are the perfect vegetarian and vegan ingredient to throw on the backyard barbecue or grill. This vegetarian and vegan recipe is simple, yet the Cajun flavors are potent!

Quick and easy vegetarian jambalaya - Cajun red beans and rice recipe
Quick and easy vegetarian (and vegan!) jambalaya recipe of red beans, tomatoes, rice, and green bell pepper.

Vegetarian tofu gumbo recipe
Vegetarian tofu and "sausage" gumbo recipe

Vegetarian gumbo with greens
Fill up a spicy vegetarian gumbo with plenty of healthy greens.

Cajun marinated tempeh
Tempeh is marinated overnight in plenty of Cajun spices, then lightly fried.

Spicy creole cole slaw
A green and purple cabbage slaw.

Healthy oil-free black beans and rice
Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn shares this low-fat, high-fiber recipe for a vegetarian and vegan Caribbean-style black beans and rice dish. A heart-healthy vegetarian black beans and rice recipe.

Creole flavored black bean burgers
A generous amount of Creole seasonings as well as a dash of hot sauce lend the flavor to these vegetarian and vegan black bean burgers.

Creole spiced seitan
Cook up some vegetarian Creole-style seitan with bell peppers, okra, and of course, cayenne pepper!

Cornbread stuffing
Cornbread stuffing (or dressing) is a Southern favorite served not only on Thanksgiving and holidays, but for any special family meal.

Panko-Coated Plantains
Vegan panko-coated plantains

Red beans and rice
Healthy kidney beans are simmered and spiced with garlic, nutmeg and cinnamon for a healthy vegetarian and vegan Caribbean red beans and rice meal.

Hominy and cheese salad
Southern hominy and cheese salad

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